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Miles Family

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Photo of David Miles, Heyshott
click for full image MILES
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photo of David Miles, click to enlarge      
Book "Heyshott"      

Sarah Luff b.1740 in Heyshott, the daughter of William Luff and Sarah Miles.
She married Richard Faith in 1756 and then Richard Scutt in 1768.
1881 Census- Residents of Midhurst Union Workhouse, Easebourne, Sussex
Arthur MILES 13 M Pauper Farm Serv Tillington, Sussex
Walter MILES 17 M Pauper Farm Serv Tillington, Sussex
This workhouse also covered Heyshott, although there was a workhouse in Heyshott. This was associated with Easebourne and accomodated some of these residents.
White building in this photo.
Photo of Moor Farm, Heyshott, c.1870 - 
click for full image Re 1840 Tithe map
Moor Farm, owned by John Quanlock was farmed by David Miles
[70 acres]
His father, George, had farmed it previously.
The 1871 census shows David Miles as aged 79 farming 75 acres with the help of 3 men.
photo right shows Moor Farm C.1870 with David Miles in doorway.
position of Moor farm shown - - map
This is no longer a farm [private dwelling] - since 1996
From Heyshott History files....
David Miles who as a boy in the 1840s worked on Moor Farm of which his father was tenant and whose great granddaughter, Sue Ferris and her family still live in Heyshott.[2002]
17th December 1894
David Miles was elected as a Parish Councillor
Window of Honour, St. James, Heyshott
click for full image Staff Sgt. Walter MILES
Royal Army Service Corps.
Died 25th Mar 1920. Aged 36.
Son of John & Alice Miles.
Buried Heyshott Churchyard
re- this photo.
Walter Miles is shown on the Window of Honour, left
St. James church, Heyshott


Jesse Miles, Selham
List of Miles headstones
The first record of the surname is in the Pipe Rolls of Sussex, being that of Nicholas Miles dated 1177.
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