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Hayward 2

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continued 2
  • JOHN EVERSHED HAYWARD - born 1800, died 26 Oct. 1803, buried on the Billingshurst Meeting House grounds.
  • GEORGE HAYWARD - born 27 March, 1802, Canterbury, married 8 May 1834, HARRIET EVERSHED [a cousin, born 1805 at Horsham, died 2 June 1877, age 82]. George died 13 Sept. 1890. They are on the 1851 and 1861 census at Coldharbour, farming 65 acres. By the 1871 census, he had inherited, sold, and rented back the farm. His only child, LOUISA ELIZABETH, born 17 April, 1835, married JAMES RICKETT [born ca 1835] and also lived at Coldharbour. The Ricketts, whose only child died in infancy, continued to live there at least until 1891.
  • SUSAN HAYWARD - born 31 Dec. 1803, died 1854, married 24 Oct 1831, JAMES WHITE at Tillington, Sussex.
  • THOMAS FRANCIS HAYWARD, Jr. - born 14 Feb, 1805, married HELEN GILLAM [ born 1809, London, daughter of WM. & LOUISA] on 31 Oct. 1831 at St. Nicholas, Brighton. A Grocer at 9 Church St., he is on the 1851 & 1861 census of Brighton. He died 10 June, 1871. His estate, valued at under £200 probated 4 July 1871, with wife exec.
    Baptisms of 12 children were recorded at St. Nicholas, Brighton, on 2 Aug. 1849.
    • ELIZA MARIA HAYWARD – born 1833, school mistress, married to FREDERICK BROWN, 17 Aug, 1863.
    • THOMAS FRANCIS HAYWARD III – born 1834, died 1852
    • HELEN HAYWARD – born ca. 1833, died 1840, age 5
    • ANNE EVERSHED HAYWARD - born ca. 1837, married ARTHUR EVERSHED, a watchmaker [ born abt 1834, son of George], 14 Feb 1860. In 1861 at 24 Victoria St., Brighton with her Gillam grandparents.
    • JANE SOPHIA HAYWARD - born abt. 1839, a teacher, married 11 June 1863, Brighton, Henry WILLIAM HOMEWOOD, inspector for the Gas Co., who died in 1887. children EDWARD, LILLY, HELEN, & CATHERINE HOMEWOOD.
    • EDWARD WATERFIELD HAYWARD – born 1841, he emigrated to Adelaide, Australia, 1861-65, married PAULINE GILES 4 Apr. 1866, died 22 June, 1903. He and his four sons amassed a fortune by acquiring and developing the John Martin Department Stores into an empire. His four sons, all directors of the company were- CHARLES WATERFIELD HAYWARD, FRANK EVERSHED HAYWARD, EDWYN WALTON HAYWARD, and ARTHUR DUDLEY HAYWARD. The latter’s 2nd son, EDWARD WATERFIELD HAYWARD III was at one time the CEO of the company and knighted in 1961 for his charitable deeds. John Martin’s is no longer in business.
    • FRANK GEORGE HAYWARD - 1844-1862.
    • LOUISA HAYWARD – born ca. 1846, school mistress living with her mother in 1881.
    • AMELIA HAYWARD – born ca. 1848, also a school teacher living with mother and sister in 1881.
    • CHARLES HENRY HAYWARD 1849-1868, drowned whilst bathing.
    • EMILY HAYWARD – born 1851, school teacher in 1871.

