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Adrian Brown
Air Crash - Shoreham
Airport, Shoreham Old photos
AirNav Beacon
Alan Titchmarsh
All Hallows, Tillington
Almshouses, Graffham
Almshouse, Northchapel
Almshouses, North St. Midhurst
Amber Family
Amberley Working Museum
Ambersham, South

Ambulances, helicopter - police & rescue
Andrews, John Albert
Angel Inn, Petworth
Anthony Salvin
Arnold, Edith
Arundel, Black Rabbit
Arundel Castle
Arundel, old photos
Attfield, Heyshott
Audrey Clarke
Ayling, William
Ayling, Family
Aylwin index

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Bairnsfather, Bruce
Baker, Phillip Noel
Barham Family, Tillington
Barkfold House, Kirdford 1845
Barnes, George, Sarah, Eliza - Selham
Barnes, William - photographer
Barnet, Ronald, Vera, Lilian
Barrott, Jon Jonathan
Barry Slemmings
Bartlett, Alfred, family
Belchamber family
Benbow Pond
Bex Mill by Rose Gibbs
Billingshurst Unitarian chapel
Birkinshaw, Donald Ashley
Blackdown Blackdown photos
Black Rabbit, Arundel
Blair Marrows
Bob Lewis

Bombing Petworth School 1942
Bonfire & Fireworks, Heyshott
Boots, Pharmacy, MidhurstBoots Pharmacy, North Street, Midhurst 2 photos
Bop, Heyshott
Box, Donovan EH - photographer
Breast cancer awareness
Bridger, Graffham
Bridges index
Brighton images
Brighton to London Road
Brighton, Hove & Worthing Airport
Britney Spears
Broadbridge, Jem
Brown, Constance Rose - Patrick Harry
Bruce Bairnsfather
Budd, Ernest, Florence
Budgenor lodge
Bugshill Lane
Bulldog Rescue
Bury, an Anglo Saxon port
Bury, old images
Bus timetables

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Camera Club Midhurst
Campbell, Rob
Canal cut, Wharf, Midhurst
Canine partners
Carey, Clive
Carnival, Midhurst photos May 2008
Carol Twite
Carron Lane Cemetery Midhurst
Carron Lane, photo 1909
Carse, Duncan
Carpenters Cottage 1904
Census information
Census 2001, Rother Valley
Census Heyshott 1841
Census page Heyshott 1891
Census Linch 1841
Chalk Quarry, Cocking
Chalk Quarry, Duncton
Chalk Stones Trail
Chalk Works, Cocking
Chandler, Robert B. OBE RN
Charles, James Henry, Artist, 1851-1906
Charles White
Chesson, Jim & Kathleen, Hammerwood
Chelsea Cottage, Graffham
Chris Boxley Rev.
Chris Partridge
Chris Peka [1] [2]
Churches Index
Churches, West Sussex, list
Cinema [Midhurst] - 1960s
Clapham - London
Clarke, Audrey
Clergy, Heyshott Parish, 1135 - 2010
Clergy, Linch Parish, from 1224
Cobden Club Hall
Cobden, Richard
Cocking Chalk pits
Coldharbour, Heyshott
Colin Smith
Colts Northchapel FC
Congestion charge
Constance Rose Everett
Coultershaw Beam Pump
Coultershaw memories, Bob Johnson
Counsellors local
Cowdray Court, Midhurst
Cowdray Estate
Cowdray Granary, photos
Cowdray Granary vintage
Cowdray House photos 1908 -
Cowdray ruins, photos
Cowdray Park Polo Club
Cowdray road, Easebourne
Cowdray yellow paintwork

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Dark Skies & The South Downs
Dates in Roman Numerals
David 'Dizzy' Holmes
Dean, David - bankruptcy 1854
Dean, Jemmy
Denyer, Thomas, Gamekeeper
Detours, records Midhurst
Diane Taylor
Didling Index
Displacement camp, Polish, Petworth
Doctors Hicks & Robinson, Old Surgery
Documents Index
Donald Ashley Birkinshaw
Donaldson, William
Donovan EH Box - photographer
DoRiS bus

