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Mill Lane, Stedham.

What few records remain indicate that the original church was built in 1040, the only part remaining from that period being the base of the tower, the upper section being dated 1677. There is evidence that a much earlier church stood here. The large Yew tree in the churchyard has been dated as around 2500 years old and the stone coffin, complete with stone lid, to the right of the church porch is pre Saxon.
Rebuilt by J Butler - 1850, incorporating a tower of 1670-1673 on its South side. The church contains a plain font.

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The church of St. James stands south of the River Rother and east of the road leading to the bridge. It now consists of a chancel, flanked on the north by the organ-chamber and on the south by the tower, the ground floor of which serves as vestry, of a nave, a north aisle, and a south porch; it is built of local sandstone ashlar, and roofed with tile. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book and probably then consisted of chancel, axial tower, and nave; the chancel was probably lengthened in the 13th century and a west porch added in the 17th. The tower was rebuilt in 1673 and in 1850 the chancel, nave, and porch were pulled down and the rest of the present church built, being consecrated in January 1851.

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St. James c.1906
Iping Lane, Iping [off A272]

Rebuilt in 1885, St. Marys is a particularly fine example of a Victorian village church, built on the site of a Saxon Church little remains of the much earlier building.
It is probable that there would have been a Saxon, then a Norman church at Iping, but no information seems to exist, the earliest church of which some records survive was built in 1190 by the Musard family, who were the Lords of the manor of Iping at that time. In 1782 it consisted of a nave and chancel......detailed information
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Contact: Both churches:- @2012

Revd Roger Williamson
The Rectory, The Street, Stedham, West Sussex GU29 0NQ
01730 817570
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