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At 1.20pm on Saturday, 22 August 2015, a Hawker Hunter, historic military jet, taking part in an air show at the adjacent airport crashed into the busy A27 coast road at Shoreham in Sussex. Eleven people were killed.
The reports shown below are as they were received.
Report received: 22 August 2015, 14:10
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: / 2015
Police ask drivers to avoid A27 after air crash at Shoreham
Police are advising all drivers to avoid the A27 in the Shoreham area for the rest of today, Saturday, 22 August, after an aircraft has crashed.
At about 1.20pm the aircraft hit several cars on the A27 just to the north of Shoreham Airport, where an air display is taking place. The aircraft ended up in a bush. There have been several casualties but we have no further information on these at the moment.
The A27 has been closed in both directions and drivers are asked to avoid the area until further notice.
Further information will be released as soon as possible.
Report received: 22 August 2015 16:58
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49944 / 2015
Seven dead in Shoreham air crash
A number of people are known to have died when a historic military jet crashed into a busy main road at Shoreham in Sussex.
The Hawker Hunter was taking part in an air show at the airport adjacent to the A27 when it crashed on to the road at 1.20pm.
Emergency services have declared a major incident and a number of helicopters have been deployed to the scene to evacuate casualties.
The A27 has been closed at Lancing and to the north of Hove and is expected to remain closed for some considerable time.
South East Coast Ambulance Service has confimed that there have been seven fatalities declared at the scene, one patient with serious life-threatening injuries has been transported to Royal Sussex County Hospital and further 14 patients treated for minor injuries. The casualties are all believed to have occurred on the road at this time and there are not thought to be any injuries to anyone actually on the airfield.
West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has sent ten appliances to the scene.
The Air Accident Investigation Bureau is attending the scene and have asked anyone who has video or photographs of the plane in the time leading up to and including the crash to hold on to them and await advice as to whether they may be wanted to assist with the investigation.
Report received: 23 August 2015 10:00
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49950 / 2015
cars can now be collected from Shoreham airport
Anyone who left a car at Shoreham airport following the tragic crash at Shoreham Air Show yesterday can now go to collect their vehicle.
However, it is important to note that only cars can be collected due to a height restriction on the route away from the airport.
Vans, people carriers and similar sized vehicles cannot leave the site at this time.
In general, motorists are being asked to avoid the A27 in the Shoreham area while investigations into the crash continue.
Meanwhile a meeting room for relatives of casualties set up at Worthing Hospital has now closed.
Report received: 23 August 2015 12:50
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49951 / 2015
Recovery process starts
Investigators and specialist recovery teams have commenced the task of clearing the scene of the air crash at Shoreham.
Seven people are known to have died when a Hawker Hunter jet that had just commenced its display at the RAFA Shoreham Airshow crashed into the busy A27 trunk road between Brighton and Worthing. Police have warned that there is every possibility that other victims will be found now that the recovery process has started.
Chief Superintendent Tony Blaker, head of operations for Sussex Police, said: "Our priorities now lie with supporting those who have been affected by this desperately tragic incident. The task of recovering those who died has commenced and then there is a significant investigation to take place, jointly held by the Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch. That is likely to extend over several days. We should have a better idea of that timescale over the next 24-36 hours.
In the meantime, the road will remain shut and even at the weekend that is having an impact on traffic on local roads. Obviously, people do need to travel and will be returning to work on Monday, but I would ask that the further away you are able to divert around Shoreham, the better.
You will have undoubtedly seen a large amount of photos and video from the scene of the incident and some of those images may be of use to investigators. If you do have anything that you think may be of use, please let us know by emailing, but please do not attach the files at this time. We will get back to you if we need your evidence.
