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The Second World War Memorial at Tillington Church


photo - Barry Slemmings

Photo and Text by Barry Slemmings
7th August 2006

My four-greats grandmother was a Boxall and came from Tillington.
The two Boxalls here are probably related to her.

James David Boxall was aircraftman 1st class with 12 Squadron and died in 1941. He was the son of James and Jane Boxall of Tillington. He is buried here.

Percy Boxall was a private in the 4th Battalion of the Royal Sussex and died in 1940. He was the son of William and Annie Boxall. He is buried at Lodsworth churchyard.

Walter Carver was aircraftman 1st class and the son of Walter and Alice Carver of Tillington. He is buried here.

Ernest George Loader was a lance sergeant in the Royal Horse Artillery and the son of James and Sarah Loader, husband of Florence Loader of East Lavington. He is buried in the Tobruk War Cemetery.

Cicely Ann Mitford was a member of the British Red Cross and a member of the V.A.D. She died in 1943 and was the daughter of William Slade and Barbara Mitford of Petworth. She is buried privately.

I was unable to trace Alan Smith. {click here for details - Ed.}

Richard Spooner was a Petty Officer [supply] aboard HMS Penelope and was killed 18.02.1944 when HMS Penelope steaming at 26 knots was struck first by one torpedo and then a second, 16 seconds later, both fired from U-410. She sank almost immediately. His body was not recovered so he is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

Research via the CWGC database and Conways All The World's Fighting Ships.

B. Slemmings

{more on U-410 & HMS Penelope}

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