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eMail from: Deborah Richards - 31 July 2014

The postcard of an unknown cottage at Iping, ref- sdm235, is in fact Coachman's Cottage which is situated at the entrance gates of the drive to Iping House. These gates were featured in a painting by Ivon Hitchens who made Iping house hotel his home for a while after being bombed out in London and prior to moving to Lavington.
This cottage used to be home to a large pack of hounds and was converted into two semi detached cottages in the early 70s. It was bought from Mrs Edwards who bred white poodles there in the 1960s. The old kennels are still there.
The larger building on the left is the side view of the Victorian wing of Iping house which was demolished in 60s, it was high on the bank above the remaining house which is beside the bridge.
My parents have lived next door at the Pheasantry since 1967.

Deborah Richards

Photographs of Iping House Hotel
kindly contributed by Deborah Richards
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