Chalk Stones Trail off the South Downs Way. - looking east
Andy Goldsworthys 14 chalk stones of approx. 6 foot [2m] diameter from Duncton Quarry
placed along a 5 mile trail from West Dean Gardens and Cocking Hill.
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South Downs Way - looking back eastwards to the A286,
Cocking Hill summit at the bottom, and Hill Barn in the distance. Cocking Chalk Quarry to left.
photo- Phil Dixon - 21 Feb, 2009 - - next trail image - - enlarge

The remains of Newfarm
To the west of the Chalk Trail
Correctly marked on the map as a ruin, hidden in the woodland behind an old yew tree, is the remains of an old, isolated smallholding, which fell into disuse about 50 years ago. The surrounding woodland - Newfarm Plantation - is named after this farm. There are some yews, and signs of past inhabitants, but it won't be long before the crumbling walls disappear beneath the moss and ferns.
text & photo- Hugh Chevallier - 9 June, 2007
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Memorial to a WW2 German Pilot on South Downs Way

Above Didling on the South Downs Way is this memorial to Hauptmann Joseph Oestermann 1915 - 1940.
He was killed early on the morning of 13th August 1940, the first day of the Battle of Britain.
He was the pilot of a JU88 bomber belonging to the German Bomber Group, Luftwaffe KG 54. The bomber was intercepted and shot down by a Hurricane fighter of 601 Squadron based at Tangmere, reportedly flown by a Pilot Officer Mayers and crashed nearby. The further 2 crew of the German plane were captured after bailing out. Later that day, over the English Channel, the same Hurricane fighter was shot down by a German fighter. Although injured Pilot Officer Mayers was rescued and recovered to fly again.

photo:- Lee Dixon - 21 Feb., 2009
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