    Children of Thomas Francis Hayward and Anne Evershed, Cont'd
  • RICHARD HAYWARD - [Twin of Thomas] 1805-1819.
  • HENRY HAYWARD - born 24 April 1807, emigrated to America with his wife, two small children, and brother Edward in 1835. He was said to have farmed in Caledonia, Livingston Co., New York. However, they have not been found on any census. He died 4 Jan. 1876, but where? His wife’s and children’s names are unknown except for one Son- GEORGE HAYWARD born about 1846, who lived in El Paso, Illinois.
  • ANNE H. HAYWARD - born 20 Sept. 1808, died 1809, and buried at the Billingshurst Meeting House grounds
  • MARY ANNE HAYWARD - born 6 Jan. 1810, died 30 May 1815, also buried at Billingshurst
  • EDWARD HAYWARD - born 15 May 1811, emigrated to America in 1835, settled in Brimfield, Peoria Co., Illinois, where he married HARRIET ELIZA CUMMINGS 28 March, 1843, and died 1 Oct. 1890.
    The following is a quote from Atlas Map of Peoria Co.,IL., 1873-
    "Edward Hayward was born in the parish of Wisborough Green, Sussex County, England, on Cold Harbor farm, the estate of his maternal grandfather, about fifty miles south of London, May l5, 18ll. Until nineteen years old, he remained with his father and grandfather, who were farmers, and was then apprenticed to the grocers' business, in the village of Henfield. His time being served, he went to another village to work for himself, where he worked a year and a half, and then, upon the 18th of August 1835, he took the first great step in his eventful career, by bidding farewell to the home of his youth and the land of his fathers, and started forth to seek his fortune in the New World. He sailed from Portsmouth in company with his brother, who was older and had a family with him [This was Henry].
    After a voyage which occupied five weeks and six days, they reached New York, and proceeded thence to Albany by steamer, and to Rochester, New York, by canal. Not finding any more suitable employment during the winter, he worked on a farm and in a mill, and in the spring obtained a situation in a wholesale store on Exchange Street, where he continued until May, 1838. On the 22nd day of that month, he left Rochester for Buffalo, via canal, from there by lake to Cleveland, thence by canal to Portsmouth, Ohio, thence by Ohio River to Cincinnati, Louisville, and St. Louis. The last named place, just waking into activity as a business metropolis, detained him for a week, but his search for employment being in vain, he went to Alton, Ill. After a cursory glance at this youthful city, he took a boat by the Illinois River to Peoria. That city then held a population of about sixteen hundred, and he vainly sought employment there for about a month, and then took stage for Brimfield, then called Charleston, distant twenty miles. Here, at last, the subject of our sketch was destined to find rest and a home, and the date of this epoch from which his subsequent life has had no new departure, was July l2th, A.D. 1838."
    "He was at first engaged by Mr. Belcher, landlord and agent for the Peoria and Oquawka Tri-Weekly State Line. In November of the same year he engaged as clerk for Mr. L. L. Guyer, who had opened a store the year before. After a year and a half he made another change, and, renting some land, began farming on a small scale, working in the meantime considerably for the neighboring farmers, until 1843.
    While with Mr. Guyer, he had bought an eighty acre tract, which was the east half of the northeast quarter of section eleven, township ten north, range five east. The next great event of his life was his marriage to MISS HARRIET ELIZA CUMMINGS, formerly of Sussex Co., N. J. which took place on the 28th of March 1843, immediately after which he moved onto the place above described. Here he stayed until June, 1845, and then returned to the village [now Brimfield], rented a store and went to St. Louis and bought a stock of goods. During this summer he exchanged his farm with Charles H. Freeman for two lots and the store building which he then occupied on one of them.
    He kept on with energy and success in mercantile pursuits until Sept. 1st, 1852, and then rented the store to Charles Day and D. L. Wiley, and in the succeeding spring he sold the store and lots to them.
    While merchandizing, Mr. H. had bought two eighties of land, and afterwards a third eighty, in section thirteen of this township. In the summer of 1853 he built, and in Sept. moved into, the house which is still the farm home.
    On this place is a very fine coal bank, which he has always leased, but the remaining part of the two hundred and forty acres he carried on for the next sixteen years. To this he added, by purchase sixty acres joining upon the west, on the lst of March, 1873, making a total of three hundred acres, which is well stocked and in a high state of cultivation.
    In 1869, Mr. Hayward again moved into town, upon lot number three of the subdivision of the northwest quarter of section twenty-four, which he purchased the year before, and has since improved, and now occupies as his residence, though still engaged in the superintendence of his farm.
    Mr. Hayward is of a hard, long-lived, race, his father dying at the age of ninety-four, his paternal grandmother at ninety-three, and maternal grandfather at ninety-one. His own family circle death has never entered, up to this writing, in 1873, and five sons and one daughter have been born and reared, and still remain in the township.
    In religion, Mr. Hayward is a Congregationalist. In politics he has always been a Whig and Republican, never seeking, and seldom accepting office, yet heartily supporting the government and its anti-slavery policy.”
    This ends the quote from the History Book.


