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eMail received
27 July 2016
From: Caroline Sandbergen
Re- Didling & Treyford

I was born in January 1936 at the High House, Elsted, and was christened shortly thereafter in Didling Church; then in September of the same year we moved into the house which my father, the political cartoonist & painter Wyndham Robinson had had built in Treyford, called 'North Garden', see photo attached, where I lived with my parents & older brother for my first 21 years.
For old time's sake, I went out on the internet yesterday and much enjoyed the photos of Didling Church as well as the lovely set of shots of the roads leading along the foot of the Downs to the church, roads which I knew and still remember like the back of my own hand. However when I read the text about Saint Andrews, I came across a statement which I would like to rectify. It concerns the magnificent old yew tree.
During the war, we could not run a car (no petrol) so we had a pony & trap, though the pony was a riding horse as well. On that morning in 1945 my mother, Yolande Robinson, was exercising the pony in a field near the church and heard the unmistakable noise, so cantered over to see what was going on. She was horrified to find a man busy with his axe. She had a strong presence and was well known in the parish and further afield. She commanded the workman to immediately stop what he was doing, not to DARE to fell another blow, while she rode off as fast as was possible to Elsted to warn our Vicar, The Rev. Fernley Parkhouse, who then took the appropriate action, which, thank goodness, led to saving the tree for history and future generations. more
I visited St. Andrews Church in 1984 and am attaching a photo which records that visit. I also attach the text of a poem which at that point was displayed up in the entrance to the church, though there was no mention as to who the author had been.
Yours sincerely and with all best wishes for continuing your admirable work,

North Garden, Treyford North Garden, Treyford - c1940s-50s
Caroline Sandbergen visiting St Andrews in 1984 Caroline Sandbergen visiting St Andrews in 1984

Caroline Sandbergen, nee Robinson


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