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Barham Family, Tillington

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Tillington to Petworth Road c.1902 - 1906

Tillington c.1910

As researched by Peter Whitcomb
Edward Barham born 1796 Badingham, Suffolk, died 24 Jan 1868
Married Jane Boxall 13 May 1831 at Lodsworth.
Their children-
Rose born 26 Mar 1832 Lodsworth, died 11 Feb 1899 Midhurst
Harriet born 22 Jun 1834 Tillington, married Henry Hills, Jan 1862
William born 18 Dec 1836 Tillington, married Mary Ann Marshall
James born 18 Apr 1839 Tillington, married Sarah Street
Edwin born 24 Oct 1841 Tillington, married Mary Foster
Edward born 1 Sep 1844 Tillington, married Ellen
Henry born 21 Feb 1847 Tillington, married Annie King
Frederick born 31 May 1850 Tillington
John born 26 Dec 1852 Tillington

Edward, a drillman, moved from Suffolk and settled at Little Common Farm, Tillington. He brought with him a Smythe Corn Drill. This machine was a novelty in West Sussex and intrigued the farmers of the district. Edward decided an impromptu demonstration of the machine at the weekly Petworth market would be to his advantage. Local farmers wanted to borrow or buy this mechanised seed drill and Edward imported six further machines from Suffolk and he reaped a rich harvest by hiring them out to farmers around the area. The mechanised seed drill was invented by Jethro Tull, and Edward's machine was of similar design. When Edward died in 1868, the drills passed to his eldest son William.
[source adapted from Edward Barham 'Just from one seed']

William Barham born 18 Dec 1836, died 1884
Married Mary Ann Marshall, 6 January 1863 at Lodsworth.
Their children-
William born 31 Jan 1864 Tillington, married Sarah Ann Bishop
Mary Anne born 11 Aug 1867 Tillington
Frederick born 29 Dec 1867 Tillington, married Constance Bridger
Edward John born Sep 1869 Tillington
Edith Helen born 20 Aug 1871 Tillington, married Frederick Whitcomb
Alice Kate born 7 Jun 1874 Tillington
Agnes Mary born 3 Oct 1875 Tillington, died Jun 1898 Midhurst
Margaret Jane born 3 Dec 1877 Tillington
Maud Marian born 12 Dec 1880 Tillington

The 1881 Census showed the family still at Little Common farm
James Barham [see above] married Sarah Street in Brighton, and brought up family there.
Edwin Barham [see above] married Mary Foster in Horsham, and brought up family there. He was a blacksmith.
Henry Barham [see above] married Annie King in Chichester, and moved into Hampshire. He was also a blacksmith.
Barham Family
The main contributor for this Barham family page is
Peter Whitcomb
Brighton, Sussex.

Whitcomb Family, Petworth
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Edward Barham born 1 September 1844 Tillington
married Ellen Barham [b1845 Badingham].
Their children-
Edward J. born 1874 Tillington - a blacksmith, no marriage traced, moved to Alton, Hants
Florence Rose born 1875 Tillington, died October 1881
Ellen Blanche born January 1877 Tillington, died Oct 1881
Edith Laura born Jan 1879 Tillington
Gertrude Clara born Apr 1880 Tillington, died June 1971 Midhurst
Cuthbert Shelley born Jan 1883 Tillington
Ernest Thurlow born October 1884 Tillington, married Irene M.Gash July 1947, Midhurst

Ellen, Gertrude, Cuthbert and Ernest were at Midhurst Road, Tillington on 1881 Census

Frederick Barham born 29 Dec 1867 Tillington
died June 1907 Midhurst
married Constance Bridger [b 1869] ? - 1890 Portsea, Hants.
Their children-
Maude born 1890 Tillington, married Herbert Pullen *
Fredrick Charles born 27 Sep 1891 Tillington, married Annie Faires
Frank born 30 Jul 1893 Tillington
Florence born 30 Dec 1894 Tillington, married Walker Bashford
Mabel born 23 Dec 1896 Tillington
William born 24 Apr 1898 Tillington, married Lou Rogers
Agnes Mary born 13 May 1900 Tillington
Lilian born 1902 Tillington
Edward born 1904 Tillington
Margaret Mary born 1906 Tillington, married Stafford Wheelwright

The 1901 Census shows Frederick Barham senior as publican of the Horseguards Inn, Tillington with his wife and six children. He died in 1907 and presumably his wife took over the running of the inn. *
No further research undertaken       [see below]



31 May 2016 - eMail from
John Pullen
I've read with interest the well researched Barham Family History which ends when Maude married Herbert Pullen.
I would like to add that Herbert and Maude had one son, Leslie, who was my father.
I showed my Mum this and she thinks that when Frederick Barham passed away it was Maude and not his wife Constance that took over the running of The Horsegaurds pub in Tillington.
I hope this is of use.
Yours Sincerely
John Pullen.


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