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Midhurst Weather Station Online
courtesy of- Chris Peka of Easebourne.

This an archived article
How it started
Ever since summer 2005 he had been interested in getting his very own weather station - not for any specific reason, he just had an interest in the weather, and computers. When he put the two together - he came up with this idea, his own weather station with his own code for processing the data collected. The weather station equipment was brought mid-december 2005.
Everything you need to know about whats happening with the weather is there. Minimum and maximum temperatures, sunlight details, wind direction and speeds etc.
If you work or play outdoors this is a very handy site.
more on Chris Peka

click Mary M. Viggers
We have been 'lucky' enough to obtain the use of a collection of illustrations by Mary Viggers, most of which are in hard copy. Over 180 of them are of Sussex, inclusive of many of Midhurst and surrounds, drawn approximately between 1917 and 1919.
Amongst these are illustrations drawn for a 1920 edition of 'South Downs - End to End' a version of which we have been licensed to use. For articles written circa 1918-19 of Midhurst, Petworth, Byworth, Graffham, Cocking area covered by 'Gravelroots Midhurst'
click here - for The Rother valley 1920
        Cowdray 1920 - illustration by Mary Viggers circa 1918

Email from Richard Day
WANTED - Midhurst Postcard of around 1970
Does anyone have, or know of, a postcard with a picture of Midhurst North Street? The photograph was taken around 1970 and shows people shopping, walking along the pavement, and generally going about their business. I have searched for this postcard which I know exists, but thus far with no luck. I would be more than happy to pay a reasonable sum for it [assuming good condition] as it holds sentimental value for me.
Contact Richard Day at
more messages here
St Anns
Look around St. Anns, Midhurst


Detour Records Mod-Punk-Ska-Soul. Vinyl and CD

The Midhurst Detours Scooter Club was born in 1980, fronted by a 17 year old David 'Dizzy' Holmes, the club at this stage centred around local Midhurst kids and was mainly made up of Mods.
Named after the pre-Who band the 'Detours', the original members were:
David 'Dizzy' Holmes; Silvio Bukbardis; David Spandley; Keith Puttock; Paul Etherington; Mark Etherington; Karl 'Woody' Woodman; Richard 'Riddle' Cook; Phil 'Cookie' Cook; Chris Strudwick; John Strudwick; Steve Carver; David 'Baxter' Baker and later Mark Turner and Duaine Jackson
Some had scooters, some were still at school but this group of lads attracted attention and it wasn't long before a few girls began to tag along-
Tania Harper; Nicola Funnell; Alison Diamond; Paula Woodman; Caroline Standing; Debbie Shimbart; Claire Merloss; Tracy Woodman; Sharon Groves; to name but a few
In the Beginning...
In fact, the whole Detour thing started literally by accident. The founder, David 'Dizzy' Holmes has been a record collector since the age of about 14. An avid scooter rider by the time he was 17 and the founder member and Number one of the Midhurst Detour Scooter Club. The Scooter Club became one of the biggest in the South of England with over 30 members during it's hey day. In 1984 his life was to take a massive turnaround. On his way to the last national Scooter Rally of the year in Skegness, torrential driving rain ran freely from the fields adjacent to the motorway causing a flood...he was the first to hit the water, aquaplaned...and collided with the crash barrier. He left Odstock Hospital 18 months later with a broken back and bound to a wheelchair...So what do you do in a situation like that? You don't just think "Oh I think I'll start a record company" do you?

click here for the full story and how Detour Records began...

All above images and text © Detour Records, Midhurst.

click for website The Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust, based in Midhurst, is a 'not for profit' organisation
They are not a dogs home or a shelter and operate entirely on a voluntary basis funded by donations and adoption fees.
Bulldog Rescue is registered with the Kennel Club and is the only official breed rescue for bulldogs in the UK

South Harting parking fees.......April 2006
In South Harting parking charges have come into force at the National Trust-owned Harting Down car park. Unless they are members of the trust, visitors will have to pay a set £2 fee to park. This charge covers a whole day. After protests from people living in or close to Harting, they are to be exempt from the charges under a scheme to issue them with passes.
There are already charges at other National Trust car parks & beauty spots, including the northern entrance to Petworth Park. Volunteers and NT members are exempt from parking fees.

The Grange to go...?.....April 2006
District councillors have asked for an investigation into demolishing the existing Grange Centre and building a replacement.Chichester's executive board gave the go-ahead for the new-build option to be looked at in detail after hearing that the Grange Community Association, was facing financial problems. The Association has run the centre since it opened 27 years ago. Any capital reserves available would only mean that the association could continue at the most for another 2 years. The building, which is on district council-owned land, would be closed and the trust would be dissolved.
see Anger over Petworth cash diversion
see Grange Centre

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