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From: George Overton
26 Jan 2013
Family Memory, Petworth, 1930's

A family outing just before the outbreak of WW2 by our father who had loaned a car and we motored from our home in Wimbledon for a trip down memory lane for grandfather who was born in East Horsley.

We were a party of seven, granddad, our dad, our mum and the four of us kids. 8, 6, 5 and 2year olds.
One stop was at Petworth where we apparently had some family connections with a married couple who lived opposite the gasworks and some discussions took place about we kids being evacuated to live with them. The grown-ups decided, on returning home, that a gasworks was a prime target and an unsuitable place being within about a dozen yards from Aunty and Uncle's house. Uncle was employed at the gas-works.
I have no recollection of their names or the location of the gasworks.
I, the eldest, am now 81 and have done some family research and my two sisters are still living. Our brother, the youngest, met with a fatal accident in 1972. The Petworth connection often haunts me!
From your website I learn that a lone German bomber dropped bombs and one of them hit the boys school in September, 1942, killing 28 boys and two staff members. Two of us, the boys, could have been at the school bombed but the two girls would have perhaps been safe in the girls school.

Tanks on Station Road, Petworth
Second world war, Tanks on Station Road, Petworth

We survived the war in Wimbledon with many 'near misses' around our home - perhaps we would have survived in Petworth too!
Perhaps this is a tale you might find suitable for your Petworth history pages.
Best wishes,

George Overton

Editors Note:-
Petworth Gas Works was on Station Road.

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