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Wool Lane, Midhurst Midhurst
Wool Lane
postcard [3 variants archived]
posted Sep. 1952
image in house & re Pattie K
further image re-
donated by Peter Whitcomb
enlarge further variants
ref - m320

Wool Lane, Midhurst Midhurst
Wool Lane
Note P. Oliver & Son
contributed by Peter Whitcomb
enlargement & info
ref - w407

Wool Lane, Midhurst Midhurst
Wool Lane
posted Nov. 1955
archive 5
ref- m498

Wool Lane, Midhurst Midhurst
Wool Lane
opposite direction to above
ref - m257

magazine cutting
[date & source unknown]


Wool Lane, Midhurst Midhurst
Higginson House
Wool Lane
c.mid 1960s
contributed Paul Anderson
enlarge & info
ref - m678


Duck Lane, Midhurst Midhurst
Duck Lane
scan of framed print
archive 5
enlarge & info
ref - m858

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Wool Lane

The right hand houses shown here originally overlooked a triangular market place formed by West Street to the south, Rumbolds Hill and Wool Lane. Like Duck Lane to the rear of the houses, it is easy to assume the past main trade of this street.

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