Drapers Cottage
Duchess of Bedfordshire
Duck Lane, Midhurst
Dudley, Howard
Dudman, Kate
Duke, Maureen nee Witherwick
Dummer, Ted
Duncan Carse
Duncton Index
Duncton Hill viewpoint photos
Duncton Hill Lime kiln
Duncton Mill
Duncton School pupils 1890

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Ebernoe Church
Easebourne Index
Earthquakes in West Sussex
East Harting Index
East Lavington Index
Eddie Howland
Edith Arnold
Edith Loring

Egdean Church
Ellcome, James & Frances
Elmer Vintage images
Empire Hall
Ernest Budd, Ernie
Eva Evans
Everett, Constance Rose
Exall, John

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Fagg, John
Families Index
FC - Midhurst and Easebourne
Fernhurst Index
Ferring Village website - Sussex coast
Fire service
Fire Brigade Midhurst
Fireworks display, Heyshott
Fittleworth index

Fittleworth Mill
Flint arrowhead
Florence Budd
Flying Duchess
Folly - Petworth Park
Forge Cottage
Foyles War
Fuel - availability - tax
Fulling Mill Cottage
Fumagall, Ian

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Gadd family index
Gamekeeper, Thomas Denyer
Gardiner, William Trial & Inquest
George Garland
George Overton
German Pilot WW2 memorial
Giant Redwood, North St. Midhurst
Glynn Evans
Goffs Farm
Graffham index
Graffham Empire Movies

Graffham Rustics
Graffham Shop & Post Office
Granary Cowdray, photos
Granary Cowdray, vintage photos
Grange Centre
Green, Stanley
Greenfield, Duncton
Guildford, vintage images

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Half Moon, Midhurst Half Moon c.1920s Half Moon c.1960s
Half Moon Inn, Northchapel - photos
Half Moon Inn, Northchapel 2
Hammer Cottages, Northchapel
Hampers Green Cemetery
Hampers Green photos
Hampers Green, Party 1945
Handcross bus crash 1906
Hanna, Robert - HMS Hood
Harman, Ian PC
Harting Index
Haslemere Visitor information
Hauptmann Joseph Oestermann
Hayward - family
Headstones index
Health centre, Midhurst, Easebourne
Health and help websites
Helen Joseph Fennell
Helicopter accident Heyshott - Aug.1997
Helicopter ambulances, police & rescue
Help Page
Henry Herbert La Thangue
Henry [Harry] Pledge

Henry Scarth
Heyshott index
Heyshott Harvesting Festival
Heyshott Down
Heyshott pond
Heyshott Memorial window
Heyshott Village Hall
Heyshott Voices
Hicks,Doctor, Old Surgery midhurst
History of Health centre, Midhurst
HMS Duncton
HMS Stedham
Holbrook, Norman
Horsham Rd Cemetery Petworth
Hotel 900
Households, per parish, 2001 census
Hove Airport
Howard Dudley
Hoyle Farm
Hoyle Crossroads
Hughes, Thomas - bankruptcy 1877
Hurricane 1987
Hurst, Henry - bankruptcy 1854

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Ian Harman, PC
Ian Randall
Ice House in Petworth
Immigrants to Canada, 1832
India Juliet
Information Britain

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James Charles, Artist, 1851-1906
Jane Welland
Jem Broadbridge
Jemmy Dean
Jeske, Ludwig
Jim Chesson - hallboy 1931
John Mance
Jonathan Barrott
John Exall
John Fagg

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Kate Dudman
Kathleen Chesson - housemaid 1931
Kay Hills
Kelly Mason [Rose] wedding
Kensett, Jane
Knockhundred Row - photos
Knockhundred Row - Vintage
Knockhundred Shuttles
Kings & Queens from 1625

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Lambs & the Downs, Treyford
La Thangue, Henry Herbert
Lawrence, Ronald
Leslie Arthur Whitcomb
Libraries local & mobile
Licensees, 3 Moles 1872 on
Lickfold index
Lime kiln, Duncton
Lime works, Cocking
Linch index
Linch church photo gallery
Linch 1841 census returns
Linch Parish Clergy, from 1224

Littlehampton Fort restoration project
Littlehampton old images
locomotive, Graffham
locomotive, Midhurst
Lodsworth Index
Lombard Street, Petworth 1908
London to Brighton Road
London Congestion charge
Loring, Edith
Ludwig Jeske
Lurgashall Index
Lutener Road, Easebourne
Lynch, Michael
Lynda Harvey

