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Midhurst - 1851
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Post Office Directory - Midhurst - 1851

Midhurst is an ancient borough, market and union town & parish, 50 miles from London (through Guildford & Godalming), 12 from Chichester, 6 from Petworth, 10 from Petersfield (Hants), in Easebourne hundred, rape of Chichester, containing, in 1831, 1,478 inhabitants, and in 1841, 1,536, and comprises an area of 700 acres. The annual value of property, as assessed in 1815, was 2,716; it is pleasantly situated on the road to Chichester, 7¾ miles south of Haselmere, on a gentle eminence on the navigable river of West Rother, which communicates with the Arun, the Wey, the Thames, and the sea.
It is an ancient borough by prescription, and returned 2 members to Parliament, since the fourth of Edward II.; on the passing of the Reform Bill (having been placed on schedule B.) it was reduced to one member, and the boundary extended to several of the adjoining ones. It is a polling place for West Sussex. The town is governed by the bailiff, elected annually at the court baron of the lord of the borough. Petty sessions are also held here every alternate Thursday, and a county court held every month in the town hall.
A market for corn is held on Thursday; and fairs on the 6th April, 29th October, and Whit-Tuesday for cattle.
Midhurst is supposed to have been the Roman station of Miba.
A Grammar school was founded here in 1672, by Gilbert Hannam, for 12 boys, to be instructed in Latin, Greek, writing and arithmetic, if they be capable to learn; the school is open to the sons of the inhabitants who have resided for 7 years in this borough, and there are now 50 pupils. There is also a National school for boys, which is supported by subscription, and some almshouses.
The church is dedicated to St. Denis, and the benefice is a perpetual curacy, value £170 per annum, in the patronage of the Earl of Egmont; the incumbent is the Rev. William Goodenough Bayly. The church has been repaired, the interior is re-pewed, and a great many new sittings have been added; it consists of a chancel, nave, south aisle and low embattled tower, in the later style of English architecture; here are monuments to Viscount Montague, K.G., who died in 1592, and his 2 wives, Lady Jane Radcliffe, daughter of Robert, Earl of Sussex; and Magdelen, daughter of William, Lord Dacre.
There is also a monument to the memory of John, wife of Francis Browne, who was related to the Montague family, who died in 1543. (John?)
There is a Roman Catholic church at Easebourne; incumbent, the Rev. Francis Bowland.
The Huntingtonians and Baptisits have each a chapel here.
Eastward of the town is Cowdray Park, situated in a beautiful valley between wooded hills; it is of considerable extent, and contains some very fine chestnut trees; this noble mansion, built by William Fitzwilliam, Earl of Southampton, K.G., was destroyed by fire in 1793; the remains are peculiarly interesting as a specimen of the magnificent architecture of the reign of Henry VIII. Sir Joseph Ayloffe published a description of the very curious paintings at this seat, of which some were engraved for the Antiquarian Society.
In the same year in which the fire happened, the owner of Cowdray House, George Samuel, 8th Viscount Montague, with Mr Burdett, his fellow traveller, were drowned in rashly attempting to sail down the cataract of the Rhine at Schaffhausen, when the estate came by marriage into the possession of the late William Stephen Poyntz, Esq., of Midgham, Berkshire; it has since been purchased by the Earl of Egmont.
The scenery surrounding is exceedingly beautiful and picturesque, and added to the ruins of the noble pile of buildings mentioned, renders this an attractive spot for visitors.
In the town are 2 inns, the Angel & Spread Eagle, the corn market is held at the former, and most of the public meetings.
Under the Poor Law Amendment Act, Midhurst, comprising 26 parishes, containing a population of 13,066, and covering an area of 63,846, formed a union. The union workhouse is at Easebourne.
In Income Tax assessment, in 1842, was 4,226. On a mound on the south bank of the Rother are the ruins of the Castle of the Bohuns; within its walls was a chapel dedicated to St. Andrew.
The town hall is a good building, in which the sessions for West Sussex were formerly held.

