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Tillington & Upperton
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Tillington & Upperton
A collection of old Tillington photographs
Part of the Gravelroots UK Vintage Trail

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Tillington Tillington
Tudor Cottage, Midhurst Road
A272 looking west
c1904 - 1906
copy of framed photo
kindly donated by Dave Palmer
ref- 417

Tillington Tillington
Tudor Cottage, Midhurst Road
Main road looking west
Now A272
c1905 - 1910
scan from framed print
kindly donated by Dave Palmer
ref- 444

Tillington Tillington
Main road looking towards Petworth
Now A272
opposite of above image
c1908 - 1910
contributed- Peter Whitcomb
enlargements including disappearing people
ref- w599

Pitshill, Tillington Pitshill
Hay Time
Weald & Downland Museum, Singleton
ref- 427

Upperton Upperton
Early photo of Upperton
copy of very small framed photo
contributed by Dave Palmer
enlarge & compare
ref- 416


contributed by Paul Hart, Essex
enlarge & compare 2011
ref- 448

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