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Bonfire 2007

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Heyshott Bonfire & Fireworks display
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Bonfire & Fireworks Display
Saturday 3rd November 2007

Every year since 1953 (Coronation year) the village of Heyshott has celebrated Guy Fawkes Night with a splendid bonfire.
It is organised by a very informal committee of people, who don't talk a lot but get things done, led by Ron Dudman. Their committee room is the Unicorn Inn pub from where they organise an exceptionally enjoyable evening to which people flock from miles around.
Preparations begin in early October [see photo below] when a huge bonfire is built on the green opposite the Unicorn pub and work starts on making large amounts of torches consisting of stout poles, with one end wrapped in sacking to be soaked in paraffin on the night. When the great day arrives the road through the village is closed at 6pm to all traffic except residents and officials with special passes. Then, at 7pm, about 180 people of all ages start their march with their flaming torches from Hoyle Lane through the village to the site of the bonfire.
At 8 pm there is a magnificent display of fireworks to bring the main celebrations to a close.
The above, in part, from the book 'Heyshott'

There is no set charge for entry into the Bonfire & Fireworks display
but there are buckets in which to place donations.
Please give as generously as possible to keep this local event alive and well.
For safety, please park as instructed.

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Sunday 7th October Pam Hadley................enlarge photo
Heyshott Bonfire builders take a well earned coffee-break
Left to right:-
Ron Dudman, Dave West, Kevin Fallows, Gemma Parry, Tim Hudson, Hannah Clayton,
Chris Clayton, Bruce Middleton, Jacqui Middleton, Mike Hadley front:- Ben and Isabella

Nov. 2007 Heyshott is breaking with tradition for its bonfire and fireworks party. After more than 50 years of always being held on the 5th Nov. [unless on a Sunday]. Organisers have decided it will now be held on a Saturday, beginning Saturday, November 3. 2007.

Present information indicates that the 2008 Bonfire will be on Saturday 1st Nov.

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