I am also aware that there are a quite a few images and videos from the scene in the aftermath of the crash that have been placed online that are extremely graphic. It is not our place to dictate what may or may not be published anywhere, but from a personal perspective, I would ask people to consider the feelings of those who have lost loved ones in this incident and indeed, who may still not have heard from them and are seeking information.
In the aftermath of the accident, we received a lot of calls from people who were worried about relatives and friends. We are working through these, but if the person you called us about has now turned up, please let us know so that we can remove them from our list."
Report received: 23 August 2015 17:40
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49952 / 2015
Air crash death toll now likely to be 11
The likely death toll in the Shoreham air crash has now risen to 11.
Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said: "We have now started the task of clearing the scene of the air crash at Shoreham. An investigation, jointly run by the Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch, has commenced with the recovery from the scene of those who have died.
This has been an enormously traumatic incident and our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by the incident, from those who have suffered bereavement to those in the local community who are deeply shocked. I would like to pay tribute to colleagues in all of the emergency services, partner agencies and the organisers whose compassion and professionalism in the most extreme of circumstances has been widely commented upon.
Sadly, as a result of our initial work at the site, which has continued overnight, and enquiries following calls to the emergency services from worried families and friends, we have now identified 11 people who we are treating as highly likely to have died in this tragedy. I am aware that this sounds rather technical, but there are processes that have to be followed even in such circumstances as these. We have specially trained officers working with all of the families involved to ensure that they receive the most up-to-date information we have. This helps families to understand what has happened to their loved ones, which is a high priority for us. A major part of that understanding will come from the investigation now under way. That said, no formal identifications have been made at this time, although I am aware that some of the victims have been made known by other sources. However, we cannot confirm the identities of any of those involved until the formal processes have been completed.
The scene of the incident is a large one, extending around 400 yards along the A27 and spilling off to the sides and just partly onto the airfield itself. We do know that no-one on the airfield attending the show was injured.
As a result of the scale of the devastation, the recovery process is necessarily complex and thorough, and the work of those undertaking it can not be understated. Removal of those who died will carry on today and is likely to continue throughout the day tomorrow. This is being undertaken by specialists from other police forces in the south-east and colleagues from the fire and rescue service.
A crane will be brought in to lift the wreckage of the Hunter jet on Monday and as we have already indicated, it is quite possible that we will discover more fatalities. At this time, the site remains a hazardous area. Colleagues from the AAIB advise us that there is still an amount of fuel remaining on the plane and the status of its ejector seat is being determined. As a result, an air exclusion zone remains in place around the scene, but I would stress that with the cordon that has been established around the crash site, there is no risk to the local community.
The pilot, who was freed from the wreckage yesterday, remains in a critical condition in the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. Others who were injured have all now been treated for their injuries.
It is quite possible that the road will remain closed for several days. Following the recovery of those who have died, the scene needs to be fully investigated, the aircraft and vehicles removed and there will have to be major repairs to the highway itself."
Report received: 24 August 2015 10:30
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: / 2015
Plane at Shoreham crash being moved this morning
Newsdesk Guidance; We anticipate that the plane involved in the crash at Shoreham will start to be moved this morning and should be removed by today following various regulatory checks.
