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page ref 189_80


George Inn
postcard used 1905
in house archive 17
ref- 801
enlarge & compare 2011

Park Farmhouse
postcard used 1906
in house archive4
ref- 806
Identified Nov.2021 by Lawrence Tebbs as
Farmhouse for Park Farm, Eartham

Eartham House
postcard unused
in house archive4
ref- 802
Now Great Ballards School
enlarge & compare 2009

Eartham Eartham
Eartham Lane
Starley Cottage
postcard used 1908
in house archive4
enlarge compare 2021
ref- 803
Identified July 2021 by Trish Goodyear as
Starley Cottage, Eartham Lane, Eartham


Eartham Eartham
looking from Crouch Ham woods
Sheep grazing
postcard unused
in house archive4
enlarge & compare 2021
ref- 809



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Eartham Pit, Boxgrove


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