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Mystery Tower & Kingston Lighthouse, Southwick, Sussex, c.1919-21, Ref- 524 - - click image below to return
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Mystery Tower, Southwick, Sussex, c.1919-21, Ref- 523 - click image to return
Because of German U-boat attacks and fears of an invasion, the Admiralty planned a series of towers that would stretch from Dungeness, Kent, to the Coast of France.
They were over 90ft high, and intended to be joined by steel boom nets and mines. The towers were also armed with guns and up to 100 men. Work starting June 1918.
Secrecy caused the the locals to nickname them the 'Mystery Towers'. WW1 ended November 1918, the towers never being used. Several towers were built, including
the two at Southwick. In 1920 the completed tower was towed out to the Portsmouth approaches, becoming the Nab Tower off the Isle of Wight, still there to this day.
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