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Trotton & Chithurst

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Churches in
Trotton & Chithurst
West Sussex
There are two churches:
St Mary's in Chithurst and St Georges in Trotton. Both are Anglican.
St Georges is also used by the British Orthodox Church on a monthly basis.
For both churches contact:
Revd Edward Doyle, The Vicarage, Fyning Lane, Rogate, West Sussex GU31 5EE - 01730 821576
Chithurst is also the location of the Cittaviveka Chithurst Buddhist Monastery, a monastery in the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism.
01730 814 986 - Stewards: English Sangha Trust, Cittaviveka.

St. George
A272, [Trotton Bridge],Trotton
Revd Edward Doyle
The Vicarage, Fyning Lane, Rogate, West Sussex GU31 5EE
01730 821576
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Old photos of St Georges

There was a church in Trotton in 1086. [Domesday]
The wonderful Parish church of St George at Trotton, West Sussex contains two of the finest brasses to be found in Southern England, Lady Margret de Camoy and Lord and Lady de Camoys. He commanded the right of the English Army at Agincourt and had a distinguished career as a soldier and diplomat.
The Brass of Lady Margret is thought to be the oldest full length brass of a woman in England and dates to 1310.
Her husband was captured at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1315.
The church also contains some superb medieval wall paintings which depict in the centre, the last Judgment and on either side the seven Acts of Mercy and the seven Vices. It is a small church but it contains a wealth of other medieval treasures.

Seven Works of Mercy
Seven Deadly Sins
This is quite an old church and a plaque inside the building lists all of the Rectors of the parish, the first being William Howyk who served from 1402 to 1439. Inside the church, mediaeval wall paintings have been uncovered and adorn the walls. Also a large tomb sits in the aisle and is the resting place for Baron Thomas Camoys, his wife and son 1419. Thomas Camoys commanded the left flank against the French at the Battle of Agincourt and was awarded the Order of the Garter for his services.
His wife was the widow of Harry Hotspur and "the gentle Kate" of Shakespeare.
Steve Bailey

Email:- Dec. 2007
from Rev. Dr. Michael Daves, USA
I did a pastor exchange in Deal, Kent, England, some years ago. During that time, my wife purchased a reproduction of the Camoys Brass, which we have hung on our wall for 27 years! It is a beautiful brass symbolizing for us, the love which exists between husband and wife. I am interested in knowing the translation of the Latin inscription below the figures. Can you help me with this either yourself or by recommending a person?
[Your site is very clever, understandable even to this poor American.]
[further email]
I also wondered whether there is a dog at the Baron's feet, or a mythical animal. I know that the diminutive figure at his wifes side is supposedly a child or step-child who died in infancy.

The answers to Rev. Daves questions were kindly furnished by
Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, Church warden, Trotton
The translation of the inscription on the Camoys brass is "Pray for the soul of Thomas Camoys, and of Elizabeth his wife, who was once Lord of Camoys, baron and provident councillor of the King and Kingdom of England and zealous Knight of the Garter. He entrusted his end to Christ on the 28th day of March in the year of our Lord 1419. May God have mercy on their souls. Amen" The date which should be 1421 is perhaps an engravers error.
The figure at her knee is Richard Camoys, her husband's son by his first wife.



St. Georges medieval painted interior walls
click for close up of wall
Seven Works of Mercy
Seven Deadly Sins

Trotton Roll of Honour
St. George, photo gallery
The Font - photo
Detail of brass to Thomas, Lord Camoys, d. 1421
Detail of brass to Thomas, Lord Camoys, d. 1421
Monumental Brass Society
Tuxlith Chapel
Milland - OS: SU825283
It has been suggested that this chapel served as the
original parish church of Trotton and was replaced by
the present Trotton church early in the 14th century.


St. Mary
Chithurst Lane, Chithurst, West Sussex GU31 5EU

Revd Edward Doyle
The Vicarage, Fyning Lane, Rogate, West Sussex GU31 5EE
01730 821576

A late 11th century. church, present in 1086 [Domesday]
The Church of St.Mary, Chithurst, became the Chapelry of Trotton Parish Church on the 12th December 1956.
The church is thought to be built on a Pagan burial mound overlooking the River Rother some time before 1086 when it was included in Domesday.
The history of the church is scant. In 1291 the church was omitted from the Taxation of Pope Nicholas because of its poverty. In the 14th century Chithurst manor belonged to the de Vesseler family, held from the Husseys of Harting
There is a record of a wedding being held there in 1364, between William Elkham and Agne-ate Merssch, being "enrolled in the missal at Chithurst". But it was not until the 16th century that records appear in any detail.
Close by the church is a grand manor house, this was built around 1500s, it was most probably built by William Bettesworth who is described as a "yeman".

The chancel and nave both date from the 11th century, but it is not certain if the building is late Saxon or very early Norman. The windows date from the 14th century. The front, probably in its original position is 12th century. The pews date from the 16th century, altar rails are 17th century.
Churchyard has some interesting grave stones - some carved with double crosses, some may be 12th century.

photo gallery
Old photos of St Marys

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