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A transcription of research by Dorothy Jamison, Houston, Texas
uploaded 15 November 2011

The earliest information so far on this Hayward Family begins in the cathedral town of Canterbury, Kent. The progenitor of our line and father of Thomas Francis Hayward is Daniel Hayward of Canterbury, who’s descendants have spread not only into neighbouring Sussex and elsewhere in the U.K., but into N. America and Australia as well.
Research on the early Haywards of Canterbury is ongoing. The name is frequently found in 1600 and 1700 Parish records, leading one to believe that this family, many of whom were non-conformist, had been in Canterbury for generations. Living near one another in the shadow of the great cathedral, they worked as gardeners, tradesmen and shopkeepers.
Probably most of these Haywards of Canterbury that show up in early records had family ties to our Daniel but exact connections are unclear. Most of them lived within close proximity to on another, shared similar occupations, and were affiliated with the same churches. Many were gardeners, green grocers, and fruiters, occupations that show up in subsequent generations, interestingly.
The following is what is known so far about Daniel Hayward, and especially the descendants of his son Thomas Francis Hayward, of Sussex.
DANIEL HAYWARD of St. Gregory’s, Canterbury, Kent, a gardener and freeman, was born about 1750 or before. His marriage to SUSANNAH SAFFERY was 22 Aug. 1770, as recorded at St. Mary's Northgate. The Haywards and Safferys lived very near the stone walls surrounding the old town and Canterbury Cathedral. It is thought that he is the same as the Daniel in the records who died 7 Feb. 1791, Canterbury.
Susannah Saffery was born ca. 1751, daughter of JOHN SAFFERY, a barber and freeman of Northgate, Canterbury. She is on the 1841 census living with her daughter Harriet [Hayward] Ledger at 61 Northgate St. She died 16 March 1844, at age 91.
The known children of Daniel Hayward and Susannah Saffery,
as found in the records of St. Mary Magdalene on Burgate Street and St. Paul's, Canterbury-

  • HARRIET HAYWARD - Baptised 17 Nov. 1771, married WILLIAM BROWN LEDGER 18 Oct. 1808. Both died in 1848.
  • THOMAS FRANCIS HAYWARD - Baptised 5 Sept. 1773, married 1st on 2 Sept. 1799, ANNE EVERSHED who died in 1844,
    married 2nd ELIZABETH ANDREWS, 10 May 1845, Lodsworth, Sussex, died 17 Dec. 1867, Petworth.
    click here for more on this family.
  • JOHN HAYWARD – Baptised 19 Apr. 1775, married REBECCA ROSE THORP in 1797, St. Andrews
      Children of John and Rebecca
      First three children Baptised St. Paul's, Canterbury.
      • DANIEL HAYWARD - 1798-1874, market gardener, green grocer, basket maker, & fruiter of 1 Canterbury Lane and 17 Burgate Street, St. Mary Magdalene, married ELIZABETH ALLEN in 1826, children EMMA & REBECCA HAYWARD. Elizabeth died 1852-60. He married 2nd MYRTILLA [MATILDA BIRD - CULVER?] of Darsham, Suffolk, in 1862.
      • RICHARD HAYWARD - born 1799, died after 1871, married MARY. In 1841 he lived at St. John’s Place; in 1851 at No. 8 Military Rd., St. Gregory; 1861 at 32 Church Lane, St. Mary Northgate; and 1871 St. Alphege, Black Friars St. at Westgate.
        children GEORGE, SUSANNAH, JAMES, gr. daughter LUCY [blind].
      • JOHN SAFFERY HAYWARD - 1800-1874, a coach builder of 5 Orange St and Castle St., married MATILDA GOLDING 12 Feb 1828 Glemsford, Suffolk. She was born ca 1807, Darsham, Suffolk, died 1896, Canterbury. [Did she have a connection to wife of Daniel, above?]
      • ANNE HAYWARD - born 1803
      • JOSEPH HAYWARD – born 1805
      • SUSANNA HAYWARD - born ca 1807
      • SARAH HAYWARD – born 1810
      • JANE HAYWARD - born 1812
      • ELIZABETH HAYWARD - 1814-1871, married Mr. Hayes, had son CHARLES HAYES, who was blind.
      • ?CHARLES T. HAYWARD? – another possible son, born 1806?
      • ?LEDGER HAYWARD? – born ca 1821, died 1902, could also be son of John Saffery Hayward, above. They were partners in the Coach building trade. He married CAROLINE BROOK in 1843, St. Saviour’s, Southwark, London

