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Midhurst, New Zealand Not Midhurst? No, Midhirst in for full size

Cliff shown above from New Zealand and donator of the photograph, writes:- - My wife's Aunt lives in Heyshott, near Midhurst, West Sussex, so I know Midhurst, UK fairly well. We saw this road sign when we visited Taranaki and I couldn't resist photographing it.
Cliff P.

Midhirst - Midhurst ?
Flag of New Zealand by:- 3D

Midhirst is a small farming settlement situated on the North Island of New Zealand. It is located in the Taranaki region.

There seems to be 2 spellings of the town name.
The local Scouts movement calls itself...Midhirst Scouts, the Guides are called.... Midhurst Girl Guides.
SH3 - Taranaki in backgroundA local cycling guide, describing a route to follow says..."We will follow this more direct route. Heading south on SH3 to Egmont Village, then on through the small farming villages of Tariki, Waipuku, Midhurst, to the larger township of Stratford". [SH indicates an A road].
An official map, shown left, states Midhurst.
A sign on a local Government office also states 'Midhurst area' yet the town sign [photo left] says Midhirst
......confusing. Anyone got any answers?
To make matters worse the dormant volcano, which dominates and names the area, is called Mt. Taranaki...wait for it...or Mt. Egmont.

see also Midhurst, NZ in 1908

Local Travel Information
The closest airport or airfield is Hawera Aerodrome which is sited 28.5km to the south. The nearest city is Palmerston North which is located 165km to the south east.
Midhurst is located 275km to the south of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city and is 225km to the north of the capital city Wellington.
Nearby places include Egmont Village, Eltham, Inglewood, Kaponga, & Stratford.
Midhirst is approx.13 hours ahead of our time.
Midhurst Canada

Email from- Murray Robertson
Sent- Thursday, 2 April 2015
I was born in Midhirst, NZ 82 years ago and educated there and if you check out the Midhirst School, NZ, website you will see a true photo of Mt Egmont as seen by Midhirst folk in the winter when the mountain is not obscured by cloud [often].
"Midhirst" was the centre of an area surveyed by Land Surveyor Mr Hirst in the late 1800s and thus the name Midhirst, often misspelt by many locals too.
Mt Egmont was the name given by early discoverers but has always been called Taranaki by many of the local maori tribes. This was acknowledged fairly recently by the authorities and now officially both are accepted although Taranaki is gaining in popularity.
Murray Robertson, Hamilton NZ

below- Mt. Taranaki [or Egmont]
Mt. Taranaki


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