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West Sussex Music Trust at Herbert Shiner - Oct.2013
New role for Herbert Shiner - 19 Sep.2011
Herbert Shiner Pupils to relocate to Easebourne - May 2008
West Lavington School closes
School bus timetables
Ex Midhurst Teacher jailed for life - Feb.2009
Graffham & Duncton schools get award - May 2012
St. Cuthmans school - closed
Jon Barrott, Midhurst Grammar
Intermediate gets 2 temporary classrooms
  Pupils and staff of Duncton School 1890
Girls group photo, Easebourne School 1893
Boys group photo, Easebourne School 1895
Photos, pupils, Northchapel School 1920s - 30s
Midhurst Secondary Modern School 1956
Group photo, Midhurst Primary 1920s-60s
Group photo, Midhurst Grammar 1960s-70s
Group photo, Northchapel School 1966

Aug 2009
Rural primary schools are closing at the rate of one a month.
Campaigners say the problem's largely being fuelled by a lack of affordable housing -because young families are being priced out. The National Housing Federation warns if the situation continues, up to 200 more rural primaries could close by 2014.
Last year Rogate Primary was told it had to close but opposition from local residents helped save it.
Jan 2009
Midhurst Rother College - This college has now replaced - Midhurst Grammar, Midhurst Intermediate & Herbert Shiner Schools. now part of Rother College Midhurst Primary Conifers Easebourne Primary West Lavington school is now closed Northchapel Primary Stedham Primary Duncton Primary Fernhurst Primary Graffham First Petworth Primary Seaford College Rogate Primary
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  Easebourne Primary -old- school Graffham First school
January 2008
West Lavington School to close.
Formal notice has been given by the governors of West Lavington Primary School that the school will close on 23 July, 2008.
After more than 150 years the small Church of England voluntary-aided school is suffering from a lack of pupils. The number of pupils in the current year is 13, most of which are from outside West Lavington.
The governors notice states that from 1 September 2008 pupils will either transfer to another local Church of England first school, such as Midhurst or Easebourne, or another school in the area, if that is the preferred option of parents.


West Lavington School
April 11th 2008
click to enlarge West Lavington School, April 11th 2008. - - enlarge image

WEST LAVINGTON SCHOOL CLOSES - July 2008 - Midhurst & Petworth Observer
This comes as a double blow to the village after an announcement in late 2007 that the church was to be made redundant - click

Mosaic of West Lavington School
click for detailsChildren commemorate their School
With West Lavington School due to close in July 2008, staff and governors wanted to commemorate this historic event with an arts project. With the help of the Midhurst Artworks Studio, they decided on a mosaic of the school, a picturesque Victorian building.
The remaining 12 pupils at the school were given part of a picture of the school, and a 15cm wooden square with the design drawn onto it for them. They then reproduced their section of the school picture in glass and ceramic mosaic tiles, and grouted it on completion.
When the 12 squares were assembled, it created a mosaic of the whole school. Pupils were then able to take home an abstract mosaic that represented their own small piece of the school.
click here for details on the Artworks Studio


NAME No Academy in Midhurst or Easebourne
This blog is a forum for citizens with an interest in proposed changes to education in the Rother Valley.
Why not Northchapel? - Northchapel Primary School
Campaigners claim survey about opinions on Midhurst Academy was biased
Midhurst & Petworth Observer - Apr 08
Why is an Academy in Midhurst needed? Your questions answered
Is an Academy for the Rother Valley a good idea? Mark Dunn, West Sussex cabinet member for children and young people's services, responds to questions invited from Observer readers.
Midhurst & Petworth Observer - Apr 08
Man at centre of Midhurst Academy plans changes roles
Midhurst & Petworth Observer - Apr 08
Herbert Shiner Pupils to relocate to Easebourne - May 2008
Fighting Academies in Midhurst
Reunion will spell the end of local schools

A statement made by Rev. Chris Boxley..Ex Midhurst Grammar School teacher and priest at St. James, Heyshott
Re: April 2008 village newsletter, regarding academies.

"People have asked me, in the context of schools, why I am opposed to academies and in particular the one proposed for the Rother Valley. As a staunch supporter of state comprehensive education I don't want any part of the system to be privatised, which is what happens when a school is put into the hands of a sponsor.
When the school is handed over, the sponsor, for about £500,000, gains total control over buildings, governance and curriculum. The money awarded from government will be around £30 million, to build the school. Resources are procured and conditions applied that favour the academy over local authority schools, but there is no evidence that the sponsors offer anything better educationally than LA schools, in fact the curriculum is often thinned down to leave out History, Geography, Music, Art, Drama and a modern language."
Further statement by Chris Boxley as a 'NAME' spokesperson

email received 05.03.2008
Planning Rother Valley Schools for the Future

5th March 2008
Dear Residents
North Chichester County Local Committee [ CLC ] - next meeting -
Tuesday 18th March 2008, Lodsworth Village Hall.
I would like to invite you to the above meeting.
The timing and format for this differs to previous CLC meetings.
From 2pm to 5 pm there will be a 'talk with us' style event and the theme will be Planning Rother Valley Schools for the Future.
Last term the County Council consulted on the issues that need to be addressed and wanted to draw from the consultation the principles that the future organisation of schools in the Rother Valley should follow.
Last week the County Council published its proposals, based on those principles. At this talk with us event there will be several stalls where people can chat through their own individual school issues regarding extended schools, standards, capital issues, academies, transport, governance/school reorganisation process and the justification for individual options.
At 5 pm a shorter than usual formal CLC meeting will begin and run until approximately 6 pm.
Nola Hendon
County Councillor for Midhurst Division
Chairman of North Chichester County Local Committee
Any other information you feel is relevant, please e-mail.
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