Please be aware, if you are filming live or taking photographs, that we do not know what will be found as the plane is moved. We ask you to exercise discretion and respect in relation to anything that may be found as this happens.
As previously stated, it is not our place to dictate what may or may not be published anywhere, but from a personal perspective, we would ask people to consider the feelings of those who have lost loved ones in this incident and indeed, who may still not have heard from them and are seeking information.
The crane lifting the plane will be leaving the site and going westwards, and is expected to go to Farnborough in Hampshire for the plane to be examined by the AAIB.
Report received: 24 August 2015 11:05
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49956 / 2015
Statement from family of pilot involved in Shoreham air crash
This statement is issued at the request and on behalf of the family of Andrew Hill;
"Following the tragic events at the Shoreham Air Show on Saturday, the pilot's family are devastated and deeply saddened for the loss of life, and they send their prayers and heartfelt condolences to the families of all those affected at this difficult time.
Andrew Hill, remains in critical condition. He has multiple injuries and is in a medically induced coma. His family pay tribute to the emergency services for their highly professional response following the accident and to the medical team at the Royal Sussex County Hospital for the care they are continuing to provide to Andrew."
Report received: 24 August 2015 17:59
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49960 / 2015
No further victims found as jet is removed
As a crane lifted the wreckage of a historic fighter jet from where it crashed at Shoreham, Sussex Police have revealed that over 200 people have called in to report concerns for missing relatives or friends since the incident.
Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said: "As a result of lifting the jet, we have not discovered any evidence of further victims and our estimate of 11 highly likely victims remains in place. However, until we have fully completed the search of what is an extensive scene, I must caution that there is still the possibility that we may discover evidence of further victims, but I am not prepared to speculate on that figure."
Around 300 police officers and staff, along with support from other emergency services and partner agencies, have been working at the site and in support of the operation since the Hawker Hunter crashed.
ACC Barry continued: "We are now working on the recovery of the victims who were found at the site, which has now been discovered to extend a little further than the initial 400 yards of the A27 that was first identified.
Along with colleagues from the Air Accident Investigation Branch, we have removed the jet, which will transported to Farnborough for examination, and then we will remove all of the vehicles and other debris from the scene. After that there will a second phase of checking that we have accounted for all the victims and this will be followed by a thorough finger tip search of the area to ensure that we have recovered all of the forensic evidence. We will prioritise the search of the road and the verges so that we can hand it back to the highways authority at the earliest opportunity in order that they can get on with repairing and restoring the road.
Again I should like to pay tribute to everyone who has been affected by this horrific and tragic incident. Not least, the local community who have responded magnificently, from the taxi firm who offered free lifts to the airport to those who needed to recover cars, to Brighton and Hove Albion who have generously allowed those working at the scene use of their splendid new facilities at Lancing.
I appreciate that things will never be the same again in Shoreham, but would like to assure everyone affected by the incident that all of us working on the operation are determined that we will provide answers to the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones and work as quickly as we can to complete our investigations and reopen the road."
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49959 / 2015
Report received: 24 August 2015 18:34
Tribute to Maurice Abrahams
The family of Maurice Abrahams, 76, from Brighton, who is believed to have died in the tragic air crash in Shoreham on Saturday, has issued the following tribute:
Maurice is a well-respected and loved father and husband. He enjoyed his work chauffeuring his beloved Daimler car and he enjoyed gardening.
He was proud to have served in the Grenadier Guards and the Parachute Regiment. He served in Cyprus and Bahrain with the UN. In his thirties he served as a police officer with Hampshire Police.

