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These section is in a temporary format and pages are constantly being reassembled.
Information and images shown on the following pages refer to members of the Gadd Family. In particular to those who lived within the Rother Valley area. References are made to other areas were valid.
The information 'snippets' in these pages are in 'scrap book' form simply pasted as they arrive and juggled occasionally with links added, to slowly form some sort of order.
Although images and information are added 'in house' as available, the 2 main 'sources' are:
Bob Campbell of Brisbane, Australia
Pat Burdick of Port Alberni BC, Canada.
Jim Weatherall
Anyone wishing to contact them, email us & your details will be forwarded.
Any further Gadd family information will be welcomed.

Gadd Family grave, Heyshott
click for full imageGadd Family Grave, Heyshott
Surname: Gadd
This interesting and long-established surname is of early medieval English

Old Mill, Lurgashall
Captain HENRY GADD 1816-1866
Family tree of above
see also Reference notes by Richard Beaton c.2008
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Jim Weatherall
As a Family History Researcher may I congratulate you on a most excellent Site. I have traced my Mother's Langley Line back through Iping, Stedham and Petworth, and have a link to the Gadd Family whose tree you display.
My 3rd GGFather Robert Langley was born in Fernhurst in 1803 and married Frances Steel of Iping in 1827. I know little about Frances except that she may have been the daughter of William and Elizabeth Steele. Robert's previous 3 generations had all lived at Bignor/Sutton, but they are descended from William Langley (1638) who married Ann Sotcher at Petworth in 1691.
I would be interested to hear from anyone else who is following these lines.


Original emails
From Bob Campbell, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 18 Apr.2008

I am in Australia and have been researching my family's history which goes back to this area of West Sussex to before our country was discovered by Captain Cook. So I was very pleasantly surprised by all the really great photographs taken at the villages where my ancestors were living. You are to be congratulated as these photographed really bring their story from old documents to life, in an area where it is unlikely I will ever have the opportunity to set foot and visit personally.
The family I am descended from went by the surname Gadd and during the 18th and 19th century they were all farmers or farm bailiffs, from the villages of Cocking, Graffham, Heyshott and Selham to name but a few. A few years back I received a copy of a will from my direct ancestor Henry Gadd a farmer from Heyshott dated 1808. So I was particularly interested to see the churchyard for there with all the memorial stones shown.
..........................etc..Bob Campbell
PS I too have been collecting some early postcards from this area, most of which are now over 100 years old, so if it is of some help I can, as one or two come into my possession, scan them to fairly high definition and email the images to you.

From: Pat Burdick, Port Alberni BC, Canada, 26 Apr.2008

My name is Pat Burdick, I live in Port Alberni BC, Canada. Retired grandmother, very much involved with family research, in particular, the Gadd's of West Sussex.
My cousin, Bob Campbell, from Australia has been in contact with you already, discussing the Gadd families. ....
I have come into the possession of 35 pages of the Gadd family from West Sussex, history, which has added many ancestors to my direct line of Gadd's and a wealth of family information.
My Gadd ancestors were mainly from Graffham, then Aldingbourne, Cocking, Lurgashall, Brighton,Westergate, and a couple of other places.
My great great great grandmother, Mercy [Sexton] Gadd, is buried in the Rest Garden's in the Brighton Cemetery that was opened in 1841.
Also known as the Garden of Rest or the Peace Gardens is opposite the Church yard on the West side of Dyke Road. The arched entranceway is Grade II listed, as are the vaults and raised walkway to the right of the site. I just found her memorial last week actually --
# 417- Sacred to the memory of MERCY wife of HENRY GADD who departed this life November 1st. 1841 aged 48 years.
If, one day you are ever there and find her marker I would love a picture-- I do have a feeling though that it would be long gone now.
I am enjoying your site, and have spent numerous hours there already. Easy to navigate too, which is a good thing for me--
If there is any information I can contribute regarding the Gadd's of West Sussex I would be pleased to help however I can.
With thanks for all the work that has and is going into your site--

Kindest Regards,
Patricia Burdick

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