Alcocok Rev. Charles, North St
Barlow Mrs. North St
Bayley Rev. William Goodenough, D.C.L. North St
Bluett Rev. A.F.G. (curate), Church St
Bosanquet George Henry, esq. Guilders Oak
Brown Mrs. Sandwell Cottage
Davis Thomas Arnold, esq. Heathfield House
Hollist Mrs. North St
Hurst Charles, esq. North St
Larkin Mrs. North St
Maule Mrs. Ashfield House
Scott James S. D. esq. St Ann's House
Shirley Charles, esq. West St
Warren Mrs. Sheep Lane
Whitter Mrs. North St

Alberry Edwin, solicitor & clerk to Midhurst Union, Church St
Austin Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Church St
Austin William, academy, Church St
Ayling William, tailor & draper, West St
Baker John, carpenter, Wool Lane
Baker Richard, academy, West St
Barnard Mrs. Elizabeth, glove & gaiter maker, Church St
Barnes Joseph, hairdresser, West St
Bowles Thomas, agent to Phoenix fire office, North St
Bridge Anthony, clockmaker, Rumbold's Hill
Brisby John, farrier, West St
Caplan Charles, draper & agent to Royal Exchange, Market Place
Chorley Robert, engineer, millwright, iron & brass fdr. Petersfield Rd
Clare Charles Francis, berlin warehouse, West St
Clare Mrs. Mary & Son, plumbers & glaziers, North St.
Clare Thomas, plumber & glazier, West St
Clare Thomas, currier, Church St
Court Henry, timber merchant, & hoop bender, Rumbold's Hill
Dagwell Charles, baker, North St
Daniel John, earthenware dealer, West St
Durman William, blacksmith, West St
Ellcome George & Henry, jobmasters & carriers, Knock Hundred Row
Etherington William, carpenter, Mint
Faulkner James, beer retailer & carrier, Rumbold's Hill
Frost, milliner, North St
Godwin Richard, surgeon, Rumbold's Hill
Goodner Henry, printer, bookseller & stationer, Rumbold's Hill
Gosden Edward, saddler, Knock Hundred Row
Gosden James, saddler, Rumbold's Hill
Gosden John, Angel commercial inn, family hotel & posting house, North St
Gosden John, miller, North Mill
Gosden William, grocer, & wine & spirit merchant, North St
Gregory Edward, veterinary surgeon, North St
Grist Henry, boot & shoe maker, West St
Grist James, builder, surveyor & coal merchant, North St
Hale Mrs. Martha, butcher, West St
Hammond John Boxall, draper, North St
Harwood George, basket maker, Church St
Hawkins James, hairdresser, Red Lion St
Henley Henry & Son, fellmongers, Mint
Hicks & Robinson, surgeons, Rumbold's Hill
Holt Charles, grocer, West St
Holt Thomas, grocer, West St
Holt Thomas, sen. cooper, North St
Hooker William, currier, South St
Ingram William, surgeon, Petersfield Rd
Johnson Thomas, solicitor, clerk to magistrates, to commissioners of taxes, assistant county clerk & superintendent registrar, Rumbold's Hill
King Thomas, beer retailer, North St
Knight George, cabinet maker, Wool Lane
Langridge John, chemist & druggist, Market Place
Letti Mrs. Mary, Swan, Market Place
Lewis John, brick maker, Mint
Lewis John, jun. baker, North St
Light Henry, tailor, North St
Lintott James, butcher, North St
Lunn Arthur, blacksmith, Costers
Mercer William & Son, builders & iron mongers, Knock Hundred Row
Mercer William, jun. agent to British fire & life insurance co. Knock Hundred Row
Mills John, tailor, North St
Monk William, miller, Costers
Monk James, grocer & spirit dealer, Knock Hundred Row
Moore Daniel, registrar of births, death & marriages, Petersfield Rd
Mould Mrs. Sarah, baker, Market Place
Naish John Ford, grocer & maltster, North St
Nash John, pork butcher, Wool Lane
Neal George, New Inn, West St
Neal Miss Matilda, milliner, Church St
Newman James & son, wheelwright, Wool Lane
Nicholls William, cooper, West St
Norman William, tailor, Rumbold's Hill
Osborn John & George, saddlers, Market Place
Othen Thomas, plumber & glazier, North St
Parham William, tailor, Petersfield Rd
Payne William, Red Lion Inn, Red Lion St
Peat George, auctioneer & upholsterer, & agent to Norwich Union fire & life office, Rumbold's Hill
Peat Mrs. Mary, brewer & maltster, West St
Philp James, marine store dealer, Market Place
Pitman Henry, shoe maker, Rumbold's Hill
Pitman Richard Henry, shoe maker, Church St
Pitman Richard, shoe maker & parish clerk, Church St
Pullen Mrs. Eliza, florist & seed warehouse, North St
Richards Mrs. Elizabeth, brazier, Church St
Richards James, Half Moon, Petersfield Rd
Roe William, watchmaker, West St
Rutter Thomas, Spread Eagle commercial inn & posting house, South St
Shorto William Charles, draper, North St
Shorto William, land surveyor & agent to Royal Farmers' insurance company, Market Place
Simmonds Henry, shoe maker, West St
Simmonds James, shoe maker, West St
Smart John, wharfinger, Wharf
Smith James, tailor, Market Place
Smith John, baker, Red Lion St
Smith Mrs. Sarah, baker, West St
Steale Robert, harness maker, Mint
Tawell & White, milliners, North St
Thorn John, actuary to Savings' Bank, & agent to Hants, Dorset & Sussex, & Clerical & Medical insurance companies, Duck Lane
Tribe Thomas, blacksmith, North St
Vardell James, beer retailer, Golden Square
Walder Samuel, draper, & agent to Sun fire insurance company, North St
Wardroper Edmund, solicitor, Rumbold's Hill
Wells Henry, solicitor, & clerk to the feofees of the Midhurst charities, & master extraor. In chancery, Sheep Lane
Wheeler James, china warehouse
White Thomas, butcher, Knock Hundred Row
Willard John, wheelwright, Mint
Wilson William, baker, Rumbold's Hill
Wolferstan George, chemist & druggist, North St.
Wood Daniel, pork butcher, Knock Hundred Row
Woodman John, farrier, Knock Hundred Row
Wrapson Mrs. Mary, watchmaker, West St.