Maurice Abrahams

SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49982 / 2015
Report received: 26 August 2015 18:22
Chief Constable praises community compassion
Sussex Police Chief Constable Giles York has expressed his condolences to everyone affected by the Shoreham air crash.
Placing a floral tribute near the site, he said: "First and foremost on behalf of Sussex Police I offer my sincere condolences to everyone affected by this awful, tragic incident which has had a significant impact on communities across Sussex.
It will always live in the memories of this community and some people will bear the scars for a very long

community compassion
time to come. I have visited the scene a few times and spoken to some of the 200 people there working to help identify victims and find answers for the families affected. We are working with 20 different agencies in this complex investigation. It is an incredibly challenging scene. Weather has hampered the speed at which the investigation is being carried out. There is a danger of evidence being lost and that is why we are preserving the scene for so long. We are determined that we will find answers for families who have lost their loved ones, we have 24 dedicated family liaison officers helping families and we are working in support of the coroner to allow her to carry out her inquests.
The reaction from local people has been really heart-warming. I am incredibly impressed with how the community has responded and I must pay tribute to our own staff and those of the other emergency services and agencies who have responded to what is a dreadful scene. We are aware of the groundswell of interest by the public to visit the site and show their respects. Thousands are in agreement with the idea posted on social media but due to road safety concerns and the ongoing police work it isn't feasible for the public to visit the actual site of the crash. We would encourage anyone wishing to pay their respects to visit the Shoreham Toll Bridge where tributes are already being laid. However we are working with partners and the community to identify suitable memorial events in due course.
I want to take this opportunity to thank people for their generosity. They have offered food and support and shown a huge amount of compassion.
They have also been very patient with the road diversions. We are working with Highways England and West Sussex County Council to reopen the A27 on Monday morning after three days of repair. With police searches continuing at the site for some weeks, the road will be reduced to a single lane each way, which will cause some delays. There will not be any access from the A27 to Lancing College and the airport for some time."
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49984 / 2015
Report received: 27 August 2015 10:00
Tribute to Mark Reeves
Mark Reeves - motorbiker, golfer, photographer, fund-raiser - but above all else, son, brother, husband, father and grandfather.
Mark, who was 53, died while he was combining two of his favourite hobbies having ridden his cherished Honda motorbike to Shoreham to photograph the planes at the airshow. As many times before he had travelled to an airshow and parked up on the outskirts to grab the best photos, but he had never been to the Shoreham Airshow before.
We will remember him as a gentle, loving, incredibly giving family man, husband to Wendy, father to Luke, granddad to three beautiful grand-daughters, brother to Denise and loving son of Ann and Kenneth.
With his family he moved to Seaford nine years ago, drawn by our love of the sea and for Mark in particular, love of the sun. He was a sun worshipper and an enthusiastic holidaymaker, travelling to Fuerteventura and Madeira in recent years and would often be seen relaxing with a cocktail in hand.
He worked as a CAD technician in West London and lived life to the full, parachuting and abseiling for cancer charities and also having a go at para-gliding and gliding.
He will be missed by so many, not least the doctors and staff at the Seaford medical practice where Wendy works, who, like everyone who met Mark, were touched by his generosity and overwhelmingly genuine, caring nature.

Mark Reeves
We thank everyone who has sent their love, condolences and prayers and while we appreciate that many others will be experiencing similar unspeakable grief in such tragic and public circumstances, that we now be allowed to grieve ourselves in private and in peace.
Report received: 27 August 2015 16:22
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49989 / 2015
Identification of Shoreham air crash victims
Newsdesk Guidance:
In relation to the Shoreham air crash we can confirm that some families have received the news that their loved ones have been formally identified.
Sussex Police is respecting families' wishes as to whether or not this information is released at this stage. This means victims' identities will only be confirmed publicly at this stage if their familes agree. Should they not wish to do so, formal identification will be disclosed when inquests open, the dates of which are a matter for the West Sussex Coroner.
From near outset of this investigation police have identified 11 people highly likely to have died in this incident. Whilst this figure could potentially increase, 11 remains the number we are currently working to.
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49990 / 2015
Report received: 27 August 2015 18:17
Police thank community for its support
Sussex Police wishes to express its gratitude and appreciation for all the messages of support and kind gestures given to the force following the crash.
Since the incident residents and businesses from the local community have been donating meals, cakes, and other items including heartwarming notes for officers and staff. Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said: "We'd like to thank everyone who has donated food for our staff and others working at

Shoreham over the last few days. Your support has been amazing. Today just the donations of spaghetti bolognaise alone would have been enough to feed our staff.
The amount of food we have received has been overwhelming and while we appreciate the support, we would not like to see it go to waste. Therefore we ask that if you still want to donate food please take it to one of the local food banks. I know that there are many people who want to help and these gestures really have boosted the morale of our staff. It is good to see such strong support within the local community and that everyone has pulled together for one another as well as for the emergency services."
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR49998 / 2015
Report received: 28 August 2015 16:09
Family tribute to Tony Brightwell
The family of 53-year-old Tony Brightwell from Hove, who died in the Shoreham air crash, have paid tribute to a kind, loving man.
Tony, who was a Health Care Manager for Sussex Partnership NHS and Brighton and Hove City Council, was indulging his passion of watching planes and cycling and was very excited about seeing one of the last flights of the Vulcan bomber.
He gained his private pilot licence many years ago at Shoreham and regularly went to the airfield to watch the planes take off and land there, with a view that he might take up flying again one day. He had a real admiration of Second World War pilots and the huge, terrifying responsibilities that men and women faced. He loved food and cooking - he regularly cooked Thai green curry, Spanish baked risotto and paella - and loved Indian takeaways, chicken tikka pathia being his favourite dish.
His fiancée Lara said: "He was the love of my life, my soul mate and I am devastated that our plans of a life in the sun in a few years time won't now happen. He was a kind, loving man who always helped others and just enjoyed spending time with family and friends over a bottle of red wine. I watched him cycle off into the sun on his treasured ridgeback bike to watch the air show at Shoreham for a couple of hours, but he never came home."
He leaves behind a heartbroken family - fiancée Lara, daughter Gemma, sister Judy, nephew Adam, parents Barbara and Ernie, best friend Andy and a large extended family, friends and colleagues. Forever in our hearts our darling bike warrior.

