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George Garland
Donald Ashley Birkinshaw
Charles White
Donovan EH Box
Wilfrid Ball

George Garland
Professional photographer, Station Road, Petworth
Born 4 May 1900 - died February 1978.

George Garland was a professional photographer who worked in and around the Petworth area from 1922 until his death in February 1978.
During this 50-year career he covered all aspects of the agricultural year, through the seasons, during a time when rural life was changing rapidly due to mechanisation and many of the old crafts were slowly dying out.
Garland seemed conscious of this and took detailed photographs of each stage in crafts such as such as hoop-shaving, charcoal burning, hurdle and cider making and other rural crafts which have now almost disappeared.

His father died not long after he was born at 113 Preston Road, Brighton, and his mother, Lily May Griffin, remarried on June 21, 1908. Her new husband was Henry Streeter. He was landlord of the then Railway Inn, now the Badgers, at Coultershaw near Petworth.
He attended Midhurst Grammar then was employed in a bank before returning to Petworth in the early 1920s to become a professional photographer.
In 1928, George Garland married Phyllis Sarah Knight - "Sally", a teacher turned journalist, who ran the business, leaving him free to roam the countryside on his motorcycle and sidecar in search of photos and to meet the local people. Both he and Sally, became local news reporters being paid a penny a line for their news. Sally died in 1965 they had no children.
George also photographed weddings, christenings, funerals, fetes, cricket, football and stoolball matches, Young Farmers Club events, sheep fairs, ploughing matches, hunt meetings, and much more.
When George Garland died in 1978, his collection of over 70,000 negatives went to the West Sussex Record Office, to become known as The Garland Collection, which has featured in many National exhibitions since.
This entry is ongoing, any further information or images would be gratefully received
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Charles White
Professional photographer, Rumbolds Hill, Midhurst

Charles originated from Petworth as did his parents. He worked for several years for George Garland above before joining the Brighton Evening Argus as a photographer. At the outbreak of WW2 he enlisted in the RAF as a reconnaissance photographer. In 1948 he came to Midhurst and opened an art and photographic shop on Rumbolds Hill, close to what became Bonds Hardware. This was run by his wife, whilst he did the photographic work in the district.
Michael Stacey writes
Charles White arrived in Midhurst when I was at Varndean, but I used to come to Midhurst for the hols. I was about 14 then. Can't remember when he formed the youth team but he found a field out at Bepton. He had to get quite a lot of work done to make it playable and he obviously found a lot of help, because the ground was pretty good. I remember we had to walk from Midhurst to the ground, which was beyond the railway bridge.

sources & thanks to
Diana Watt
Michael Stacey
Dave Denyer
       This entry is ongoing, any further information or images would be gratefully received

This entry is ongoing, any further information or images would be gratefully received
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Donovan EH Box
Professional photographer, Guildford, Surrey
premises - 1 Quarry Street, Guildford - 1930
premises - 80 High Street, Guildford - 1938
home address - 21 Farnham Road, Guildford - 1936
21, Farnham Rd. is now demolished - re Roger Clarke

80 High Street, 2010       1 Quarry Street, 2010

Around 1936 he assisted with the camera work of two Public Service films by the 'Guildford Cine Society'. One was a short drama and one a factual film, from a pre-NHS era, both made to encourage the public to make donations and raise funds for the Royal Surrey County Hospital. see details here
During 1943 the Surrey Archaeological Society, Castle Arch, Guildford produced a book which included plates by the photographer. It would appear that many of the 1930's photos shown in the Guildford Cathedral website were by Donovan although not credited. [awaiting confirmation]

A short collection of some of his works -
- Early photos and archived material. Major contributor is Roger Clarke from Windsor who has donated part of his mothers collection of photos taken by Donovan Box c.1925 - 1930. The bulk of the photographs show days out with a local Rambling Group within Sussex and Surrey. Individuals within the photos are at present unknown except for Eva Alma Evans [later Clarke] - born 16 January 1906 in Brentford, Middlesex, died 20 February, 2002 in Four Marks, nr. Alton, Hants - Roger Clarkes mother.
There are also images by Donovan Box in the Vintage Trail, Harting section
sources & thanks to
Roger Clarke, Windsor
Guildford Archaeological society
Guildford Cathedral
Paula Tomlinson

Anyone wishing to contact Roger Clarke may do so by emailing us and your message will be passed on.
This section is ongoing. Any further information etc., on Donovan Box, or the content in this section, would be gratefully accepted
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Donald Ashley Birkinshaw
1922- 1988

Professional photographer

Donald Ashley Birkinshaw was born on August 29th 1922 and attended Nottingham High School and Whitgift Grammar School, Croydon.
From an early age the countryside, photography and classical music were his hobbies.
His photographs were accepted for county magazines as early as 1938.
He joined the civil service in 1939 working for the Home office, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Agriculture until 1946, the following year he produced his "Ashley Series" of postcards and calendars.

postcard 1948 West Street, Midhurst

He stopped production in about 1953 as purchase tax made his profit margin too small to continue. From then onwards he only took photographs for his own pleasure. Donald never married, living with his mother on the Hogs back near Farnham, Surrey until 1970 when she died. He later moved to Wiltshire, Somerset and Cornwall where he died on June 25th 1988.

This entry is ongoing, any further information or images would be gratefully received
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Wilfred Williams Ball

AKA - Wilfrid Ball
Wifrid Ball

Born 4 January 1853 in the East End of London his parents were Benjamin Williams Ball and Sylvia Ball nee Good.
Although born in a poorer area of London, Wilfreds family was part of a very successful trading and banking family. His uncle, John, was a founding member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a further uncle, Thomas, was a Sugar Trader. Wilfrid's earliest career was as an accountant but he spent his spare time at the Heatherley School of Art in Chelsea and by 1877 was exhibiting his work, subsequently working with James Whistler.
For 20 years he painted landscapes and marine subjects and exhibited widely. He became President of the Society of British Artists in 1886. Living most of his life in London, he travelled widely throughout Europe and developed a close relationship with the counties of Sussex and Hampshire. His book 'Sussex - Painted by Wilfrid Ball' published in 1906 and 'Hampshire - Painted by Wilfrid Ball' published in 1909 brought his paintings to a much wider audience and significantly enhanced his popularity. Many of his paintings were used, and still are, on postcards and greetings cards.
He married Florence in 1895 and they moved to Lymington. He died in 1917 of heat exhaustion in Khartoum, Sudan, during WWI whilst working as an administrator for the British Army.
thanks to- Ashley Clarke, Belfast, 2012

article - In Memorium - May 1917
example 1 Midhurst
This entry is ongoing, any further information or images would be gratefully received
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