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North Street, Midhurst Midhurst
Rumbolds Hill
c.1898 - 1905
Looking from Rumbolds Hill into North Street
left of photographer is June Lane, to the right is Duck Lane (both out of view).
The first shop on left with canopy is E.J. Bakers
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North Street, Midhurst Midhurst
Rumbolds Hill
E.J. Baker, Fishmonger
This shop still sells fish
Fish & Chip shop (2021)
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North Street, Midhurst Midhurst
North Street
Further down, same side, opposite Knockhundred row, was the Post Office seen here.
It was transferred across the street within a few years of this photo. - see below
The shops to the left are now Global Flowers (2008)
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North Street, Midhurst Midhurst
North Street
directly beyond the lady crossing the road was the next post office. This is now the site of Austens Hardware (2009) The dark lines down the unpaved dirt road are from a water cart used to damp down the road to stop dust.
ref- m624

North Street, Midhurst Midhurst
North Street
same view as above, approx 20 years later
motor vehicles more common
postcard unused
in house archive 4
ref- m812
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North Street, Midhurst Midhurst
North Street
as above
postcards x3 archived
card 1 posted: Midhurst 9 Dec.1920
card 2 posted: Midhurst Aug.1925
ref- w767
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North street


Get to the Street kids
before the streets get to them

North Street, Midhurst
dogs trust

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