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Madhurst - Midhurst
Mance, John - gov. Petworth prison
Manor Farm Barn, Heyshott
Marrows, Blair
Marsh pond, Heyshott
Marshall, William
Martha Robinson, nee Stevens
Mary Viggers
Masefield, William Beech
Mass Dials on churches
Maud Thayre
Maureen Duke nee Witherwick
Mayne, Ivy
May Queen, Heyshott 1904
Medical Centre, Midhurst
Members Parliament Midhurst 1660-1885
Memorial German WW2 Pilot
Mervyn Tussler
Methodist Church, Midhurst
Michael Lynch
Michael Stacey
Midhurst Index

Midhurst cemetery
Midhurst cinema
Midhurst Detours
Midhurst Fire Brigade
Midhurst library
Midhurst Methodist Church
Midhurst Parish Church
Midhurst TV Mast
Midhurst Union Workhouse
Midhurst war memorial
Midhurst Whites
Midhurst Whites Labels 1959
Midhurst, New Zealand
Midhurst, Ontario, Canada
Midhurst & Petworth Observer
full Midhurst Index
Miles Belfrage Reid
Mills Family - Heyshott
Minsted Sand Quarry
Miles family index
Mobile police station
Moor Farm, Heyshott photo c.1870
Morris dancers - Knockhundred Shuttles

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NARTM Road Transport Museums
Newfarm, South Downs
New Pond, Midhurst
Nigel Purves
Noah Mann
Norman Holbrook
Norris, Ernest
Northchapel Index
Northchapel poorhouse

Northchapel Colts FC
Northmill, Midhurst 1904-49
Northmill, Midhurst 2006-08
North St., Midhurst, photos 1999 - 2009 North Street photos
1896 - 1963
Nyewood Index

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Oak, Queen Elizabeth
October 1987 - Storm
Oestermann, Hauptmann Joseph
Old Bill
Old Surgery, North Street, Midhurst
Otway, Thomas

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Parish clerks - list of,
Park Way, Easebourne
Partridge, Chris
Patcham locomotive derailed Cocking 1904
Patricia Pope
Patricia Przepiorka
PC64, Midhurst 1890
Pendean Farmhouse
Peter Sadler
Petersfield Museum
Petworth Cottage Museum
Petworth Festival
Petworth Index
Petworth library
Petworth Photo galleries
Petworth Park
Petworth prison
Petworths forgotten cemetery
Petworth School bombing 1942
Philip Aslett
Phillip Noel-Baker
Phoebe Hessell
Phone codes
Photo galleries index
Photographic Studios, 1847-1910

Pillbox, WW2, north of Heyshott
Pipers Lane, Northchapel photos
Pitshill House
Pitshill Tower
Plamen Petkov
Polecats, Heyshott
Police Helicopter - Hotel 900
Police station, Mobile
Police Constable - PC64, Midhurst 1890
Polish Camp, Petworth
Populations - Rother Valley 2001 census
Post codes
Post offices & mail info
Post offices, area list
Postal Sorting Offices
Postal rates - 1890-1952
Potter, Thomas Bayley
Precious Williams
Pubs - Old English Pubs & Taverns
Purves, Nigel

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Queen Elizabeth Oak

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Race for Life
Railways, Rother Valley
Randall, Ian aka Rastus
Ravens Clump, Petworth Park
Redwood, North St. Midhurst
Reid, Miles Belfrage
Rex Lane
Richard Cobden
River Rother Index
Riverbank Medical Centre
Roadside memorial, Stopham
Road Transport Museums
Rob Campbell
Robert B. Chandler OBE RN
Robinsons, Heyshott & Midhurst
Rob Todd

ROC posts
Rogate index
Roman Numerals, Dates
Roman coin find, Petworth
Rose Mills
Ross, Tony
Rother Raft Race
Rother River Index
Rother valley 1920
Rugby - Midhurst RFC
Russells coach, Midhurst 1930s

