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26 January 2015
Email from Terry Skelton
Camping in Heyshott c.1960

In the years around 1960 on Bank Holiday weekends, along with another young married couple we used to camp in a simple tent up on the Downs above a farm that was worked by a relative of the man from the other couple. The Farmer supplied our milk and water, and the copse adjoining where we used to camp, supplied fuel for our cooking fire.
I should mention this was when the Bank Holiday was at the beginning not the end of August. Luckily we were always blessed with fine weather and most enjoyed what was a fun and fair day on what we assume was the Village Green.
We have been back to walk around the village and up the hill to our campsite. Like most places we have witnessed so many changes. In those days there were few trees around the immediate area allowing fine views across the valley below. The farm long since changed to what we think is now a business training establishment.
We have wanted to find out if the Fun & Fair weekend was still held as we would love to retrace some of our fond memories but feared the worse as there is no mention on your excellent website. Good to see one of our small villages running such a comprehensive web site showing our valuable heritage in this country.
We live in Denham Village, Bucks, which can trace its' beginnings back to Stone Age times, and house dating back to the 1300's. Weather permitting we will be visiting again this summer and, if we knew the Fun & Fair was on, would love to take up where we left off so long ago.
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The farm was on the most southern part of the village and the minor road it was beside ran on up the downs. I will try and track down the name of it and the Farmer's name. I am quite happy for you to put my email on-line which might just tap into a minefield of memories - I like to be optimistic!
Many thanks for your follow up.
Terry Skelton

email 10/05/2007
I was wondering if there are any Miles living still in Heyshott, that can trace their roots back to the early 1800s. My family name is Miles and they all came from this area.
Thank you.
Vanessa Hillman (nee Miles)
Miles Family index
Vanessa's Blogspot for Miles Family
Miles Family Headstones at Heyshott

A Summers Day.....

This card was discovered recently for sale. The hard to read title is 'A Summers day..Heyshott'. Can anyone identify the spot or shed any info...?
The information with it reads as follows...card posted Aug 1905. A Summer's Day in Heyshott. This card was posted by J.Williams who obviously lived in Heyshott.
Quote from card: "This card shows where the path [by the little girl] goes from the road across the green to my little gate to my patch I see the Downs all along........."
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Car fire, Mill Lane
Heyshott 17 Aug 2007


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Car fire, Mill Lane
Heyshott 16 May 2008


Did anyone know or know of Henry (Harry) Pledge
born in Heyshott ?


Bob Lewis
photo of Bob Lewis Bob Lewis..grew up in Heyshott, in West Sussex.

"I went to the village school there..could say that we lived very simply because we were actually quite poor....we had just got mains water by that time, so we didn’t have to go and get water out of a well. But everything else… "
a biographical interview

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Back from the common, Heyshott Sussex
Henry Herbert La Thangue 1859-1929
Based at Graffham - click here for more details

Window of Honour
The names of the 14 local men lost in the Great War of 1914 are carried on a stained glass window on the South side of St. James's Church There are five burials in the Churchyard
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The Old Fashioned Way
2006 & 2007
Manor Farm, Heyshott

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Oct. 2012 - March 2013 - click for information

poppy appeal Tom Eden, Heyshott's local organiser, is very grateful for the generous response to the door to door collection in Heyshott which raised a total of £445. @Nov.2010

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