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5 April 2016
eMail from Darren Stiles of Trotton
Part transcription below.

Hello Gravelroots,
One of my neighbours, Maureen Witherwick [aka Maureen Duke] of Trotton, has allowed me to scan in some old photographs and we wondered whether they might be of interest to you especially as you have a watercolour of Terwick Mill on your Trotton pages.
Maureen's late husband was Alf Witherwick, quite a local character. One photo dated July 1965 shows Alf carrying a sack from Terwick Mill, Trotton, and the man behind him is, Maureen tells me, Ted Ayling, who owned the mill with his brother. This was the last sack of corn to be milled there, and came from the farm at Ingrams Green where Alf had worked.
Another shot is a cutting from the West Sussex Gazette in 1966 reporting the mill's closure.
A copy of the picture of Alf hangs in the Keepers Arms [now closed] where Alf used to hold court......
Ted became the first traffic warden at Midhurst and a certificate of appreciation from the town council on his retirement used to hang behind the counter of Midhurst nick. I wonder whether it is still there?
There are a number of shots of the Mill, inside and out, although some are quite dark. The exterior 'gable end' shot is instantly recognisable although the area around it has been developed somewhat!
There are also four photos of the procession in the Midhurst Carnival, early 1970s. Alf is the man with curly black hair riding pillion on the tractor.
The 'save the children' lifeboat float was a Trotton entry and won first prize. It was designed and built by Rosemary Towler and Maureen on Alf's farm trailer.

In the stern of the boat the tall boy is Alf's son Steve and the little girl in the Welsh lady hat is his daughter, Sara. These are Maureen's stepchildren.
In one photo there are two ladies walking on the footway. The lady to the left is Shirley Budd who was for many years the clerk to Trotton Parish Council and who later became the housekeeper at the Malthouse in Chithurst.
To the right is Rosemary Towler who after a career in the theatre retired to Trotton moving to Midhurst when she became a successful designer and calligrapher.
Alf's first wife was Poppy Witherwick, nee Stevens, and her father [and later her late brother and now her nephews] ran Trotton Gate Garage.
Kind regards, and keep up the good work!
Darren 'Nobby' Stiles
Trotton Parish Council website administrator.

31 December 2016
Trotton woman named in New Year's honours list
An expert bookbinder from Trotton will be awarded a British Empire Medal after she was named in the New Year's honours list 2017.
Maureen Duke, 88, has been teaching the specialised art of bookbinding for most of her adult life and has introduced new tools and materials to the art as well as pioneering new techniques, which are used around the world.
One of the most well respected bookbinders in the world, she will receive the medal for her services to the craft.
Trained by William Matthews at Guildford School of Art in 1946, Mrs Duke worked as a professional bookbinder until 1978 when she returned to Guildford as a teacher. There she established the two-year diploma course, which she led until her retirement in 1993. After retiring she travelled the world training, demonstrating and lecturing in Australia, New Zealand, USA, South America and Europe.
An early member of the Society of Bookbinders, she has served as its president as well as both a regional and national chairman. She has also been elected as an Honorary Fellow of the society and is well known to those dedicated to the craft.
Full article here

Maureen Duke 2016


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