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Surname First Name Age Occupation M \ F
PotterCharles22Ag LabM
Potter Susan 26 F
Potter Emily 5 F
Potter Fanny 3 F
Potter Margaret 1 F
Potter James 77 Ag Lab M
Berry Ann 57 F
Chives Charles 57 Farmer M
Chives Sarah 58 F
Stacy William 16 Ag Lab M
Valler Richard 19 Ag Lab M
Bridger William 63 Ag Lab M
Bridger Harriet 40 F
Bridger John 7 M
Luskins Elizabeth 65 Ind F
Figg Charles 46 Ag Lab M
Figg Jane 26 F
Figg Jane 6 F
Figg Harriet 2 F
Grover John 47Farmer M
Grover Scelina 15 F
Grover Emma 12 F
Grover Robert 10 M
Smithers Isaac 32 Ag Lab M
Smithers Ann 26 F
Smithers Isaac 7 M
Smithers Ann 7 F
Weeks William 45 Clock, Watch Maker M
Weeks Elizabeth 40 F
Weeks George 15M
Weeks Martha 12F
Weeks Charles 10 M
Weeks Thomas 8 M
Weeks John 5 M
Jackson John 60 Ag Lab M
Jackson Ann 50 F
Brandon Isaac 20 Ag Lab M
White Mary 13 F
Anker William 54 Ag Lab M
Anker Ann 50 F
Tipper William 75 Ag Lab M
Tipper William 45 Ag Lab M
Poleack Mary 55 F S F
Alder Thomas 46 Game Keeper M
Alder Maryann 48 F
Alder Maryann 17 F
Alder George 19 M
Alder George 41 Ag Lab M
Alder Mary 27 F
Alder George 6 M
Alder Helen 3 F
Challen Eliza 65 F
Kelford Elizabeth 45 F S F
Mellows Thomas 45 M S M
Goble Margaret 20 F S F
Moegriger Jane 20 F S F
Gaunths Sarah 25 F S F
Nichols Mary 40 F S F
Brougham Evelyna 1 F
Burchett John 45 Carpenter M
Burchett Sarah 40 F
Turner William 46 Farmer M
Turner Harriet 40 F
Turner Harriet 9 F
Courtney Thomas 50 M S M
Marshall James 15 M S M
Cole Sarah 19 F S F
Eade Jane 48 F S F
Weal Charles 11 Ind M


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1224 Robert de Westburton 1397 John Smyth
1291 Roger de Abbotslegh 1402 John Palmer
1294 Robert 1405 John Dygendawe
1391 Roger Heth or Heath 1443 John Derneford
1391 John Adloxton

1521 Robert Stempe 1862 Robert Bull
1548 John Parkes 1882 Henry Billinghurst
1550 William Crocher 1915 Sidney Chavasse
1622 Owen Arthur 1927 Henry Gibbon
1632 Thomas Stafford 1934 David Davies
1635 Owen Arthur 1936 Cecil Vandeleur
1662 - - none - - 1942 F F Dardis
1675 - - none - -   - Rector of Stedham
1677 Edward Hanbury 1946 Francis Jacomb - Hood
1699 Henry Baker 1949 Henry Saunderson...
1739 Joseph Jackson ...also rector of Iping
1744 William Powel 1954 Francis Vere - Hodges
1751 Francis Atkins ...also rector of Iping
1796 Richard Lloyd 1959 Frederick Turner
1811 T. Sims 1965 John Stevenette
1814 Samuel Arnott 1974 David Evans
1823 John Serres 1979 Raymond Piggott
1835 W J Trower 1983 Charles Sellars...
1842 E Greene (United Benefice 1986)

Earlier rectors of Iping serving at
Iping Marsh
1878 Freeman Stratton.... 1912 Francis Jacomb - Hood
who had church built 1924 Eldon Butler
1902 Vyvyan Mayle 1928 James Burns


Shown here are lists of Clergy for the parish of Linch, West Sussex, from 1224.
This has been copied from the original document hanging in St. Lukes church and shown below.
click for full size photo

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