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Archive page 4v - archived incidents June 2008 to December 2008
Fire at Recycling centre
9th June 2008
Location: Household Recycling Centre, Crawley
This accidental fire put this centre out of action for many months
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Burger Van destroyed
Monday 14th July 2008
Time 10:29-11:28
Incident: Fire - 1 burger van severely damaged by fire - 2 cylinders cooled using 1HR - 3HRS, 1 TIC and assistance from water carrier unit - 1 lane of A27 east bound closed by police
WrL Littlehampton, BASU Chichester, WrL Worthing, WrC Littlehampton
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Burgess Hill night club destroyed in fire
15th July 2008
Time 01:56 -
report at 10:56 am
Over 100 firefighters from West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey in attendance at the Martlets shopping complex at Burgess Hill where a fire has caused major damage to Redd nightclub. The fire was originally reported as being at ‘Pulse’ a bar & restaurant on the ground floor. Redd is a lapdancing club that has only been open a few weeks and is situated on the first floor. The club is mostly destroyed, there is also water damage to Pulse and a further shop below.
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The fire is under control and almost out, but due to the collapse of the roof into the 1st floor, it has proved difficult to extinguish the deep seated burning. The fire service will be in attendance for most of the day but hope the scale of operations and disruptions to the public will be scaled down as the day progresses.
The club was closed at the time the fire broke out, shortly before 2am and there are no reports of any injuries to either the public or fire fighters.
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Former Horsham School destroyed by fire
Friday 18th July 2008
Time 23:15 - -
Crews from Horsham Fire Station, which is also situated in Hurst Rd, arrived quickly to find smoke pouring from the building and flames showing on the first floor. The building consists of two storeys and a basement, with extra rooms in the attic.
The Incident Commander sent an assistance message 'make pumps six' and also requested the attendance of an Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP) to tackle the fire from above the roof.
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As the crews were about to pitch a ladder to a first floor window, the smoke from the window started 'pulsing' - a warning to trained firefighters of a possible backdraught. They were ordered to stand back and a few seconds later the window blew out, scattering glass below. The fire then spread rapidly to the roof and after determining that no-one was inside the decision was made to fight the fire externally.
Pumps were increased to eight as ALP operators wearing breathing apparatus worked from height to contain the fire with water from the ALP monitor. Three further jets were used to tackle the fire from ground level.
Crews remained at the scene overnight but the operation was scaled down after 3am.
An estimated 95% of the 1st floor and roof has been damaged and an inspection with a Building Control Officer will take place to assess the structural stability of the building. The cause of the blaze is unknown.
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House Fire, Muddleswood
22nd August 2008
Time 23:58 -
West Sussex Firefighters have praised the swift actions of a neighbour who rescued a woman from her burning property last night.
Fire & Rescue Service Command & Mobilising Centre received a call to a terraced property in Newtimber, Muddleswood at just before midnight.
The neighbour of the property involved in the fire quickly made a 999 call and stated that he could see the occupier inside the building. He then entered the building and
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successfully rescued her.
Fire crews quickly arrived on the scene and were faced with a severe and well developed fire involving the roof and first floor. Firefighters were informed that further persons may have been in the property, however a search of the building confirmed that no further persons were missing.
Approximately 40 firefighters from both East and West Sussex, tackled the fire which was brought under control within an hour. The property measuring approximately 22 x 12 metres, suffered 25% fire damage and 25% heat and smoke damage.
The cause of the fire is currently under investigation and crews are expected to remain on the scene for some considerable time, damping down and cutting away. Firefighters used 16 breathing apparatus, 4 jets and 4 hose reels to extinguish the blaze.
Crews attended from: Henfield, Worthing, Steyning, Shoreham, Partridge Green, Keymer and Burgess Hill.
Two fire engines and an aerial ladder platform from Brighton and Hove (East Sussex) also attended the scene.
