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Barry Slemmings
Native east Londoner living near Romford. Keen photographer since age of 16. His photographs represent a wide spectrum of personal interests varying from pictures of historic places to images from human rights campaigns in London during the late 1990s.
He has old family connections with Tillington and Upwaltham, many of his photos taken on visits have been donated by him and are shown online..see below.
He has a passion for photographing old churches, castles, sunsets and anything British either rural or urban....... read more
Selection of credited Photos & text
Tillington church..........Tillington Post Office
Tillington gallery..........Tillington War Memorial

Eddie Howland
Eddie Howland
A retained Fire Service photographer attending fire and rescue incidents recording the situation in photographs and video for use by both the service and local and national media to support news releases.
His material has been used in BBC TV's 'REAL RESCUES', BBC, MERIDIAN & ITN NEWS as well as photographs in local and national Newspapers and magazines.
His journalistic photography has resulted in a number of Fire and Rescue Service photos which he has kindly donated to the site.
examples of credited Photos & text
Hurstpierpoint fire, 25 May 09
Cuckfield Lightening strike, 25 May 09
Visit his website


Chris M. Partridge
Currently, [2006] he writes for the Independent, the Observer, The Times special reports, The London Magazine and Bridal Buyer, the magazine for wedding shop owners.
In the past he went freelance to write for the national newspapers at a time when technology was changing almost weekly, and all the papers had technology supplements. He edited the technology page on the Sunday Times for a year, and then the Daily Telegraphs page for eight months. Meanwhile, He was doing night shifts on the news desk of The Times and writing for their employment pages and special reports.
Property became his major interest, at first on the Daily Telegraph and the London Magazine.
He is a regular visitor to this area, photographing what tends to be the unusual and has generously contributed a number of his photos to the site.
Selection of credited Photos & text
Cocking church..........Cocking graveyard
Heyshott - Cast Iron gravemarkers
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M Eyre
aka Basher Eyre
Primary school teacher
"The world's Number One Groundhopping Fan"
Basher Eyre has become a major contributor to the Gravelroots site
with well over 300 photos contributed by 2012.
Describing himself as the world's Number One Groundhopping Fan
he also provides much information & knowledgeable snippets
along with the multitude of area photos he constantly produces.
Visit his webpage


Colin Smith
Geospatial Analyst
Currently, he works for the Ministry of Defence, helping to gather together worldwide data and maps in order to make new data and maps.
He is a geographer by profession and, since graduating in geography at Aberdeen University, has worked in map research and analysis for MOD for 35 years now. Map production has changed a lot in the source material that is used, and in the way maps are made, in that time! He is now an Information Manager in his organization, helping to promote best practices in "e-business".
He lives near this area and is a regular day tripper, following up interests in reading travel books, "snapping" and walking. He enjoys photographing "geographic" scenes, town and country, and has generously contributed a number of his photos to the site.
Colin contributed many photos to the site, which are constantly improving, with numerous snippets, observations and information.


Visit his website - no longer online

Michael Lynch
Pictures from his corner of the how he describes his photographs.
Cycling and walking the Downs and other areas of the Rother Valley he carefully spies photographic opportunities.
Not using a digital camera, his photographs are taken with his collection of second hand film cameras. He gets the negatives developed at Peak Imaging, thereafter he scans them and usually makes some adjustments in Photoshop. This gives even more 'mood' to his work, varying from the 'romantic to the slightly spooky'.
Although not a professional photographer he does sell the odd print here and there to try to recover some of his costs.
He has contributed a number of his photos, spread throughout the site, the bulk of which can be found in the Rother Valley Trail

Including our 'in house' photographers and a large contingent of local & UK contributors, we have many contributors, ranging from as far afield as France, Holland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA
As of 1st October 2013
This combined site is composed of over 16,630 pages and contains over 28,350 images.

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