Trotton Gate Garage run by the Stevens family since l932.
Garage hidden away from the A272 on the old road between Stedham & Trotton.
photo:- Ben Gamble - 7 October, 2007 - - next trail image

A272 junction with Stedham Road, showing old A272 - looking west, back towards Trotton.
Midhurst left, Stedham road to right, see next photo
Minsted Sand Quarry is to the south of here to visit click here, returning to this point
photo:- Phil Dixon - 03 March 2007
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Stedham Road, looking north, towards Stedham. A272 behind
photo:- Phil Dixon - 03 March 2007
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you are approaching Stedham, West Sussex - on the Rother Valley Trail, page 6s
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