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Headstones Index

Transcriptions of inscribed information shown on headstones and memorials have been made for countless years. Often these typed or handwritten accounts become the only record of inscriptions as the years take their toll. Many of these accounts are now slowly becoming available online. Photographs of headstones and memorials create a visual and accurate record. Although they possibly exist, we have yet to discover a stone with wrong information. On the other hand we constantly find clerical errors in written accounts. Photographic records show the stone as it appeared at a specific time, before any further weathering or damage, or as has often occured, the stone is broken or removed. Along with any information available, often including photographs of the people and families referred to, these not only serve to assist future genealogists, but helps to make sure their memory lives on.

Todays photos, observations and news are tomorrows history, be part of it.
You can add photos, documents or information to these pages, e-mail us.

This index refers only to photos, or information, of headstones and memorials displayed in
and is not intended to be a complete list of burials at any indicated graveyards.
Listed aphabetically by Family name {within Family groups by date of death or association}
click on christian name to go to photograph of headstone.

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Acres Dudley 10 June 1924
2 January 2011
Clayton Wood
nee Cotton
Rosemary 28 June 1994
aged 45
Holy Trinity, Ebernoe  
Adsett Alice K.
Boys School, Petworth
Horsham Road - Petworth info
Adsett Walter S.
pupil, Boys School, Petworth
Horsham Road - Petworth info
Akehurst Emily 11 July 1907
aged 80
Woodvale Cemetery, Brighton mother of caroline
Akehurst William 31 December 1896
aged 70
Woodvale Cemetery, Brighton husband of Emily
Allan Daphne Arnold 1919
St. James - Selham  
Amber Thomas 4 Jan 1781
aged 64
Parish Church - Midhurst A-Z top
A - Z
Anker Edith Fanny 30 May 1944
aged 67
Carron Lane Cemetery
Anker George Walter Bacon 30 August 1956
aged 76
Carron Lane Cemetery
Atkinson George Edward died 21 December 1985
Carron Lane Cemetery
Atkinson Elizabeth died 13 June 1997
Carron Lane Cemetery
wife of above
Attfield Henrietta May died 1969
aged 69 years
St. James - Heyshott 2nd wife of below
Attfield Charles 25 Jan. 1960
aged 90 years
St. James - Heyshott  
Audas Christian Alice 30 January 1899
aged 27
Woodvale Cemetery, Brighton stone erected
by Eden Theatre
Audas Samuel Robert 9 September 1910
aged 65
Woodvale Cemetery, Brighton
Audas Alison Emily 31 March 1929
aged 80
Woodvale Cemetery, Brighton Widow of above
Austen Katherine 10 April 1693
St. James - Heyshott daughter of Nicholas & Susana
Austin Eric William died May 1919
aged 24
Horsham Road - Petworth A-Z top
A - Z
Austin Margaret Helen died March 1965
aged 72
Horsham Road - Petworth  
sister of above May 19th Dec. 1968
aged 77
Horsham Road - Petworth sister of above
Austin Helen died 15 Oct. 1894
aged 71
Carron Lane Cemetery
Austin James died 4 Oct. 1902
aged 82 years
Carron Lane Cemetery
Husband of above
Austin Beatrice died 7 Sep. 1953
aged 88 years
Carron Lane Cemetery
daughter of above
Avery Benjamin 06.11.1934
aged 83
St. James - Selham husband of Henrietta
Ayling Alfred Charles
pupil, Boys School, Petworth
Horsham Road - Petworth info
Ayling Edward William 4 June 1952
aged 47
Hampers Green - Petworth
Ayling Elsie 4 October 1958
aged 53
Hampers Green - Petworth
Aylwin Robert 04.Jan.1907
aged 87
St. Andrews, Didling  
Aylwin Harry 04.Jul.1883
aged 30
St. Andrews, Didling  
Aylwin Ralph 18.Mar.1906
aged 68
St. Andrews, Didling A-Z top
A - Z
Aylwin Samuel 18.Apr.1846
St. Andrews, Didling  

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