Tony Brightwell

Report received: 28 August 2015 18:12
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR50002 / 2015
Police and partners working to open A27 at Shoreham and minimise disruption
The A27 at Shoreham is being cleared to enable repairs and its partial re-opening on Monday morning following the tragic air crash.
There will be a temporary speed restriction and traffic management measures, while the search of land adjacent to the road continues.
Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said: "We appreciate the tremendous support from the community and are working with Adur and Worthing Councils and West Sussex County Council to assist people, along with businesses at the airport, to minimise the disruption."
On Monday motorists should see the eastbound carriageway fully open, with restricted access to Lancing College. On the westbound carriageway one lane will be open with barriers and screens to allow seaches to continue for some weeks. There will be a 40mph speed limit and restrictions on cyclists, horseriders and pedestrians. There will not be general access to the airport from the A27 although support is being given to local business access. The nearby footpaths are closed. I understand that people would like to go to the road to pay their respects but this is still an active search and investigation scene, and with road safety concerns and sensitive work being carried out, it is not possible. This weekend there are a number of memorial events and I would encourage people to attend these. Under no circumstances should people try to access the A27 in order to leave any flowers at the scene. We are working closely with partners who will ensure that a suitable memorial service is organised for the future.
Our priority is to support the families of the victims and provide them with answers. A week after the incident we are working hard to complete the formal identification of all 11 victims. Please can I ask you to respect their privacy at this time."
Report received: 29 August 2015 15:15
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR50004 / 2015
Eleven victims formally identified
Eleven people have now been formally identified as victims of the Shoreham air crash.
Detective Chief Inspector Carwyn Hughes, the senior identification manager, said: "We were determined to formally confirm with families as soon as we could that their loved ones were involved. We are working on their behalf and Family Liaison Officers are providing them with all the help and support they can give. We cannot discount any further victims as our search at the scene continues but we have no reason to suspect that there is anyone else.
I have informed the West Sussex Senior Coroner Penelope Schofield and the inquest will be opened at Parkside, County Hall North, Horsham, on Wednesday 2 September. We will not release the identity of any of the victims unless the family has asked us to do so. The names of all those involved will be officially released at the opening of the inquest next week."
A team of expert forensic archaeologists, anthropologists, odontologists and pathologists have helped identify the victims' remains.
All 11 victims have been formally identified but it is for the families to contact us if they want to reveal the names officially and provide a tribute and photograph. They have been asked but could choose to wait until names are formally disclosed at the inquest opening.
Report received: 30 August 2015 11:40
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR50005 / 2015
A27 at Shoreham reopens to traffic
The A27 near Shoreham is open to traffic again this morning for the first time since the Air Show tragedy last weekend.
Since 6.40am this morning two lanes have been open on the eastbound carriageway, towards Brighton, along with one lane on the westbound carriageway. The other lane of the westbound carriageway remains closed while police investigation work continues on the road verge. The westbound entry slip road at the Adur flyover, from the A283, also remains closed. There is a 40mph speed limit in place and the traffic lights at the Sussex Pad junction, which were damaged in the incident, have been removed.
The A27 remains closed to pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists, and the bus stop on the westbound carriageway cannot be used. Access to Coombes Road/Lancing College and Sussex Pad is for residents only and will be under police control.
HGV's wishing to access the airport/businesses via Old Shoreham Road must have prior agreement with the airport and police in advance.
Public access to the airport remains available via the A283 and A259 but with a max height limit 2.1m.
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR50009 / 2015
Report received: 30 August 2015 17:06
Family tribute to Mark Trussler
The family of 54-year-old Mark Trussler from Worthing, who died in the Shoreham air crash, describe him as a loving family man.
Mark, a window cleaner, had taken his motorbike for a spin to Shoreham as he wanted to see the last flight of the Vulcan.
Fiancee Giovanna Chirico said: "It was a nice day and I text him when the flight was due. He replied saying I should get the kids ready so we could take them out to lunch on his return. I said I loved him and he replied 'I love you too, forever.' I didn't hear from him again.

