Duncton Mill
photo:- Pearson - 12 July 2006 - next gallery image

Old limekiln, Duncton Hill
photo:- Robin Webster
24 May, 2007
Built into the hill. Viewed from the bridleway which ascends the hill via hairpin bends to pass above the loading level of the kiln.
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Bridleway hairpin, Duncton Hill
About 100 m further along, is this hairpin between the two levels leading to the top of the limekiln. Chalk was loaded in the top level and lime was extracted at the lower level. The hairpin came as a surprise to a descending cyclist - note the skid mark.
photo:- Robin Webster - 24 May, 2007 - next gallery image

Viewpoint at Duncton Hill - SU9516
The A285 is steep here and a car park allows views towards the North. Duncton is below.
The town of Petworth can be seen in the distance about 4 miles away.
photo - text :- Nigel Freeman - 9 August, 2005 - next gallery image - - gallery of photos from viewpoint

Chalk Quarry at top of Duncton Hill
photo:- Phil Dixon - 6 August, 2008 - gallery index - - enlarged photos of quarry

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