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map of Midhurst to Petersfield route via Elsted & Rogate
former LSWR station at Midhurst
The former LSWR station at Midhurst Looking towards the ex LB&SCR station.
The platform canopy has been removed.

Elsted station
Elsted station looking towards Petersfield. Identical to Rogate station, see below.
old photo of Rogate and Harting Station looking towards Petersfield
click image to enlarge
Rogate and Harting Station - - click to enlarge
click image to enlarge
Rogate and Harting Station, looking towards Petersfield - - click to enlarge

in and around the
1864 - 1955

Authorised in 1860 this was the first railway connection to reach Midhurst. Built by the LSWR, [London & South Western Railway] it ran from Petersfield in Hampshire to Midhurst in West Sussex, with stations at Rogate and Elsted, opening 1st September 1864 and closing to passengers and freight on 5th February 1955.
When, a few years later, a second line, built by the LB&SCR from Pulborough and Petworth, arrived in Midhurst both rival companies had separate stations.
The LSWR Petersfield line had its station at what is now the entrance to the wedglen Industrial Estate. The station building still exists as offices, on the left when entering the estate. There are also 2 railway cottages still surviving.
Passengers between the 2 lines had to cross a footbridge which went over Bepton Road and walk the good half mile distance separating the 2 stations. Moving wagons between them was achieved by either fly shunting or, often, by horsepower.
In 1925, after the companies were grouped under the banner of Southern Railways, this station was closed, leaving only the ex London Brighton & South Coast Railway station, near what is now the Fairway, to handle all the traffic.
Travelling towards Petersfield the first station was Elsted. Today the station grounds are used as an Industrial estate and still bear the name. The railway hotel built to serve the station still exists as The Elsted Inn plus there is the road bridge that would have crossed the line.
The next station prior to Petersfield was Rogate. Officially called Rogate & Harting Station, it sat between the two at Nyewood. Today, other than the bridge over the line, little exists of the station, which became part of a factory complex, other than a distinctly obvious bay window, (see photo, left, down) which I am told was the Ladies Waiting Room. The hotel built to serve the station is no longer there.
The Petersfield line began with 5 trains up and down on weekdays, and 3 on Sundays. This service was later increased, although the Sunday trains between Pulborough and Petersfield were withdrawn in 1951. From 1919 to 1924, 2 of the 3 Sunday trains on the branch ran through, and to, Portsmouth and Southsea.
In 1955 a decision was made not only to close to passengers but also to freight and on the 5th February the last train left Petersfield for Midhurst.
Film of line including 5 Feb 1955
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Rogate / Harting Station, 5 February 1955, last train

LSWR Station & Depot, Midhurst

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