    HARRIET ELIZA CUMMINGS HAYWARD, wife of Edward, was born 17 Feb. 18l9, near Stanhope, Sussex Co., New Jersey. Her parents were THOMAS CUMMINGS, born New Jersey, died 1840 in Stark Co., Ill., and MARGARET ______ who was born ca. l784, N.J., and died 20 Dec. 1867. Edward & Harriet [and her mother] are buried in the Brimfield Cemetery.
    They had the following children, all born Brimfield, Peoria Co, Ill.
  • FRANK HAYWARD - born 29 June 1844, married twice, had a daughter by the first, died July l926, probably in Nebraska. One child MAUDE HAYWARD WATKINS born 2 March 187l, Omaha, Nebraska, had children and lived in Omaha.
  • GEORGE HAYWARD - born 27 Oct 1850, married 2 April 1874, Springfield, Ill., MINNIE J. HALL [ born 1856, died after l9l5]. Lived in Farmington, Ill., moved to Omaha, Neb. where he died 22 May l9l5. children RALPH EDWARD HAYWARD - born 2 Feb. 1875 & J. VERNE HAYWARD - born 25 Nov. 1889.
  • ROY C. HAYWARD - born 17 Nov. 1854, married 28 April 1876, Brimfield, JULIA A. COOLIDGE [ born 1 June 1855, near Kickapoo, Ill., Willowbrook Farm], dau. of EDWARD L. & MARY E. COOLIDGE. Roy & Julia moved to a farm near El Paso, Ill., in 1898, and in 1913 to near Spencer, N.Y., where he died Aug. 1938, and she 13 Nov. 1937. Buried Evergreen Cem., Spencer. children DELLA HAYWARD SNYDER born 29 Mar. 1879, & EDWARD COOLIDGE HAYWARD.
  • WARD born HAYWARD - born 22 May 1858, married Edith Plummer [ born 18 May 1864], died 26 April l904, San Antonio, Tx. She married 2nd to Mr. McWhoerter, lived at Ft. Smith, Ark. Edith died 22 May l945, Valparaiso, Indiana.
    children- BLANCHE HAYWARD - born 1882 & CLYDE HAYWARD - born 1884.
  • ANNE E. HAYWARD - born 14 Nov. 1859, married DAVID R. STRAIN, born 1856, a grocer in Brimfield. Anne died between 1899-l9l5. After her death, David married Nellie. Anne had dau. ZULU STRAIN MILLER - born 1880.
  • WILLIAM LINCOLN HAYWARD - born 23 May 186l, married 1886 Cora Irene Forney [ born Dec. 4, 1865, Brimfield dau. of JAMES H. & MARGARET ANNE [ALLEWELT] FORNEY]. Wm. and Cora had three children and later divorced. He married 2nd MARGARET SCHNEIDER 4 June l932, at Eureka, Ill. He died 1 Feb. l947, at home at 207 Behrends Ave., Peoria, bur. Brimfield. Cora died 1 May l945, Peoria, buried at Parkview Cem. there. William was a farmer, grocer, Deputy Sheriff, and with the Central Ill. Light Co. when he retired in l940.
    Three children- EDNA HAYWARD REED, BURT FORNEY HAYWARD, AND HAZEL HAYWARD JONES WOODS. Only Edna had children [This is the line of the compiler of these notes.]
    Children of Thomas Francis Hayward and Anne Evershed, Cont'd
  • CHARLES HAYWARD - born 14 Aug. 18l3, Sussex, married HARRIET KNIGHT [dau. of STEPHEN & ELIZABETH CLEAR KNIGHT] on 27 Jan. 1839, Billingshurst, Sussex, emigrated to America in the spring of 185l, and settled in Brimfield, Illinois. Harriet died 28 November 1853, of Typhoid Fever, buried Brimfield. He married 2nd to CORDELIA GILBERT 7 June 1854, Brimfield. They later lived in El Paso, Woodford Co., Ill. where he died May 7, 1899.
      His children by his first wife were-
      • STEPHEN KNIGHT HAYWARD - born 25 Jan. 1840, Worthing, England, married 5 Oct. 1865, Elmwood, Ill. MARY A. BENTLEY, died 10 April l9l9, El Paso, Ill. children LEWIS, FRANK, FRED and GEORGE HAYWARD.
      • ELIZABETH CLEAR HAYWARD - born 16 Aug. 184l, England.
      • EDWARD HAYWARD - born 29 Dec. 1842, England.
      • ANNETTE [NETTIE] HAYWARD - born 28 Oct. 1845, Eng., married at El Paso, Ill. to WILL B. RENARD, died 16 Feb. l925, Keithburg, Mercer Co., Ill. Two ch. including LIETE B. RENARD, born 13 Aug. 1873.
      • EMMA HAYWARD - born 21 July 1847, Eng. died 27 Oct. 185l. Buried in the same grave with her mother.
      • CHARLES EVERSHED HAYWARD [DR.] - born 10 Feb. 1853, Brimfield, married 17 Feb. 1880, Tremont, Tazewell Co., Ill. SYLVIA CONANT. He died 22 Aug. l927, Wagoner, Oklahoma.
        The following children by Charles' 2nd wife, Cordelia-
      • MARY HAYWARD - born 28 Apr. 1855, stillborn.
      • JESSIE GILBERT HAYWARD - born 17 Dec 1856, Brimfield, married SAMUEL WILBUR SMITH 11 Feb. 1878.

    Children of Thomas Francis Hayward and Anne Evershed, Cont'd
  • An unnamed stillborn infant - born & died 14 Aug. 1814
  • HARRIETT HAYWARD - born 9 Apr. 18l5, married MR. PARSON, died 16 Apr. 1855. Not found on Sussex Census
  • DANIEL HAYWARD - born Jan. 29, 1818, died 3 Dec. 1842.
    These last three children are by 2nd wife Elizabeth Andrews
  • FRANCES "FANNY" HAYWARD – born ca 1846, Petworth, married 1871-76 to grocer DANIEL WYKEHAM CHAPMAN [ born ca 1845 Rogate, Sussex]. They are on the 1881, 1891, and 1901 census of Marylebone, Middlesex [Greater London].

    • CONSTANCE HAYWARD – born ca. 1878
    • EDITH HAYWARD – born ca. 1880
    • DANIEL WYKEHAM HAYWARD Jr. – born ca. 1881
    • SIDNEY HAYWARD – born ca. 1883
    • MARIE or MARY HAYWARD – born ca. 1887, married GEORGE W. BRADFIELD

  • ALFRED HAYWARD – born 1850, Petworth. Not on 1871 census.
  • ELLEN HAYWARD – born ca 1853, Petworth. On the 1881 & 1891 census living with sister FANNY CHAPMAN in Marylbone.
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    Compiled by-
    Dorothy Jamison
    Houston, Texas, USA
    November 5, 2011


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