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Sadler, Peter
Saint Annes Hill
Salvin, Anthony
Samantha Cliff
Sammy Frankham
Samuel Twyford
Scarth, Henry
School Inspector visits Petworth 1896
Selham index
Selham Bridge
Selham photographs
Selham Station 1968
Sexton, Henry 1749
Shepard, EH
Shepherds Church
Ships named after Harting
Ship named after Midhurst
Shoreham Air Crash
Shoreham Airport
Sinclair C5 advertisement, 26 Feb.1985
Siobhan Gislimberti, nee Hatchwell
Slemmings, Barry
Smith, Colin
SM Tidy
Smugglers table
Snowstorm April 2008, Northchapel

Snow January 2010, Fernhurst
Snow January 2010, Heyshott
Society of Dependents
Sopers in Sussex
South Ambersham
South Ambersham photos
South Harting Index
South Pond
South Pond, Midhurst, Jan.1991 - machine sinks
Sorting Offices
Sotcher [Richard] family
Spooner, Stephen
Stacey, Michael
Stanley Green
Stedham Bridge gallery
Stedham Church gallery
St. Cuthmans school
Stepney Siege
St Mary Magdalene & St Denys
Stopham Bridge
Stopham Memorial
Stopham photos
Storm October 1987
Suicide report, West Sussex gazette 1869
Sweasey Stationers/publishers, Southsea

page top

Taylor, Diane
Ted Dummer
Telephone codes
Thomas Denyer
Thomas Otway
Thomas Tipper
Three Moles
Tidy, SM

Tolls list, Northchapel
Tony Ross
Tourist Information Offices
Treyford Churchyard
Tuxlith Chapel
Twite, Carol
Twyford, Samuel

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Unitarian chapel Billingshurst
Upperton Folly

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Vintage photo trail
Valerie Wingate
Valley diary - Singleton, West Dean

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Walking sticks
Weather station
Weald & Downland Open Air Museum
Welland family
Wesleyan Church, Midhurst
West Harting Index
West Lavington school
West Sussex Churches, list of
Wharf, canal cut bridge
Wheatsheaf Pub, Midhurst - 1 - 2
Whitcomb, Leslie Arthur
White, Charles
Wiblings Farm, Graffham
William Ayling

William Barnes - photographer
William Donaldson
William Gardiner Trial & Inquest
William Marshall
William Masefield
Willow Cottage
Withell, Withall Family
Witherwick, Maureen
Womens Institute, 1936, Heyshott
Woodman The, Graffham
Woodmancote, Lodsworth
Woolbeding Bridge
Worthing Airport

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Yellow Cowdray paintwork

Old Newhaven
Thomas Tipper

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Breast Cancer Awareness
Bus Timetables
Sussex Air

click here
Petworth Cottage Museum
Petworth Festival
The Vintage Trail
Wander the area and Sussex using hundreds of old photos and postcards
JK Roofing & Property Maintenance
All Midhurst and Petworth areas

click for photos
click for a selection of photos
Monday 5th May, 2008 Cowdray Ruins

Midhurst, West Sussex met Rio de Janeiro May 2008
when the Midhurst Dream Carnival took over the town
at the Cowdray Ruins. ....more

