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Robinson Family
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The ROBINSON Family - Heyshott & Midhurst
The bulk of this research is courtesy of Carol Twite, nee Robinson, of Petworth

George Robinson
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George Robinson

George was born and bred in Heyshott. His aunt was Sarah Robinson married to Henry Pope. He was referred to in the Cobden letter of reference as one of the parents of Charles.
He died on 6th August 1891 aged 81. His wife Maria died in 1856 aged 44 years. Their daughter, Alice, died in 1878 aged 26.
All are buried in St. James churchyard, Heyshott
George is mentioned in the 1867 Post Office Directory


Robinson Family Index
George Robinson 1811 - 1891
- ditto - headstone - incl...Maria and Alice - see left
Cobdens letter of reference to Charles Robinson, Aug. 1864
A pioneer member of the Robinsons was James, born 1831 who lived with his parents in 'Heather View' in the 1841 and 51 census. He was apprenticed to a carpenter William Mercer in 1849. He married another family member and emigrated to NZ in 1873. He took with him his apprenticeship paper written on parchment. A few years ago Carol Twite visited Christchurch NZ for a visit. There it was, in the archives in Christchurch.

Emily Attfield

Emily Attfield
nee Robinson
1834 - 1926

Emily Robinson married Tom Attfield and they lived in 'the New Cottages' on Heyshott Green. Tom worked on the railway. Their son Charles Attfield married his first cousin Mary [Pollie] Attfield and they went to live in 'East View' opposite the church, one of the former Blackhorse cottages.

Ellen Dillon
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Ellen Dillon
nee Robinson

Ellen married Charles Dillon. He was a miller working at Bex Mill. Later they moved away to Northamptonshire.

George Robinson

George Robinson
1837 - 1914

Born and grew up in Heyshott, apprenticed as a Blacksmith then went to Midhurst working as a Coachsmith. He remained in Midhurst and lived there the rest of his life.
His daughter Hannah married Arthur Glazier who was the proprietor of the temperance hotel in the 1901 and 1911 census, running a sweet shop and hiring out boats on the Wharf and Rother.
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Charles Robinson
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Charles Robinson

Born in Heyshott, son of George. Apprenticed as a Baker in Midhurst. Completing this he went off to London to seek his fortune. As a young lad he worked for Richard Cobden who wrote him a reference to take with him. Lived all his working life in London until widowed. Then he spent his last years back in Heyshott with his daughter Pollie who lived in 'East View', opposite the church.
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Charles Robinson
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Charles and Pollie Attfield
nee Robinson

Charles and Pollie [Mary] Attfield, nee Robinson, standing outside 'East View' cottage in Heyshott
Following their wedding in 1913 [shown below] they moved to 'East View' cottage and remained there for the rest of their lives.
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Charles Robinson
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Martha Robinson
nee Stevens
1846 - 1928

Martha was the wife of Charles Robinson and Carol Twites great grandmother.
Born Lodsworth 1846.
Seen here holding her eldest child, Sarah Jane Robinson.
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Robinson Family wedding
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Robinson Family Wedding - London 1913 - click image for information

The Old Surgery, Midhurst

John Robinson
1824 - 1891

John Robinson was a younger brother of George. In 1830, at the age of six, he went to live at 'The Old Surgery' in Midhurst to stay with his aunt who was married to Dr Joseph Hicks. The childless couple brought John up as their own son. He was educated at the Grammar school and carried on the medical profession in his uncles footsteps, living there until he died in 1891.
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