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Queen Elizabeth Oak
Cowdray Park
photo:- Jeroen Philippona, The Netherlands

Queen Elizabeth I [Queen Bess] sheltered under this tree on a visit to Midhurst in 1591 on the Cowdray Estate at Easebourne, north of Midhurst. The major trees in this area have remained virtually untouched since 1532 when the first 600 acres of Cowdray Park were impaled.
It is estimated that its age is from 800 to 1000 years old. With a girth of 41 feet it has over time been hollowed out and can accomodate several people.

There is also a Giant Sweet Chesnut with a girth of 38 feet just to the north of this, plus many other ancient trees. Although there is a footpath close by very few people walk it, in fact very few seem to know it exists.

Jeroen Philippona, a frequent visitor, and donator to Gravelroots, from The Netherlands to this area says:-
A really ancient veteran is the Queen Elizabeth Oak, a very hollow pollard Sessile Oak [Quercus petraea], in Cowdray Park, near Midhurst. It is the biggest of about 10 old pollard Sessile Oaks in the park. With a girth of 12.53 m / 41 feet, [12.8 m / 42 feet at 1.3m], it is among the 5 biggest oaks in Britain, probably as well among the oldest. It is thought it could be well over 800 years old. It got is name when, it is said that, Queen Elizabeth I visited the tree in 1591.
This oak is designated in June 2002 as one of fifty Great British Trees in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II because of its place in the national heritage.
The tree can be found in a field east of Oaters Wood- walk to the north from the lay-by at the Benbow Pond along the A272 2km east of Easebourne. The tree is just north of a lily-pond there.

Jeroen is returning April 2007 and we look forward to a follow up....

photo- Jeroen Pater

photo:- Jeroen Pater
click for larger image




Left is another photo of the Queen Elizabeth Oak from Jeroen Pater, again visiting from the Netherlands.






Close by off the A272 on the Moor farm road is a further ancient tree, a giant Sweet Chestnut.
photo courtesy of Jeroen Pater
click image for larger photo
see his website below for more photos. [this now appears offline]

Monumental Trees

tree plaque
Commemorative plaque for the Elizabeth Oak - SU9122 - Photo by Shazz - 24 Oct. 2008
Beyond the tree Stewards Pond can be seen - Photo by Shazz - 24 Oct. 2008
Elizabeth Oak - photo by Pam Fray - 17 September, 2008
Just imagine what these old trees have seen through the ages and the secrets they could share.
Queen Elizabeth Oak shown on postcard dated 1898 - click to enlarge
- Old photos of easebourne
The Tree Council
Queen Elizabeth I Oak, Cowdray Park, Midhurst, West Sussex - Cowdray Estates
Queen Elizabeth I is said to have visited this massive tree and been amazed at its size and girth.
Now 1,000 years old, this sessile oak has a girth of 12.5 metres and is one of the largest trees in Britain.
Although its centre is hollow the tree continues to thrive close to a footpath.
close by- Benbow - South Ambersham - Lodsworth - Easebourne


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