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Chapel built by James Bridger
alongside Ladywell Cottage
The Street, Graffham - looking south
photo:- Phil Dixon - 06. Aug. 2008
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James Bridger built this tiny chapel by the side of Ladywell Cottage. Being a non conformist he wanted to worship in his own style.
James nursed his son Harry, who was 10 years old and had Diptheria. He isolated them both from the rest of the family to prevent them from also catching the disease, but unfortunately they both died.
Upon James death he was taken into his beloved chapel.
In the 1891 census James occupation was stated as Grazier, Cowkeeper and he owned his own field, called Bridgers Meadow.

The Bridger family have lived in Graffham since the 1500s.


Fred was born at Graffham, Sussex. He came from a large family and was one of the youngest.
Died Saturday 19 August 1916 age 27 - - list his details as..
Bombardier 95224. 80th. Brigade The Royal Field Artillery Died 19. 8. 16 Aged 27.
Son of James & Maria Bridger of Graffham
Born in Graffham and enlisted in Brighton. Buried Etaples Military Cemetery
Alfred is commemorated on a memorial at St. Giles Church
His father James died when he was only 8 years old. James was a very religious man who built his own chapel in Graffham, when he disagreed with the Vicar. He liked a very simple service, without the pomp and ceremony of the Church. The Chapel is still there today.[see above]

Norma Temperton wrote:
The Bridger family have lived in Graffham since the 1500s. Chelsea Cottage used to be called Bridgers Cottage. My grandmother was born in 1878 in the pub called The Woodman, which is now a private house. My great-grandmother Maria used to make home made wine, which they used to call Samson because it was so strong. She said they were laying in the ditches all the way to Heyshott after drinking it.
The photo left shows the builders mark on the building adjacent to Woodmans as 1870 JB
This is presuming the initials indicate James bridger. gravelroots

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