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Haven RTC
Thursday 4th September 2008
Time 10:43-11:42
Incident: RTC involving 1 car - 1 adult male released from vehicle by WSFRS - treated by ambulance crews - vehicle and roadway made safe
WrL Horsham
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Horsham RTC
Wednesday 5th September 2008
Call Ref: 11775 Time: 23:01-23:55
Incident: RTC - 1 car - male driver believed to be in his 20s' extricated by F&RS using hydraulic rescue equipment - taken to hospital by SECAmb - scene made safe by F&RS
WrLx2 Horsham, HRT Horsham
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Tractor and trailer overturned
Tuesday 9th September 2008
Time 08:18 - 10:05
Incident: RTC - tractor and trailer overturned - no persons trapped - Police in attendance - area cordoned off - contents of trailer (cabbages) removed before recovery of the trailer
WrL Chichester
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Fire in Nursery
Friday 19th September 2008
Time 10:11-11:13
Incident: Fire - smoke issuing - all children at the Stepping Stones nursery safely evacuated - single story temporary building used as a classroom - fire in 15% of roof area - remainder of building smoke damaged - 8BA, 2HR, TIC used for searching for hot areas - affected areas dampened down and cut away - accidental
WrLx2 Bognor, WrLx2 Chichester, WrL Littlehampton, BASU Chichester, WrL Shoreham
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Large car park Fire
Monday 13th October 2008
Time 02:29-05:19
Incident: Fire - 19 cars severely damaged by fire - 6BA, 1HR, foam spread using fog nozzle
WrLx3 Crawley, OSU Horley, WrL Horley, Water Carrier Burgess Hill, BASU Horsham
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RTC Bury Hill
Friday 17th October 2008
Call Ref: 10725
Time 12:07-13:37
Location: BURY HILL A29
Incident: RTC - 1 car off road into trees - 2 persons trapped - 1 person released by SECAmb before the arrival of F&RS and taken to hospital by ambulance - 2nd male casualty released by F&RS using hydraulic rescue equipment - doctor in attendance - taken to hospital by helicopter
WrL Storrington, WrL Littlehampton, HRT Worthing, Air Ambulance
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Police statement:
The Sussex Road Policing Unit is appealing for witnesses to a serious road traffic collision on the A29 at Bury Hill Friday, October 17th. The incident took place just after midday and involved a blue Subaru car and a tractor with a trailer. A passenger in the car was taken by ambulance to St Richards Hospital in Chichester with minor injuries. The driver had to be freed with the assistance of West Sussex Fire & Rescue and Sussex Ambulance, and was taken by air ambulance to St Richards.
Police are appealing for witnesses to the collision or anyone who may have seen the blue Subaru or tractor in the Bury area prior to the collision. Anyone with information should call 0845 60 70 999 quoting Op Yarrow.
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Bus collides with bridge
Tuesday 21st October 2008
Call Ref: 10897
Time 11:32 - 12:46
Incident: RTC - Brighton and Hove double-decker bus in collision and trapped under railway bridge - roof of bus removed by collision - no persons trapped - no passengers on the bus at the time of the incident - bus made safe by F&RS - road temporarily closed and trains temporarily halted - following inspection of the bridge and line by Network Rail, trains allowed to proceed normally - Police, SECAmb and Network Rail rep in attendance
WrL Shoreham
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Launderette burned out
Sunday 23 November 2008
Call ref: 12654
Time 01:20-03:40
Incident: Fire in single storey launderette 8x8m - 100% of room of origin damaged by fire, remainder of property damaged by heat and smoke - 9BA, 2 jets, 1HR, 1 hydrant - damping down and cutting away - gas supply isolated - accidental
WrL Crawley x2, WrL Horley, WrL Horsham, CSU Haywards Heath, BASU Shoreham
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Football Social Club badly damaged by fire
Time 05:10
Incident: A social club belonging to Bognor Regis Town Football club has been badly damaged following a blaze earlier today. West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service received a call to a report of fire at the football clubs home ground in Nyewood lane, Bognor Regis at 05:10hrs this morning.
Two fire engines from Bognor Regis were sent to the scene and on arrival they discovered flames penetrating the walls and roof of the building. Further fire engines were requested from nearby stations as the fire was threatening to spread to the main function area of the club.
The building which is mainly constructed of timber joined sheds and aluminium cladding, suffered severe damage from fire, heat and smoke. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus had to make access to numerous voids within the structure and by doing so, prevented the fire from spreading into the main function area of the club.
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Horse rescue
Sunday 7th December 2008
Call ref: 13410
Time 10:33-12:04
Incident: One horse stuck in ditch - rescued using specialist animal rescue equipment, inc. salvage sheets, shovels, and small gear - horse checked by vet
WrL Horsham, HRT Horsham, L4T Storrington
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Residents evacuated from flooded Nursing Home
Saturday 13th December 2008
Call Ref: 13855
Time 18:43-00:25
Incident: Flooding - residential nursing home severly affected by flooding
47 occupants rescued by F&RS using inflatable paths, wheelchairs and stretchers - taken to alternative accomodation
WrLx2 Horley, WrLx2 Crawley, L4T Haywards Heath, TRU, L4T Storrington,
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WrL Findon, WrL Keymer, RIB East Wittering, L4T East Wittering, Red Cross Support unit
47 elderly residents of a nursing home in Crawley have been rescued by firefighters after a nearby river burst its banks.
Water from the River Mole poured into The Gables Nursing Home, in Ifield Green, Crawley shortly before 7pm on Saturday night, flooding parts of the ground floor to a depth of 1-2 feet.
Residents were moved to a place of safety inside the building as emergency services, together with premises staff and representatives from Crawley Borough Council made plans to evacuate the residents and transport them to another nursing home in Warninglid.
West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service mobilised six fire engines, their Technical Rescue Unit, and a boat crew to the scene.
Firefighters wearing dry suits brought the residents out of the nursing home and moved them across the floodwater on inflatable rescue paths, specifically designed for helping people stranded by flooding. One advantage of the rescue paths is that they can carry casulaties in wheelchairs or on stretchers. Once on dry land, they were then taken to alternative accommodation via mini bus and ambulances. The floodwater is expected to subside as the weather improves overnight, but it is not known how long it will be before The Gables fully re-opens.
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