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Message received from Police
December 3, 2007
Press release
Drink Drive Enforcement aims to cut Christmas road deaths
A high-profile campaign to stop drink driving in the run up to Christmas was launched across Sussex on Saturday, December 1.
Sussex Police, working alongside the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) carried out drink drive enforcement into and out of Brighton during the evening on roads including the A23.

A total of 340 vehicles were stopped on the way into the city so police could warn drivers that if they drank alcohol and later drove during their evening out, officers would be watching and waiting. Later that evening, out of 240 stops, 13 drivers were breath tested and none were found to be over the limit. Unfortunately officers attended a number of collisions later in the evening and two arrests were made. The whole evening was filmed, with the results being used as an educational tool by the SSRP.
Supt Paul Morrison of Sussex Police Roads Policing Unit said: “We want to stop people drinking before they get behind the wheel, rather than picking up the pieces later after they’ve been in a crash which is why we warned people before enforcement took place. The campaign is also strengthening the message that we will not tolerate drink driving and warning people that we will be there to catch them if they insist on breaking the law and jeopardising theirs and other people’s lives.” Across the rest of the county, 163 breath tests were carried out and12 arrests made.
The campaign will also include further enforcement by Sussex Police, a presence by the Fire and Rescue Services and local road safety officers, coupled with a hard hitting poster campaign by the SSRP. The poster with the strapline ‘Getting smashed tonight’ will be displayed in many pubs and clubs across Sussex. Further high profile enforcement will take place across Sussex on December 6, 13, 20 and 27, focusing on different districts each evening. Covert enforcement will also take place in between these days. The poster campaign will run throughout December.
Supt Morrison said: “During December 06 and January 07 alcohol was a factor in more than 14% of casualties from crashes, compared to less than 9% during two summer months in 2006, and this is not acceptable. With the high profile warnings we will be giving, followed by enforcement, we are aiming to greatly reduce this number. And with your help and some responsible driving this Christmas, we will achieve this aim.”
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