Post Office, Henry Goodner, postmaster, Rumbold's Hill.
Money orders are granted & paid at this office.
Letters from London &c. arrive at 7.30am; delivered at 8am; dispatched 6.30pm. Box closes at 6pm.

Insurance Agents:-
Clerical & Medical, John Thorp, Duck Lane
Farmers Fire & Life, William Shorto, Market Place
Hants, Dorset, & Sussex Fire, John Thorp
Norwich Union Fire & Life, George Peat, sen. Rumbold's Hill
Phoenix Fire, Thomas Bowles, North St
Royal British, William Mercer, jun. Knock Hundred Row
Royal Exchange Fire & Life, Samuel Walder, North St

Public Officers & Establishments:-
Clerk to the Midhurst Union, Edwin Albery, Church St.
Clerk to the Magistrates for the Division of Lower Chichester & Superintendent Registrar of the Midhurst Union, Thomas Johnson, Rumbold's Hill
Registrar of Births, Deaths, & Marriages, Daniel Moore, Petersfield Rd
Assistant Clerk to the County Court, Thomas Johnson, Rumbold's Hill
Mechanics' Institution, E. Albery, secretary
Savings Bank, open every Sat. from 11 to 1, John Thorp, actuary, Market Place

Places of Worship:-
St Denis' Church, Rev. William Goodenough Bayly, D.C.L
Huntingtonian Chapel, Mint, no stated minister
Baptist Chapel, Rev. William Byron, minister, Mount St.

Public Schools:-
Grammar, Rev. William Goodenough Bayly, D.C.L. Headmaster, North St.
National, Job Tickner, master, Rumbold's Hill

Posting Houses
Spread Eagle, Thomas Rutter, South St.
Angel, John Gosden, North St.

Coaches to London
From the Spread Eagle Hotel, Mon. Wed. & Fri. morning at 9.45am
returns the alternate days at 6pm via rail from Godalming.
From Chichester to London, arrives at the Red Lion Inn, Tues. Thurs. & Sat. 9.45am
returns Mon. Wed. & Fri. 5.45pm, on its way to Chichester, via rail from Godalming

Omnibus To Chichester
Faulkner, every morn at 9am, returns 7pm
Ellcome every morn. At 9am, returns 7pm

Carriers to Guildford
Faulkner every Mon.
Jinman, Mon. & Thurs.


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