  • RICHARD HAYWARD - Baptised 26 Aug. 1777, married MARY?
  • SUSANNAH HAYWARD - Baptised 17 June 1779, married THOMAS PAWSON 15 June 1808, at St. Paul's had son THOS, JR.
  • EDWARD HAYWARD – Baptised 15 Apr. 1781. No further data
  • DANIEL HAYWARD – Baptised 27 Oct. 1782, died very young
  • HENRY HAYWARD – Baptised 13 Feb. 1785, died after 1861
  • DANIEL HAYWARD – 1787-1787, non-conformist burial
  • MARY ANNE HAYWARD - Baptised 4 may 1788
  • ELIZABETH HAYWARD - Baptised 8 Nov. 1789
    THOMAS FRANCIS HAYWARD, 2nd son of DANIEL AND SUSANNAH HAYWARD, was baptized as an infant on 5 Sept. 1772, at St. Mary Magdalene on Burgate St., Canterbury, Kent. Little is known about his early life there. He married first on 2 Sept. 1799, presumably in Canterbury, to ANNE EVERSHED, daughter of JOHN EVERSHED of "Streel" and ANNE BOURNE. Anne Evershed Hayward was probably born ca. 1777 at Lowfold Farm, Wisborough Green, Sussex, and moved with her parents to Pallingham in 1780. From the Evershed Family History by PETER B. EVERSHED, we find this quote of comments by one MRS. CARTER, a contemporary and relative of Anne
    "Anne Evershed, daughter of John of Streel, was visiting her aunts in Kent, and unknown to her father she married a working man. When they came to Streel, John said he’d forgive it but he couldn’t forget it. John set his son-in-law up in business at Coldharbour near Wisborough Green, a farm of his own. Hayward, a respectable nice sort of man, kept on the farm for some time and afterwards became bailiff to Lord Egremont. He married a second wife, and after his death the wife and daughters kept a school; I think Lord Leconfield [son of Lord Egremont] allowed them something too.” [ Note- It is doubtful that Elizabeth and her daughters had a school. Mrs. Carter has perhaps confused her with Helen, wife of Thom, Jr., who ran a school with her daughters.]
    We know that Thomas and Anne stayed in Canterbury for a few years after their marriage as two of their children’s births were registered at the Blackfriars General Baptist Meeting House there. The later children's births [1803-1818] were recorded in Sussex in the combined Billingshurst - Horsham Black Friars registers. Their arrival in the Wisborough Green area was between 27 March 1802, and 31 Dec. 1803. They occupied and managed several of Anne’s father’s numerous properties. To again quote the Evershed Family History-
    "The Land Tax Returns 1780-1832 show from 1804-1813 inclusive ‘Mr Thomas Hayward’ occupied the following properties belonging to ‘Mr John Evershed’:- Horsebridge Hill tax 4s 1d, Palmers tax £3 5s 4d, Smiths tax £2 2s 11d, Palmers Coppice tax 8s 2d, late Coopers tax 4s 1d, Stones tax 8s 2d, and the property of Mr William Sandham, Malthouse tax 4s 1d [John bought this in 1811]. From 1805 Thomas also occupied John’s Mockbeggars,[Bedham?] tax 16s 4d, but gave it up in 1808."
    For several years they lived at Coldharbour Farm on Fittleworth Road near Wisborough Green. Sons Edward and Charles state in their memoirs that they were born at Coldharbour Farm [1811 & 1813], the "estate of their maternal grandfather." Anne inherited this property upon the death of her father in 1840.
    Sussex County records show that THOMAS FRANCIS HAYWARD was appointed Surveyor of Highways for Storrington, on 5 Oct 1822. By 1833 he was an employee of the Earl of Egremont, as mentioned in the continuing quote below from the Evershed History-
    “Where Anne and Thomas went in 1814 is not clear, but Thomas probably became bailiff of Heyshott farm until 1841 and then became a land agent on the Petworth estate. The Petworth House Archives contain Accounts for Heyshott Farm 1833-1835 and a volume containing applications for accommodation on the estate for the years 1848-1856, both kept by Thomas Francis Hayward. In a letter dated 23 March 1841 to Thomas Evershed at Lockport, New York, his sister Sarah, then visiting her uncle Richard Evershed at Newbridge, wrote ‘Uncle Hayward has a new house built for him. They move into it soon and Aunt says her children have every one given her a token of love in giving her a piece of furniture each for her new home.' It is probable that this new house was in what is now called the Petworth House Pleasance, because the 1851 census showed Thomas Francis, with his second wife and family living at Petworth House Pleasure Ground.
    In her notes regarding the photos she commissioned of "all the dear servants" at Petworth house, Mrs. Percy Scawen Wyndham, wife of Lord Leconfield's, son, recalled "Mr. Haywood, for many years Bailiff and land valuer, a Baptist, died at a great age. An honest able man."

    Thomas worked for two successive Earls of Egremont from at least 1833 until his retirement shortly before 1861. He was variously referred to as land surveyor, bailiff, land agent, land steward, accountant, land valuer, etc., for the extensive Egremont properties in the area. The above mentioned house on the Petworth House Pleasure Grounds that the earl built for Thomas in 1841, is still standing and referred to now as the “Butler’s House.” It is located very near and to the right of the tunnel leading to the Pleasure Grounds. The National Trust [who manages Petworth House] now leases the house as a private residence.[2011]
    ANNE EVERSHED HAYWARD died in 1844 at age 66, leaving Coldharbour farm to her husband. Though no longer owned by the family, this property still is referred to as Coldharbour and is in use as a working horse farm.[2011]
    Thomas married again 10 May 1845, to ELIZABETH ANDREWS [born ca.1816, Bosham, Sussex, daughter Of William and Hannah Andrews.] She was forty-four years his junior. They had three children together, FANNY, ALFRED and ELLEN. They are on the 1851 census at the Pleasure Grounds house. The 1861 census shows him as a retired annuitant and living with his wife and their children at 148 North Street, just north and east across the road from Petworth House. Elizabeth, by then a widow, was on the 1871 census of Chichester with her two daughters, living as an annuitant at 21 Franklin Place, Chichester. She probably died before 1881, but where she is buried is unknown.
    THOMAS FRANCIS HAYWARD died 17 Dec. l867, Petworth, age 95, as recorded at The Black Friars General Baptist Meeting House at Billingshurt. His will was entered into probate 23 March 1868, at Chichester. He had inherited Coldharbour farm from his wife Anne with the stipulation that it was to be passed on to their eldest son George, who sold it soon after Thomas died. George was still living there in 1871 as a renter. Thomas and Anne are buried on the grounds of the Billingshurt Meeting House.

    Children of Thomas & continuation


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