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The name Hayward
The name Hayward is an English surname. Originating from the words hege meaning fence or hedge, and weard, meaning guard or watchman. The surname was given to a person employed to keep check of, and organise repairs of, fences and walls, to deter cattle from entering arable lands and eating the crops plus also to prevent poaching in the Royal hunting parks.
The registers at the abbey of Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk has the first recording of this family name and is shown as Godric Heiuuard, dated around 1095.

Thomas Francis Hayward by Dorothy Jamison

Thomas Francis Hayward was baptised on 5 Sept. 1772, in Canterbury, Kent, at St. Mary Magdalene Church. He was the son of Daniel Hayward, a gardener and freeman, and Susannah Saffery of Canterbury. He was married on 2 Sept. 1799, to Ann Evershed, daughter of John and Ann Bourne Evershed, from near Billingshurst.
The Evershed's were disappointed that their daughter had married the son of a gardener, which they considered 'beneath' her station in life. Her father was quoted as saying he would forgive her, but never forget. - - click here

Only the tower remains - click for info
St. Mary Magdalenes, Canterbury
Demolished in 1871

They lived on and managed several of Ann's father's many properties, including Coldharbour Farm on Fittleworth Road near Wisborough Green in Sussex. At least two of their children, were born at this farm. Ann eventually inherited Coldharbour from her father in 1840.
Sussex County records show that Thomas Francis Hayward was appointed Surveyor of Highways for Storrington, Sussex, on 5 Oct. 1822. By 1833, he was working for the Earl of Egremont, owner of vast estates including nearby Petworth House. He worked in various capacities as a land agent, land steward, bailiff, surveyor, accountant, etc., for the estate's extensive holdings, including Heyshott Farm. Lord Egremont built them their own house on the Pleasure Grounds of Petworth House in 1841. They are shown living there in the 1841 census of Petworth.
Ann Evershed Hayward died in 1844 aged 66.
Thomas Francis married again on 10 May 1845 at St Peters church in Lodsworth, to Elizabeth Andrews - born c.1816 at Bosham, Sussex. They had three children together, Fanny, Alfred and Ellen. They are on the 1851 census at the Pleasure Grounds house. The 1861 census shows him as retired and living with his wife and their children at 148 North Street, just across from Petworth House. It is thought that Elizabeth may have also been a former employee at Petworth House prior to her marriage.

Thomas Francis Hayward died 17 Dec. 1867, at the age of 95, as recorded at Baptist Chapel at Billingshurst, Sussex. His will was entered into probate 23 March 1868, in the jurisdiction of the Chichester District. He had inherited Coldharbour farm [for life] from his wife Ann with the stipulation that it was to be passed on to their eldest son George, who sold it soon after Thomas died. George was still living there in 1871 as a tenant. Thomas and Ann are buried in the grounds of the Billingshurst Chapel. It is not yet known what happened to Elizabeth and her three children. But they are shown in the 1871 census in Chichester, living at
21 Franklin Place.

Billingshurst Chapel - click for photos
Thomas was married here in 1799
and buried here in 1867
Billingshurst Chapel 2009

