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Constance Rose Everett

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Constance Rose Everett

August, 2010

Deidre Millington who lived the early part of her life in Blackpool and now from Nottinghamshire is searching for information on her Aunt Rose who moved to the area from London. Her Aunts full maiden name was Constance Rose Everett, but known to her family as Rose.
Deidre wrote -
"My aunt Rose was born in 1906 in Wandsworth and came from the London area of Battersea. In my geneology research I have found a Constance Rose Everett going down to Midhurst and marrying a Mr. Brown in 1944.
She died in 1957 and I wondered if anyone knew of her and if so I would be very pleased to hear from them".

Deidre's Aunt Rose came from the London area of Battersea and was born in 1906 in Wandsworth, her mother, Maud, was a tailor. From when Rose was about 10 she is recorded as living in Orville Road, Battersea and attending St. Mary's. This infamous road was later reported in a press cutting as "St. Mary's was just round the corner to Orville Road which, in 1930, was named as the most dangerous road in London."
At some time she went to live near Northchapel at Bittlesham Cottage. This was her address before she was married. Why, or how, she began living there, so far from London is not known at present.
Rose was married in Midhurst on 26th June 1944, during WW2, to Patrick Harry Brown who was a tractor driver for Berrywood Farm in Heyshott. Witnesses at the ceremony were E S Dyer and Emily Dyer. Her husbands father, Harry Brown, by then deceased, was a farmer.
They lived for some years at Patricks address, No.2 Coldharbour Cottages in Heyshott, which was a tied cottage for Berrywood Farm.
They later moved to a new bungalow 47 Taylors Field in Midhurst and Patrick became employed as a forestry worker, very probably on the Cowdray Estates.
Constance Rose Brown died in Bognor Regis Sanatorium, 16 January 1957, she had been suffering from TB. Her husband Patrick continued living in Midhurst.
Deidre wrote -
"Rose was very close to her brother [my Dad] and they were always writing to each other and my family were always talking about her. I thought she was the only relative I had on his side of the family but recently I found out that he also had 5 more half siblings who no-one ever mentioned although I kept saying to my daughter that there was something about 'others' that I could not explain"
" The background information you have provided is brilliant because I could not have found all that myself and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you - I just picked up this wesite by chance when I had typed in Midhurst and you have given me so much information it is fantastic."

If you are researching this, or a related, family or can add anything we would be very grateful. In particular we are searching for information on Bittlesham cottage, Ebernoe.

Constance Rose Everett Constance Rose Everett

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