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    Anthony Salvin - 1799 - 1881
Born at Sunderland Bridge, County Durham, England on 17 October 1799
Built Hawksfold as his own residence
Died at Hawksfold, Fernhurst, Sussex, England on 17 December 1881
Buried at Fernhurst, West Sussex
A famous architect known for Tudor style architecture and the restoration of castles, country houses and churches. He was also responsible for many new houses and churches
Eliza Anne, Emmeline, Anthony and Osbert
    Marriage of Sybil Salvin
Daughter of Osbert - July 1893
They are pictured at the entrance to Hawksfold, the Salvin family's home at Fernhurst, built by the bride's grandfather, the architect Anthony Salvin.
At the back, left to right, are Osbert and Caroline Salvin, Bishop John Gott and his wife Harriet, and Isabella and Edmund Calverley.
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  photo - Peter Jackson   Hawksfold
Hawksfold, Vann Road, Fernhurst.
Built in 1878-9 by Anthony Salvin as his own residence, now divided into a number of properties.*
Photo left - Peter Jackson, July 2005
some local works -
Restoration 1859 of St Margaret's Church
Remodelled rooms 1869 - 72 in Petworth House.
Built Verdley Place, Fernhurst, 187375
Rebuilt St Michael's Church, Northchapel 1877.

  Ref 276  
postcard to Vera Carter
Hawksfold, Fernhurst
Ref- 276
posted Hadlow, Kent - 30 September 1907
from Mrs Phyllis Dickinson
..Hasn't the weather been nice....I expect your mothers have gathered a lot of Blackberries...
email from Sara Dickinson
16 December 2016
Reference photo 276 - Hawksfold, Fernhurst
I was very interested to see a photo of this postcard. It was sent by my grandmother, Phyllis Dickinson to D & Vera, who I think were staff members, or children of staff members at Hawksfold. The postcard she sent would have been while she was away on away on a trip to Kent.
My grandparents owned and lived at Hawksfold in the early 1900's and had 6 children, one of who was my father.
My grandfather died at a relatively young age and Phyllis continued to live there and brought up her children at Hawksfold.
I have heard many lovely [and funny] stories of their life there. They had 4 dogs which I believe are still buried in the grounds with headstones. The house was always full of life and during the war soldiers were billeted there.
Sadly her 2 youngest sons, Robert and Oliver were killed in action within a few days of one another.
Phyllis [or Ga as she was known to our generation] was a benefactor for Fernhurst, according to Parish records.
My sister and I visited about 10 years ago and were very kindly shown around by one of the owners of the several maisonettes/flats* that make up Hawksfold.
I hope you find this of some interest.
Kind regards
Sara Dickinson

email 2 - 7 January 2017
Phyllis and William's children were in order of age William, Phyllis, Lavender, John [my father], Robert and Oliver.
I believe that both Oliver and Robert are named on the War Memorial in Fernhurst.
We also have a family plot in the churchyard in Fernhurst. Unfortunately it is in a bad state of repair as the man who used to maintain it for us has sadly died [a Mr Larby]. It is still used for ashes of more recent family members to be buried there. Phyllis and Lavender are there.
Even though we are scattered around the world now and the Dickinson numbers are diminishing fast, we hold Hawksfold in great affection as we have heard so many stories and have so many pictures of happy family times there.
Robert [known as 'Bobs'] was a Pilot Officer in the RAF and Oliver was a RN Able Seaman attached to the ship Sulaco.
Warm regards


updated information
portions of emails from Helen, 18 April 2011 - resident at Hawksfold
pointing out additions and corrections to the above article on Hawksfold.
The 'English Heritage' information associated with this article states -
"The north or entrance front has a half-hipped projection at the west end, a central gable, partly jettied on a heavy wooden pillar bearing Salvin's initials......" [above photo]
According to the book about Salvin, by Jill Allibone - and also it looks like it when you inspect the pillar - the initials carved on the pillar are of Salvins four children ....Eliza Anne, Emmeline, Anthony and Osbert
Also, according to Jill Allibone's book, Hawksfold was completed in 1865.
Also Hawksfold is not divided into 6 flats- the actual house is divided into 3 houses now, the adjoining laundry building is occupied by another family too, but maximum 4 properties.
Info referring to 'flats' must have come from a 1950 conveyance which says "as at 1.7.1948 was a single private dwelling house converted into six flats"- would love to know why that was said. It was a single private dwelling house in 1945 and again in 1950 so seems a very strange statement.
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