St. James Churchyard, Heyshott
'Cast iron grave markers like these are quite common in Sussex
- someone must have had a good area rep'.
photo & text :- Chris Partridge - 2006 - - next gallery image - - enlarge


St. James Churchyard, Heyshott
'These cast iron grave markers have traces of the painted inscription remaining at the bottom. All you can read is 'Death'.
photo & text :- Chris Partridge - 2006 - - next gallery image

You are in the churchyard of St. James church - at - Heyshott, West Sussex - page ref 6_1
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Opticians and undertakers in West Sussex,England on the south downs way using maps in caravans on churchyards at graves. Photographs of headstones and memorials when camping with cameras. Photography of hotels and pubs when gardening after church near the rubbish skips. Riding and shooting from a horse in the gardens when fishing with angling equipment when using a mobile phone called blackberry on bonfire night with fireworks.