Mark Trussler
He was an amazing dad who had a passion for motorbikes and rugby. He would do anything for his kids and they couldn't have asked for a better dad. He loved all his family. He was happy-go-lucky and if you were down he would cheer you up. We are going to miss him terribly.
Mark was a much-loved son, dad, fiance, brother and cousin. He has six children Samantha [pictured], Kaitlin, and Luke, 12, Mia, 10, Sophia, three, and two-year-old Alicia [pictured with Giovanna]
In paying tribute to her father Samantha Hollis said: "My Dad was my best friend and the best father anyone could ask for. He would always make me laugh with his silly jokes. I will painfully miss him every day. I am very proud to be his daughter; he was loved by so many."
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR50007 / 2015
Report received: 30 August 2015 18:30
Family tribute to Richard Smith
The family of Richard Smith, who died along with his friend Dylan Archer in the Shoreham air crash, has issued a tribute.
On Saturday 22 August, Richard set out from his home in Hove to meet his friend Dylan Archer for a bike ride into the South Downs to join another friend. Tragically, they never arrived.
Richard was a lively, good humoured 26-year-old. He worked in marketing and web development at ActSmart, an independent company based in Hove, specialising in providing advice to the cycle industry. Richard grew up in Buckinghamshire before going to university in Birmingham. Our family moved to Hampshire in 2008 and Richard returned from university to work in a cycle shop in Cosham. Two years ago he moved to Hove.
His passions in life were for his family, friends and his beloved bikes. His boundless enthusiasm was infectious. He was a truly wonderful, caring and loving person. He leaves behind his partner Victoria, his parents Julie and Jonathan, and two much-loved brothers William and Edward. He will be so sorely missed by all who knew him.

Richard Smith
All our family appreciate the beautiful tributes to Richard and offers of help and support we have received from friends. Our gratitude and thanks go to Sussex Police for the sensitive and thorough way they have helped us
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR50006 / 2015
Report received: 30 August 2015 18:46
Family tribute to Dylan Archer
The family of Dylan Archer, a cyclist who died along with his friend Richard Smith at the Shoreham air crash, has issued the following tribute
On Saturday 22 August, Dylan, 42, was on a cycle ride with his friend Richard Smith on the bike that he loved and made himself. Sadly, they never returned.
Dylan was a kind and loving father, partner, brother, grandson and friend. His dry humour and generous nature will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
He grew up in the Midlands where he nurtured a lifelong passion for bikes and cars. He came to live in Brighton in 1991; he loved the area, especially the South Downs, and would have been heading for one of his favourite cycle routes, Coombes Road, and up on to the South Downs Way. Dylan was a trusted and respected IT consultant, co-founder and Director of a Brighton IT company. He leaves behind Alice, his partner of 17 years, their two sons aged 15 and 12, his sister Ruth and two-year-old niece. He was adored by them all.
The family are very touched by all the tributes, and thank everyone for their kindness and generosity.

