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Philip Aslett of Heyshott

20th October 2006

Friday 20th was Breast Cancer Awareness day and a number of people in the area made the effort not only to wear something pink [the official Charity colour] but to also raise funds for the 'Get in the Pink' campaign.
One of these brave souls was Mr. Philip Aslett of Heyshott, pictured left, who not only worked all day at Dexams in Holmbush dressed in 'pink drag' but then toured the town visiting commercial premises throughout Midhurst collecting cash for the charity.
His total at the end of the day was over £300 with approximately £100 of that being collected from Dexam staff.
His 'attire' was donated by friends and work colleagues, with the final touches and 'fiddly bits'..[I dread to think...!!]....assisted by his neighbour, Donna Dudman.
The best [or worst] part of the day was when after collecting a 'pledge', he received a proposal of marriage from a man on North Street.
Mr. Asletts mother suffered from cancer in the final years of her life and this prompted him to take on the challenge given to him by workmates.
He also expressed his thanks to the staff of William Hill, bookmakers, in Duck Lane, Midhurst who 'jumpstarted' the collections in the town.
left:- Philip Aslett of Heyshott ready to go collecting.
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June 2006
The entry below was found in a 'were to hang out' section of a Skateboarders site with info on various towns focal points...this amongst Midhurst's entry
I'm a 60's gal - St. Annes Wood was a favourite with us and the boy boarders from MGS - lots of wild stories and tales to tell at a reunion of the 60's students in June 2000. Please contact Siobhan Gislimberti [nee Hatchwell] - 'shivvy' at - A small group of us are still in contact and would love to hear from anyone else who remembers us! ....Siobhan attended Midhurst Grammar 1961 - 1966

Siobhan, originating from Midhurst, living 2005 in Taos, New Mexico, USA.
2008 - Assistant inn keeper at Inn on Lake Granbury, Dallas/Fort Worth Area
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