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Charles Robinson
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Charles Robinson

Born in Heyshott in 1843, son of George & Maria Robinson.
In his teens he apprenticed as a Baker in Midhurst. Completing this he went off to London to seek his fortune.
As a young lad he had worked for Richard Cobden and in Charles' 21st year, Cobden wrote him a 'letter of reference' to take with him.
He married Martha, nee Stevens, from Lodsworth. She is seen in the photo holding their eldest child, Sarah Jane.
He lived the rest of his working life in London until he was widowed in 1928. Then he spent his last years back in Heyshott with his daughter Pollie who lived in 'East View' cottage, opposite St. James church.
He died on 28 July 1930 at around 3.30pm..aged 88 and is buried in St. James churchyard..see obituary below

Martha 1846 - 1928, with eldest child, Sarah Jane
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Charles Robinson obituary

Charles Robinsons Obituary
Richard Cobdens letter of reference 1864
 - click to enlargeIt is with regret that we record the passing of Mr Charles Robinson, whereas Heyshott loses yet another of its few remaining links with the days of Richard Cobden. A man of wonderful constitution and amazing energy, Mr Robinson retained to the very last an interest in the days past, and was never so happy as when relating anecdotes of the village life of his boyhood to the present generation.
He was present at the fete held recently at Dunford House and when visiting his old masters home was always prone to point out the original postbag - now on exhibition at Dunford House - in which he used to fetch Richard Cobdens mail from Midhurst, amongst his most treasured possessions was a character certificate in Richard Cobdens own hand, given to him in his 21st year
Although in his 88th year, his vitality was astounding, so much that his sudden passing on July 28th came as a great shock to those with whom he was in daily contact. To within a few minutes of his death he
Charles' Indenture as a Bakers apprentice 1860 - click to enlarge appeared to be in his usual health and held friendly discourse with his neighbours, but at 3.30pm on the day mentioned, he came indoors and reclining on a couch, expired almost immediately.
The internment on Friday afternoon took place at Heyshott churchyard, when he was laid beside his life partner in fulfilment of his dearest wishes, at rest at last, in his own loved village. The Rev. E.W. Fitz-Simon - rector of Heyshott - officiated.
The family mourners were Mr and Mrs W J Chapman, of Hollington - son in law and daughter, Mr and Mrs C Atfield of Heyshott - son in law and daughter, Mr and Mrs A C Robinson, of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire - son and daughter in law, Mr W G Robinson of Abadorn, Persian Gulf - son, Mr F A Robinson and Master John Robinson - grandsons.
In addition to wreaths from the family, floral tributes were received from Mr and Mrs Unwin-Fisher and many relatives and friends in the village and neighbourhood.
The family desire to express their sincere appreciation of the many floral tributes sent in affectionate memory of an old friend and gratefully to acknowledge the sympathetic messages of condolences which they have received alike from relatives and friends far and near.

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