Chalk Stones Trail
Andy Goldsworthy made 14 chalk stones of approximately 6 foot diameter, with chalk taken from local Duncton Quarry, and placed them in chosen locations along a five mile trail on the South Downs between West Dean Gardens and Cocking Hill.
The Goldsworthy Chalk Stones were installed in June 2002.
Initial assessments by the artist, Andy Goldsworthy, and the Strange Partners commissioning team concluded that they would last for about 2 years. The balls’ disintegration has been measured as part of an ongoing scientific monitoring programme designed to assess their durability and to study controls on rates of chalk weathering.
Judging from their present slow rates of weathering, the balls will last for over 200 years but an exceptionally cold wet winter might cause sudden and massive breakdown. source
"Chalk is a huge mass of material in the Downs and yet is largely hidden. Where it does make an appearance…it looks strange and unreal, as if it didn’t belong"
Andy Goldsworthy

photo left:-
Just visible to the left of the tree at the focal point of the photograph is one of the chalk stones placed on this walking route.

photo Hugh Chevallier - - 9 June, 2007
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Chalk Stones Trail
photo:- Simon Carey - - 18 February, 2007
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Chalk Stones Trail
photo:- Hugh Chevallier - - 9 June, 2007
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Chalk Stone Trail
photo left:- Hugh Chevallier - - 9 June, 2007
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Chalk Stones Trail
photo:- Phil Dixon - - 21 Feb. 2009 - - enlarge

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