1871 Chichester census
click to enlarge
1871 Chichester census
click to enlarge

The births of Ann & Thomas' children are recorded in the General Baptist Church records at Horsham, although they actually attended the separate chapel in Billingshurst. There is an entry there, not listed below, that mentions a boy born to Thomas and Ann who evidently didn't live long enough to be named. The entry simply reads "Hayward Hayward" 14 Aug. 1814.
born 1800, died 26 Oct.1803.
born 27 Mar. 1802, Canterbury, Kent, He married on the 8 May 1834, Harriet Evershed, a cousin, born c.1805 at Horsham, and who died2 Jun. 1877, aged 82. George died on 13 Sep. 1890. They are on the 1851 census where he is a farmer with 65 acres. In 1871 they are living with daughter Louisa at Coldharbour Farm, which George had inherited, sold, and rented back. They had one known daughter, Louisa Elizabeth Hayward, born 17 Apr. 1835. Baptised in 1838 at St. Thomas of Canterbury she married James Rickett, born c.1835. They had a daughter born in 1866, name unreadable.
born 31 Dec.1803, married James and died 1854.
born 14 Feb. 1805, married Helen Gillam [born c.1809, London] 31 Oct. 1831, at St. Nicholas Church in Brighton. A Grocer at 9 Church Street, he is on the 1851 and 1861 census of Brighton. He died 10 Jun. 1871, at home. His estate, valued at under £200 was probated 4 July 1871, with his wife as executor.
The Baptisms of their twelve children are recorded at St. Nicholas, Brighton, on 2 Aug.1849. - more
Twin of Thomas, born 14 Feb.1805, died 14 Apr.1819.
born 24 April 1807, emigrated to America with hisbrother Edward, and settled in N.Y., died 4 Jan. 1876. His son George Hayward - born c.1846, lived in El Paso, Illinois, U.S.A.
born 20 Sept.1808, died in 1809.
born 6 Jan.1810, died on 30 May 1815.
Edward Hayward - click to enlarge9. EDWARD HAYWARD
born 15 May l8ll, emigrated to America in 1835 and settled in Brimfield, Illinois. He married Harriet Eliza Cummings and died 1 Oct. 1890. [This is the lineage of Dorothy Jamison.]
Edward Hayward - click to enlarge10. CHARLES HAYWARD
born 14 Aug. l8l3. He married first in England to Harriet Knight 27 Jan.1839. Emigrated to America in 1851, remarried to Cordelia Gilbert on 7 Jun.1854, in Illinois. He died 7 May 1899.

born 9 Apr.1815, was married to a Mr. Parson,
she died on 16 Apr.1855.
born 29 Jan.1818, died 3 Dec.1842.
The last three children are by 2nd wife Elizabeth Andrews
13. FANNY HAYWARD born c.1846, Petworth
14. ALFRED HAYWARD born c.1850, Petworth
15. ELLEN HAYWARD born c.1853, Petworth
Dorothy Jamison contacted us in July 2011

"I am a family historian and recently discovered that my ancestor, Thomas Francis Hayward, who was a bailiff and surveyor at Petworth House for many years, lived in this picturesque little village in the early to mid 1800's. I have a photo of him taken by Petworth photographer Frank G. Morgan in the mid 1860s.
A month ago I'd never heard of Petworth, now I am totally in love."
Dorothy Jamison
Houston, Texas USA

Thomas Francis Hayward - click
Thomas Francis Hayward 1772 - 1867
photographed by Frank G. Morgan of Petworth in the mid 1860s.

"I am attaching the photograph I have of Thomas Francis Hayward. The photograph was in an ancient small leather album made especially for CDV's that was totally coming apart and found in my Grandmother's stuff [she died in the 1950's in Illinois]. It was once the album of her own grandfather, Edward Hayward [1811-1890], the immigrant son of the above Thomas. He came to the U.S. in 1835.
The photograph was the first one in the album and only one of two from Petworth. Several more were from various towns in Sussex. I have found out that it was the tradition to put the father - and or mother - of the album owner in this place of honour. As you no doubt already know, the Carte-de-viste photos and the subsequent albums developed just for them were all the rage in mid Victorian times on both sides of the 'big pond'. The Haywards were the only branch of the family from England, so all of these had to be from that family, though unmarked.
By putting two and two together, I surmised that this photograph was Thomas Francis Hayward. As I started researching backings of photos, how to date them, Mr. Morgan the photographer himself of Petworth, I became totally convinced this was true. Then when I found the site on Morgan and Kevis, a later photographer, and learned of the mass photographing of the staff at Petworth House by Lady Leconfield, I knew I had nailed it. The backdrops, chairs, table, were obvious. Up to this point I'd never even heard of Petworth house, let alone the fact that he worked there. I subsequently found his name on a couple of sites that have indexes of Petworth house records."

Dorothy Jamison

Ann Hayward, nee Evershed - click
Thomas' second wife - Elizabeth Andrews, 40+ years his junior
photographed by Frank G. Morgan of Petworth in the mid 1860s.
Hayward headstone at Brighton. [probably St Nicholas']
photographed by Edward Fox of Brighton

Coldharbour farm - 2011 - home of Thomas and Ann
At least two of their children, were born at this farm. Ann Hayward inherited Coldharbour from her father in 1840.


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