click for details
Heyshott women in Race For Life 2007

- The Vintage Photo Trail -

1954 Darts Team
Can you help fill in the missing names of the
Swan Pub, Northchapel, Darts Team 1954?

click to enlarge & info
Midhurst Policeman 1890s

Know anyone here?
click to enlarge
Northchapel School 1920s - 1930s - click

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Miscellaneous archived articles & reports
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Easebourne Primary school to move - 30 Aug 2012
Rogate plans cause concern - 29 Aug 2012
Raves halted at Goodwood - 28 Aug 2012
Missing Petworth man found - 26 Aug 2012
Ex Northchapel Man dies in NZ waterfall accident - 30 Sep. 2011
Teenager dies, 3 seriously ill, Wisborough Green crash - Aug. 2010
Rogate death being investigated - - - - - - - - - - 7 June 2010
£350,000 vision for Midhurst - - -31 May 2010
Worst drought since 1975 - - -31 May 2010
Hi-tech waste system for Chichester district - 26 May 2010
Closed register office fears - - - - - 20 May 2010
Nelson Mandela honours Easebourne woman - - 20 May 2010
Time for legal action over potholes - 17 May 2010
Midhurst woman attacked - - - - - - 19 Mar.2010
Midhurst co-operative shop plan to boost town - 18 March 2010
More open days at beam pump face objections - 11 March 2010
£140,000 wasted on Petworth road signs - 25 Feb.2010
West Lavington against sandpit - 18 Feb.2010
Grange Day care centre closes in Midhurst - Jan.2010
Funeral for Tom Sawyer, Cowdray gamekeeper - July 2009
St Margarets School to close after 121 years - July 2009
Ex Midhurst Teacher gets life - Feb.2009
Rother Raft Race Rescued - Feb.2009
Angel Hotel leading the way - 12 Feb.2009
Plan for more wind power in Kirdford - 25 Dec.2008
Easebourne Street, Fire - 10 Dec 2008
Rother Raft Race is sunk - Nov.2008
5m scam run from Midhurst - Nov.2008
85 homes plan on caravan park - Nov.2008
Rain puts damper on Heyshott & Milland fireworks - Nov.08
Victory in battle for Tillington bus shelter - Nov 08
West Sussex Water bills going to record high - Sep 08
Crown Pub, Midhurst closes - Aug 08
Chinese takeaway, Midhurst - new plan - Aug 08
School getting 2 temporary classrooms - Aug 08
More wells for Singleton oilfield - Jul.08
Rother Raft Race won't be sunk by red tape - Jul.08
Ex Midhurst Grammar Teacher charged with murder - Mar.08
Do we need an academy in Midhurst?
Car drives through Budgens wall - Feb.08
Southdown Hotel Fire, Trotton - Jan 08
West Lavington School to close - Jan 08
Billie Piper wedding - Dec. 07
Billie Piper to marry at Easebourne - Dec. 07
No Cash to keep our Hospitals open - wonder why? - Nov 07
West Lavington church is to close - Aug 07
Race for Life - Jul. 07
Midhurst Parking still Free - Mar.07
Midhurst till thief caught on camera - Mar. 07
Wild boar spotted in Stedham - Feb 07
Petworth Burglary - Jan 07
Petworth gets new police station - Jan. 07
Sudden death of Petworth rector - Dec. 06
Queen Elizabeth Oak - Dec. 06
Easebourne church fire fails to halt services - Dec. 06
Northchapel man dies in collision - Dec. 06
Heyshott 'pink lady' raises 300 for charity - Oct. 06
Easebourne man dies, crash in Bepton Road - Oct. 06
Heyshott Brothers in Gumball Rally - Sep. 06
Man charged with threats to kill - Midhurst - Sep. 06
Heyshott Harvesting - Sep. 06
Tillington War Memorial by Barry Slemmings - Aug. 06
Midhurst power lines collapse - Jul. 06
Car fire blocks Bepton Road - Jul. 06
Midhurst Vets vow not to leave town - Jun. 06
Northchapel award from Alan Titchmarsh - Jun. 06
Tony Smith asks:.....Email - May. 06
Garages to be demolished - May. 06
Anger as Petworth cash diverted to Grange - May. 06
The Grange to go...? - Apr. 06
Pedestrian only Market Square - Apr. 06
South Harting parking fees - Apr. 06
Stedham lady rescued from River Rother - Feb. 06
House of Commons commends Charity - Jan. 06
Footpaths dispute around pitshill - 2005 - 06
Easebourne schoolchildren escape bus crash - Oct. 05
Swift action saves 4yr old Northchapel boy - Sep. 05
Big Cat spotted in Heyshott - Mar. 05
Easebourne boy impaled on Midhurst fence - Mar. 05
Vehicle ban on part of South Downs Way - Feb. 05
Ghost of last bear killed - Verdley Wood - Aug. 04
Colts and the Seagulls - Northchapel - June. 04
Britney Spears & Northchapel - April. 04
Panorama 'creator' passes away - Midhurst - Feb. 04
Youngster leads campaign for broadband - Mar. 03
Snow shuts schools - Jan. 03
Biker dies in hit & run - Stedham - Mar . 02
Local Teenagers killed in crash - A286 Easebourne - Jan . 01
Heyshott, Britains walking-stick centre
New 4x4 for Petworth Fire station - Apr. 00
Car fire No.13 - Cocking - Jan. 00
Doctors & patients to move - Midhurst - Nov. 99
Panther spotted by dog walker - Redford - Nov. 99
'Ghost' shocks motorist - Midhurst - Oct. 99
Motorbike couple die in crash - Henley - Oct. 99
Match stopped after fight - Midhurst - Aug. 99
Storms cause flooding - Jun. 99
Man jailed for attack after funeral - Midhurst - Jul. 99
Police refuse lost purse - Jul. 99
Landlord cleared of drugs charges - Midhurst - . 99
Schoolbus crashes into cottage - Petworth - Feb. 99
The Fox that got away - Feb. 99
helicopter accident Heyshott - Aug.1997
Crooks steal Heyshott church registers - Aug. 95
New York Times - Heyshott man marries - Dec. 88
Midhurst Whites - Dec. 1964
Death of a Church - Treyford - Jun. 52
Bombing of Petworth Boys School Sep. 1942
Collecting hay, Pitshill Estate. 1924
more archived articles in community & various indexes



