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East Lavington

East Lavington House and church
photo: CDrakew 2008
East Lavington House and Church 2008
East Lavington & Upper Norwood
Ordnance Survey grid ref : SU946162
Petworth 4 miles, London 45 miles
Nearest post town, Petworth
Postcode GU28 - Dial code 01798
Clerk of East Lavington Parish Council
contact details & information
complete list of local parish clerks
889 baptisms on OPC Database from 1571 - 1874.
312 marriages on OPC Database from 1571 - 1875.

listed under Woolavington

Olympic Torch Relay route

16 July 2012
Nearest passing point
for East Lavington

The Torch was carried through Duncton
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Parish Council Website

For local information, Parish Council news
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East Lavington Parish Council
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East Lavington

Aerial photograph
Church - St Peter
Fire Service
Ellena Whittington
John Sargent
PO Directories 1851 & 1867
Seaford College
Willow Cottage

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William Hopkins Bankruptcy 1884
Farmer & Lime Merchant
London Gazette, 12 Sept.1884
Barnetts Farm, East Lavington

East Lavington is a small village and parish nestling below the South Downs in West Sussex. To the west of the A285, Petworth to Chichester road, between its neighbours Duncton and Graffham.
The parish has a land area of 1968 acres. East Lavington parish includes the hamlet of Upper Norwood. East Lavington showed 357 people in the 2001 census living in 87 homes.
The old East Lavington parish church has now become the chapel for Seaford College, a large private school which was established here in 1946 after its original site, at Seaford, was taken over in WW2 by the military.

East Lavington from the air
photo: Boston500
East Lavington from the air

Woolavington - { East & West Woollavington }
The modern civil parish of East Lavington now occupies much of the former ancient { East } Woolavington parish. What is now East Lavington and now West Lavington near Midhurst were originally one parish. Below is part of Kellys 1867 Post Office Directory for Woollavington, part of which reads.....
The parish consists of several portions, lying at a considerable distance apart, but of these two only are specially distinguished, by the prefix East and West; that which is known as East Woolavington is the older portion of the parish, and that which is described above - the other part - West Woolavington, joins Midhurst and forms for a considerable distance the eastern boundary of the high road from Midhurst to Chichester, so that now it is usual to describe the divisions thus - East Woolavington, near Petworth, and West Woolavington, near Midhurst.
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Seaford Cadets c.1911
Seaford Cadets c.1911 - click


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Oct.2012 - click for information

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