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15th January 2007
New police station for Petworth

Work has begun on a new police station for Petworth.
A smart new facility will replace the existing 19th century building which is no longer suited to the needs of modern day policing.
Ch Insp Mark Eyre, commander of Chichester policing district, wielded a sledgehammer to great effect at the ceremonial commencement of building work.

A grade II listed building in the grounds of the existing police station in Rosemary Lane is being converted to provide the new police station.

The building, originally constructed in 1835 as offices for the chief warden of the adjoining Petworth prison, now demolished, has stood empty for more than ten years. It has also served as a local police headquarters, accommodation and, most recently, as offices and recreational facility.
Now it is being given a new lease of life, providing improved facilities for the public and the police. It is anticipated that it will become operational in the summer.

Ch Insp Eyre was joined on the site by Sussex Police Authority members Mark Dunn and Alan Price, along with the Force's head of facilities, John Cartwright, and estate manager Peter Tyler who are responsible for the delivery of the new building.
Mr Price, Sussex Police Authority's Lead Member for Estates, said: 'The existing police station at Petworth has become expensive to maintain and no longer meets the requirements of modern day policing. The new station will provide an excellent cost-effective facility for policing the area with a new modern reception area for the public. Once the new station is operational in the summer the Authority plans to dispose of the existing building and adjoining land.'

Architect Terence Symmons said: This refurbishment will return this splendid old building to former glories. It isn't quite large enough to accommodate all the activities associated with policing Petworth, so it will be linked by a glass colonnade to a new pavilion building will be built to form the front office. The design of this will ensure that it does not conflict with the integrity of the listed building.'

1 February 2008
New Petworth police station opens

Pupils from Petworth Primary and Herbert Shiner Intermediate school helped at the opening ceremony of Petworth's new 650,000 police station. Elliot Thornley, aged 12, and Maisie Baker aged 10. They were aided by Brandon Konieczny aged 9 and Poppy Holden aged 12. Poppy and Elliot are members of Herbert Shiner's school council, Maisie and Brandon are school ambassadors from Petworth primary.
Present at the opening were, Sussex police authority chairman Lionel Barnard, Assistant Chief Constable Jeremy Paine, Lord Egremont and High Sheriff of West Sussex Colin Field with other members of West Sussex police authority and County Council.
The building has had links with Sussex police for 151 years Originally constructed in 1835 as offices for the chief warden of the adjoining Petworth Prison which closed in 1878 and was later demolished. In 1857 it became county headquarters for the new West Sussex constabulary.
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Petworth Police Station
photo- Ben Gamble - 26 April, 2008
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Jewellery stolen from Kirdford and Plaistow
Police report - 01 May 2007
Two break-ins occured in one afternoon at Dunsfold Road, Plaistow, and Plaistow Road, Kirdford, on Tuesday April 10.
Several items of value were taken, including various distinctive jewellery and medals.
These include a gold locket with a heart on the front and a black and white picture inside of a woman wearing a high necked blouse and a wedding 'puzzle style' ring with a message . Also taken in the robberies were a wind-up gold watch with a light brown, lizard skin strap, a large gold oval brooch with the head of a female cut into the ivory, a silver baby christening tankard which is engraved with identifiable initials, and a World War II service medal.
Anyone with information about these items is asked to contact PC Steven Turner at Chichester on 101
or use the anonymous Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111.

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16th May 2007

As from 21 May 2007 the well known sight of the mobile police station, manned by PC Mark Hillman, parked at strategic points throughout the area will disappear.
The message below was received 16 May 2007 from Chief Inspector Mark Eyre.

In order to progress the roll out of Neighbourhood Specialist Teams across Chichester Police District, the redeployment of PC Mark Hillman who undertakes the role of mobile police station officer will take place with effect from Monday, 21 May 2007.
Having assessed the needs of parishes and wards across the district in recent months, I am now satisfied that with twenty PCSOs now being deployed across the three Neighbourhood Policing Team areas of the district that it is no longer necessary to routinely deploy the mobile police station.
In particular, on Manhood NPT with five Police Community Support Officers all posted within the area, deployment is certainly no longer routinely required, particularly when consideration is given to access points being available to the public for police at both Selsey Police Station and East Wittering Fire Station. PS Sanzen-Baker and PC Roy Hodder are also now implementing a Neighbourhood Specialist Team on the NPT in support of the existing resources.
On Chichester NPT a total of twelve PCSOs are deployed amongst the parishes and wards [including one officer based at Chichester College and one at Chichester High School for Boys and High School for Girls]. Again, local contact through the PCSOs has now been established. This is now also supplemented with the Neighbourhood Specialist Team headed by Police Sergeant Spencer Roberson.
Midhurst NPT currently has three PCSOs. It is my intention that PC Mark Hillman will transfer his existing mobile police station duties to undertake a role within Midhurst Neighbourhood Specialist Team. In effect the outcome of my decision will mean that PC Hillman becomes dedicated to Midhurst NPT as opposed to the totality of the district.
I am aware that there are a number of long term initiatives and projects that PC Hillman has been involved with in his former role. His transfer does not mean that these will cease. To the contrary with his role requiring him to specialise in long term problem solving matters his new responsibilities will complement a significant number of his outstanding commitments.
Chief Inspector Mark Eyre
Chichester District Commander

The following message from PC Mark Hillman
Dear All,
Please find attached a message about the Mobile Police Station and a change in my role.
I would like to thank you all for your support over the past 3½ years.
I will still be contactable about any problems on 07810 636428. I will also be continuing with the Rural Anti-Social Behaviour group, Pathwatch, Farmwatch and others as well as working with the Midhurst officers and PCSO's problem solving within the community in the North of the District.
I look forward to meeting you in your communities and the new challenges ahead
P.C. Mark Hillman QPM

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