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photo - Barry Slemmings, Tillington Aug 2006
Back to the days before mobile phones and e-mail - the village post office [now closed] retains old signs, letter box and public phone box

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below - Upperton 1951

Introduction to Tillington with Upperton & River

Tillington village is on the Petworth Midhurst section of the A272, one mile to the west of Petworth. The Parish includes the hamlets of Upperton & River with a total combined population of approx. 560.
It is home to All Hallows Church with its unusual Scots crown spire painted by Constable & Turner

Description of the parish as per the
Parish Council website
Parish council
Parish Information
Settlements: Tillington, Upperton, River
Population: 1991 Census - 530
A collection of three villages one and a half to three miles west of Petworth. Tillington and Upperton border the Petworth Park wall whilst River is further to the west. The outstanding feature of Tillington is the mediaeval church with its Scots crown spire which has featured in paintings by both J.H.W. Turner and John Constable. The village includes a number of 16th and 17th century houses and includes the Horse Guards Inn and Hotel [& the village Post Office and General Stores?].
Moving up the hill alongside the wall to Upperton there is a recreation ground with pavilion, tennis courts and childrens play area with what must be the most beautiful view of the Rother Valley and South Downs.
Upperton is a charming hamlet with old houses, many of which were originally small cottages which have been joined together to form larger houses. There is an entrance to Petworth Park from here. Further to the West is Pitshill House where George V used to stay when attending the races at Goodwood.
River is a strung out hamlet with many fine houses. About a mile west of Tillington Church is the Manor of Dean, home for many years of the Mitfords and whose gardens are open on many weekends during the year.

TILLINGTON [Tolintone] (Old English) tun ="settlement" of Tulla's (Old English) -ingas ="people".
Upperton 1951 Upperton 1951 Upperton 1951 Upperton 1951

1. Post Office and General stores now closed and converted to a house (see pic above)
2. References to 'the wall' - is the boundary wall to Petworth Park immediately to the east of Tillington.

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