Dylan Archer

Report received: 01 September 2015 17:23
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR50015 / 2015
Police hand over to West Sussex County Council to help the community move forward
Ten days after the Shoreham air crash, the multi-agency emergency response led by the police has now concluded and from today West Sussex County Council will help the community move on from the effects of this tragic incident
Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said: "We worked hard to complete the formal identification of all victims and we're pleased to have done that before the week anniversary vigils, where the community came together and showed its tremendous support.
All of the 11 victims have been formally identified and their families are being supported as we try to provide them with answers. We cannot fully discount any further victims as our search at the scene continues but we now feel this is unlikely. Our investigation continues and we are working the Air Accident Investigation Branch to provide a report to the coroner. We will continue to work with West Sussex County Council and other agencies to minimise disruption to the local community and assist people, along with businesses, who have been affected by these tragic events. I cannot thank the public enough for the way they have come together, we will be supporting community events being organised in memory of those who have died."
West Sussex County Council's chief operating officer Gill Steward said: "We have been working closely with Sussex Police throughout to ensure a seamless handover. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all those emergency crews and staff from all the agencies involved who demonstrated such professionalism and bravery in the wake of this appalling tragedy. It is our duty, as we take over the recovery phase, to continue to support those grieving families and the wider community as it comes to terms with such a terrible loss."
On Sunday morning, 30 August, motorists saw two lanes opened on the eastbound carriageway along with one lane on the westbound carriageway of the A27. The other lane of the westbound carriageway remains closed for the coming weeks while police investigation work continues on the road verge. The westbound entry slip road at the Adur flyover, from the A283, also remains closed. There is a 40mph speed limit in place and restrictions on cyclists and pedestrians.
SUSSEX POLICE report - Ref: PR50020 / 2015
Report received: 02 September 2015 10:32
Tribute to Graham Mallinson
The family of Graham Mallinson, who died at the Shoreham air crash while watching the airshow from the A27, has issued the following tribute
Mr Mallinson, was a 72-year-old retired engineer from Newick in East Sussex was a passionate steam railway enthusiast and brilliant photographer.
He was the kindest and most generous man, who regularly gave his time to help others. Always loyal and reliable, he was a private and loving family man with a great sense of humour. A very caring husband and father who was dearly loved, he will be very sorely missed by all his family and the wide circle of friends who had the good fortune to know him. Educated at Dulwich College, he joined Tannoy in the 1960s - moving on to hold various posts in the electronics industry until his retirement. As a highly respected engineer, he was a perfectionist in everything he did and this carried through into his private life, including photography.
He was a life member and active volunteer of the Bluebell Railway, contributing a wealth of knowledge and experience over many years. More recently he developed an interest in photographing vintage aircraft and was at Shoreham to capture one of the last flights of the Vulcan bomber.
He loved driving and covered thousands of miles throughout the UK- from the Scottish Highlands to the West Country - in his pursuit of steam. His hobby also took him overseas to South Africa as well as Ireland, Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight.
He was at the right place at the wrong time, doing what he loved best on a beautiful summer's day.
His name is James Mallinson, but he is known by his middle name Graham, and this is the name his family wish him to be known by.

Graham Mallinson

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service report - Ref: PR 7589 / 2015
Report received: 11 September 2015
Letter from Chief Fire Officer Sean Ruth
The thoughts and prayers of everyone at West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service continue to be with the families and friends of those killed and injured in the Shoreham Air Show tragedy.
The initial stages of this incident were extremely challenging for our crews. In the days and weeks since this awful event our teams have continued to operate at the crash site, working in partnership with numerous agencies, including other emergency service colleagues, the military, the AAIB and Coroner's teams. We anticipate today will be the last day of fire and rescue team work at the scene, although work will continue for many of our colleagues, and this presents us with an opportunity to thank everyone for the over-whelming support we have received.
In my 27 years of service I have never experienced such an outpouring of gratitude and respect as I have received on behalf of West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service over the last few weeks - from letters and emails, to words of thanks in the street, and from visitors at a number of our local fire stations.
We have been truly humbled and thank you for every message of support.
Sean Ruth
Chief Fire Officer and Executive Director of Communities and Public Protection

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The 11 men who died in the Shoreham air crash were:
Matt Jones
Matthew Grimstone
Jacob Schilt
Daniele Polito
Mark Trussler
Maurice Abrahams
Mark Reeves
Richard Smith
Dylan Archer
Tony Brightwell
Graham Mallinson


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