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The Rother Valley
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Robinson Family
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Charles & Polly Attfield
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Charles and Pollie [Mary] Attfield, nee Robinson, standing outside 'East View' cottage in Heyshott

Their 1913 London wedding

Charles, Polly & The Attfields
Emily Attfield, nee Robinson, 1834-1926, married Tom Attfield and they lived in the 'New Cottages' in Heyshott Green. Tom worked on the railway.
In 1913 their son Charles Attfield married his first cousin, Mary [Pollie] Robinson, also from Heyshott, who then moved into 'East View' cottage opposite the church and lived there for the rest of their married lives.
Charlie Attfield also worked on the railway and was a 'ganger' on the Petersfield to Midhurst railway line. One of the cards states "it was very sloshy for him walking up and down to Selham ".
Pollie's father was Charles Robinson.
As a boy, Carol Twites father remembers staying with his Aunt Pollie at East View, visiting the privy in the backgarden, Pollie cooking on an ED stove and hearing nightingales in the village. 'East view' cottage had the pump outside and was formerly one of the 'Blackhorse cottages'.
Pollie died in 1941. Charles lived a further 19 years and died 25 Jan 1960 aged 90. He remarried after the death of Pollie. Aged 63 Charles met Henrietta Sanger who was a maid working at a house in Hoyle where Charlie worked as a gardener after retiring from the railway. He married her and it was said they moved along to the end of the three cottages. Their headstone in Heyshott churchyard, opposite the cottage, can be viewed here
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Read Post cards from East View
Robinson - Attfield wedding 1913
click to enlarge Charlies death 1969
East View

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