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The Stedham & Iping Guide
A virtual guide for visitor and residents.

The two villages of Stedham and Iping are combined into a single parish approximately 2 miles west of Midhurst in West Sussex to the north of the A272.
There are two churches in the parish, St James in Stedham and St Mary in Iping.
Stedham watermill [now disused] was used for the production of blotting paper, there was also a paper mill at Iping.
The last shop closed in August 1991, but Stedham still retains its primary school and a popular pub with a Thai restaurant which is the focus of a Thai Festival each year. Stedham also has a village hall and a flourishing garden centre off School lane.
The HG Wells story - The Invisible Man - begins with the bandaged invisible man coming to Iping looking for accomodation.

Stedham West Sussex - Iping West Sussex
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STEDHAM - West Sussex, United Kingdom
50.99 [50° 59'] | -0.77 [0° 46']
IPING - West Sussex, United Kingdom
50.99 [50° 59'] | -0.78 [0° 47']
postcode area    GU29
phone code        01730
population in 1831 was 494 - Stedham
population in 1831 was 338 - Iping
population in 1841 was 557 - Stedham
population in 1841 was 409 - Iping
population in 1861 was 530 - Stedham
population in 1931 was 592 - Stedham & Iping
population in 2001 was 814 - Stedham & Iping
346 households
parish area 2,671 acres

Stedham - Stedeham - Steddanham
[Anglo Saxon] hamm = water meadow [or homestead]
[Anglo Saxon] steda [steed] = stallion
The water meadow where stallions are kept.
see also Steddanham
Iping - Epinges - Ipinges
The Saxon name means settlement of the family or followers of a man called Ipa.

West Sussex County Council
A - Z index - 01243 777100
Chichester District Council
A-Z services - 01243 785166
Stedham With Iping Parish Council
Mrs Jane Crawford
Clerk of Stedham with Iping Parish Council
Mount Cross, Quags Corner,
Minsted, Midhurst GU29 0JH
contact details

Parish Magazine - Stedham with Iping News
Editor- Derek Howard, Barnfield Cottage,
Sandy Lane, Stedham - 01730 813976

Stedham & Iping Photo galleries

Take a look around
Stedham & Iping
The villages largest online collection of Photographs
both modern and vintage
Something missing? Something special or where you live not
included? If you have photos you feel could be added to this
collection, of any age, or topic,please send them for inclusion


Miriam Julier - Cottage Kids

Does anyone recall the
Cottage Kids
Miriam Julier was sent to an orphanage in Stedham in the 1920s - click for more

Stedham County First School
School Lane, Stedham
01730 813522
Stedham School gets top marks
Planning permission 2012
photo Midhurst and Petworth Observer - click to enlarge Super fete at Primary School - August 2011
raises over £2,000 for school - click for article
Juliet Page, Jane Darby-Hill and Anita Dunne.
photo Midhurst and Petworth Observer - click to enlarge
Stedham piano plea answered - 2 September 2011
click for article

Stedham & Iping is shown on the 1610 map below - click

click for 1610 map
Sussex 1610 - Speed

The Stedham Hall
GWR 6961  Stedham Hall. Built March 1944. Withdrawn September 1965. Scrapped at Cashmores, Newport
The steam locomotive - Stedham Hall