Vintage Cars invade Graffham
Vintage Cars invade Graffham - 28 Sep. 2008

click to enlarge
Northchapel Primary 1966 - 67

Know anyone here?
30 Sep. 2011
Ex Northchapel Man dies in NZ waterfall accident.
Ian Randall, Rastus
click for article
Ex Northchapel Man dies in NZ Falls accident

Nanny state on South Downs Way
Thankyou Lads
Email received May 2008
Cittaviveka Buddhist Monastery
Cittaviveka Buddhist Monastery Chithurst

Harvesting the Old Fashioned Way
Manor Farm, Heyshott 2006 & 2007

click for photos
"The Run of the Downs" - Rudyard Kipling
Bigger is better - Co.Galway, Ireland 2004
"Found Memories" - Virginia Welch, USA
poem on Heyshott, W. Sussex
Midhurst till thief - click have you seen this man - click


Lost in Petworth
Bombing of Petworth Boys School 1942

Local Cinema Graffham Empire Movies
Local monthly cinema

Archived reports from local Emergency Services
accidents & incidents

A simple, tongue in cheek, history lesson
Written by Mick Fletcher

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Vintage Photo Trail
Thomas Tipper
Plamen Petkov
Man drowns on Wittering beach rescuing child
Sweasey Stationers/publishers, Southsea
St. Anns Hill, Midhurst
Richard Cobden
Petworth Prison
Budds of Sutton
Sutton & Barlavington Index
Post Office Index
Snow 2010 photos - - Fernhurst - - Heyshott
Storm of October 1987
Robinson Family, Heyshott & Midhurst
East Lavington
Didling Church & photo galleries
Didling Index
St. Cuthmans School
South Pond, Midhurst - Jan. 1991
Machine sinks during dredging works

Cocking Photo Galleries
Graffham Photo Galleries
Duncton Index & Photos
Midhurst Parish church Photos
Hartings & Nyewood Index & Photos
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Gadd family index
South Ambersham Index
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Old English Pubs & Taverns
Stopham Photos
All Hallows, Tillington
Hampers Green Cemetery, photos
Pillbox, WW2, north of Heyshott
Messages & Emails
Heyshott Harvesting 2007
Stopham Bridge
Stopham Memorial
Rother Raft Race 2007
Petworth Park Photographs
Petworth Photo galleries
Memorial 1942 School Bombing
South Ambersham Gallery
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Selham & St. James Galleries
Cowdray Ruins Gallery
Last train from Chichester
Midhurst, New Zealand
Queen Elizabeth Oak
St. Giles Gallery, Graffham
Graffham & Selham Guide
Tillington, Upperton & River Guide
Stedham Bridge gallery

click for photos
Heyshott Brothers in Gumball Rally - Sep. 2006

West Sussex fire engines go to Russia

click for report & pictures
Car drives through wall - 24 Feb. 2008

Jack Hargreaves
Remember Southern TV?
Southern Television provided the ITV service to the south from 1958 until 1981.
cocking chalk pit
Cocking Chalk Quarry

Amazing rescue of Lurgashall dog
stuck on barbed wire for two days

April 2010

Northchapel Snowstorm April 2008

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