Aerial Photos Stedham & Iping
Bowls Club - offline
Bridge photo gallery
Coachmans Cottage, Iping
Commons, Iping and Stedham
Cottage Kids
Cyril Joad - 1 - 2 - 3
Ethel Scrimgeour
Hamilton Arms
HMS Stedham
Holbrook, Norman
Iping Bridge Iping Bridge photos
Map, active
Michael Stacey
Mill Lane Mill Lane photos
Miriam Julier
Mobile Library dates
Photographs Stedham and Iping
Primary School
Robert Hanna - HMS Hood
Roman Posting Station, Iping
School Lane School Lane photo
Stacey, family
Stedham Bridge photos
Stedham Bridge 1935
stedham Hall, builders, photo 1910
Stedham photos
St. Cuthmans school
St. James - photo gallery
St. Marys, Iping compare 1906 & 2006
Street, 2007 & 1906
Vintage photos of Stedham & Iping
War Memorial
Census returns for Stedham 1841
post office directory 1851 Stedham Iping
post office directory 1867 Stedham
post office directory 1867 Iping
Stedham History, published 1953
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Miscellaneous articles: -
Boarding school ClosesAug.2017
Academy was due to open OctoberSep.2014
Boarding school plan rejectedDec.2013
600 pupil school on St Cuthmans siteJun.2013
Spider Species greatly inreaseJan.2013
Stedham man arrested after fightJun.2012
Santa busy in Stedham schoolDec.2011
Stedham manhunt ends successfullySep.2011
Poison pen letter shockAug.2011
New head for schoolSep.2010
New sports facilities debatedJul.2010
No problems with reservoir levelsJun.2010
Worst drought since 1975May.2010
Closed register office fearsMay.2010
Memorial to organist Eileen Nov.2009
Plan to study Bronze Age barrowNov.2009
developer asks for extensionOct.2009
Stedham Bells Appeal Aug.2009
Squatting in her own £2m homeFeb.2009
Wild boar spotted in Stedham Feb.2007
Primary School gets top marks Jul.2006
Polo mini town for StedhamMar.2006
Stedham lady saved from Rother Feb.2006
Hit and run death appeal Mar.2003
Biker dies in hit-and-run Mar.2002

reported accidents & incidents


June 2013
Boarding school plan rejected
More Durand school protests
15 July 2016
Concern over asbestos at St. Cuthmans
19 July 2016
22 September 2007
Parish Council objection to DEFRA
Western Weald reference to Stedham & Iping

SDNP Public Inquiry.
Evidence of Parish Council, 9 April 2008
To Robert Neil Parry: Inspector

War Memorial
click for info War Memorial
There is a wooden tablet on the North wall of St. James Church as a memorial to the local men who gave their lives. for info

What has a submarine in the Australian outback, 400 kms from the sea, got to do with Stedham?
Norman Holbrook VC
click for info Norman Holbrook VC
Died in 1976 at Stedham Mill.
His exploits were so famous they even named a town after him.

Stedham Memorial HallStedham Memorial Hall - GU29 0NL

Hamilton Arms
Nava Thai Restaurant

School Lane, Stedham
01730 812555
Fri 24 August 9pm
Hamilton Arms, Stedham

Rotherhill Nurseries & Garden centre
School Lane, Stedham
01730 813687
mon - sat 9 - 5 - - sun 10:30 - 4:30
Stedham AC Angling Club
River Rother - Coarse fishing
Contact: Mr. G. Oram 01730 817016
Day tickets from Logo Tackle, Midhurst.
The Equine Vet Clinic
Mill Lane, Stedham, GU29 0PS
01730 810742

photo - Nigel Marchant - click

Iping and Stedham Commons
Minstead Lane, just off A272
The commons are a local nature reserve and provide a habitat to a wide range of flora and fauna. They are areas of lowland heath, now thought to be a rarer habitat than tropical rainforest, and many of the animals and plants on the commons are dependant upon the continued existence of this rare habitat. The reserve is within the AONB of the South Downs and is part of the Iping Common Site of Special Scientific Interest.
Sussex Wildlife Trust - Iping and Stedham Commons

Stedham School gets top marks
July 2006
Stedham Primary School has received top marks for quality in raising standards in the basic skills its pupils learn. The government-funded Basic Skills Agency award was presented by Mr. Robert Back, West Sussex director of children's services. He visited the school to present the award, which was achieved only after the school had fulfilled 10 requirements. These included...a whole-school strategy, including an action plan, to improve performance in basic skills, assessment of pupils performance, a regular review of the progress made by each pupil who was under-attaining in basic skills, and a commitment to improving the skills of staff in the school to teach and extend basic skills.
source - WSCC

In 1757 the Rev, John Denham had spent the afternoon with the Rector of Stedham, as he was returning home through the fields to Iping he was attacked, stabbed in the neck and had his skull fractured.
The following day a man named Aps [Apps] from Easebourne was charged with his murder. He was later tried at Horsham and hanged.
source:- gfk@0207


Michael Chevis, Photographer, West Street, Midhurst, West Sussex

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The world is full of suffering.
It is also full of the overcoming of it.
Helen Keller, Blind & Deaf Educator 1880 - 1968
by Richard W. Symonds - Stedham Realists
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